GloryToo at Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6-6-21

GloryToo at the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6/6/21

We had specifically asked Dave for the chance to work under the new Elite level rules, in which we are not told how many hides to look for, nor distractions to be aware of. I brought GloryToo specifically because I wanted some experience in the new Elite rules which say the judge can no longer tell you how many hides and distractions there are.  You have to call “Finished” when you think you’ve found all the hides, and only then do you learn if you were right or wrong.  It’s intimidating at first so I was hoping for help in handling Elite courses.
Dave set up an elite exterior search and another for superior-masters level.  9 handlers chose to do the Superior-Masters search and 3 did the Elite search.  I did the Superior-Masters search with Spirit and the Elite search with GloryToo.

Crystal, who was auditing, took photos with my camera, and Sheila also took photos.  Sheila is a professional photographer and put her copyright in the lower righthand corner of her photos.  You’ll see it on a lot of her photos here, but on some I had to crop it out to get the dog more prominent in the reduced size I can upload.  You should be able to tell which are Sheila’s by their color tone. On the Exterior and Vehicle searches, I organized their photos by the part of the search they portrayed.  

Elite Exterior search  There were four hides and 4 distractions.  


Vehicle search  All the dogs did the same vehicle search.

Three Circles Container Search  Since the photographers were positioned on two ends of the arena and thus had totally different views of the dogs as they circled the boxes, I didn’t worry about grouping the two photographer’s photos by area as I did in the previous searches.  The photos Crystal took are first for each dog; Sheila’s are second, only because on both Saturday and Sunday, when I labeled the photos I added an “s” to the title to distinguish Sheila’s photos from the ones taken with my camera.

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