Celhaus Pups at Halloween

Celhaus Pups at Halloween

The Halloween costume photos are starting to come in.  Enjoy!

Kaiser (Celhaus Romeo Stole My Heart) at 3 years 4 months (RR litter)
“Hims a hippy – and a poodle hippy.  We can’t let his cuteness be left out of the album.  He’s so much fun, plays along with no trouble!  my other two do NOT like to play dress up.  I need to dress him up like that and put him in front of someone’s VW bus or in the seat.  But for this year, it will have to do!”

Marshal (Celhaus Ursus the Mighty Xavier) at 1 year 9 months (UU litter)
“Happy Halloween!  Oh, by the way, those are plastic chains.”

Kaia (Celhaus Trinity) at 2 years (TT litter)
“Can’t figure out why we haven’t had any trick-or-treaters.  It’s not like she’s a black cat.  She loved all of the visitors and attention!”

Ruger (Celhaus Ruger Wesley George) at 3 years 4 months (RR litter)
“Hailey thought Ruger would make a good lion for Halloween.  He didn’t disappoint.”

Jax (Celhaus Triumph) at 2 years (TT litter)
“Jax looks great in his Halloween costume”

Credo (Celhaus Triumph) at 4 years 10 mos (NN litter)
“Cops & Robbers” (Credo is the cop)

Tirzah (Celhaus Treasured Tirzah) at 2 years (TT litter)
Although technically not a costume, this photo was too beautiful to reject.

See my therapy dogs in their costume