Litters Planned for 2017

2017 marks my 40th year of breeding excellent German Shepherd Dogs.  I had my first litter in 1977.

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NN Litter, expected December 19, 2017

GloryToo, bred to my Cantor

Because Cantor is so intense, his breeder and I decided to do a test breeding on him this fall, to GloryToo who is my least driven female.  That way I have had time to evaluate what he produces before he official begins breeding next summer.  I have done all the possible health screenings (OFA thyroid, OFA cardiac) to accompany his OFA hip (good) and OFA elbow (normal) prelims.  He is also DM (spinal myelopathy) clear.  By the time we decided to do the test breeding, the veterinary ophthalmologist had completed his trips to our region so that has to wait until spring when he again travels.  I will do Cantor’s final hip and elbow x-rays when he turns two in March 2018.  Cantor is doing extremely well in training.  He is amazing in agility; for instance, he learned the weaves in 6 sessions, including being consistent in finding the entrance to the set of 12 weaves from all angles and at great distances, no matter where I happen to be positioned, which is unheard of.  He excels in nosework, which he loves, and also enjoys obedience.  Cantor received his Canine Good Citizen title in September, 2017.  In October 2017 he passed all five of his UKC nosework pre-test titles.  In December 2017 he passed the screening and successfully did the three supervised visits that allow him to become a therapy dog registered with Alliance for therapy Dogs.  He will visit the nursing homes and also help with the Reading Dog program at the Children’s Library.

Glory Too


OO Litter, dueFebruary 6, 2018:

My Hesed bred to my Chaos

This will be Hesed’s first litter and Chaos’ last litter.







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Nu-Vet for Health

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The NuVet people had tried to recruit me for their breeder program for several years but it wasn’t until I was getting frustrated at my inability to get a soft, shiny coat on Quasi that I decided to try their products. I finally told the NuVet people I would never recommend any product without trying it first, and that I’d like to try their NuVet Plus on Quasi. They sent a free two-month supply and at the end of the trial period I was seeing enough improvement that I signed up for their breeder program.   [READ MORE]