Abby from HH Litter at 5 Years 4 Months

Abby (Celhaus Hues Good Abbie Gail ATD) at 5 years 4 months

Abby from the HH litter (Lively bred to Chaos, a full younger sister to my GloryToo) came to visit Sunday, November 3rd, and of course we took a bunch of photos
(no, it wasn’t snowing; the snow you see flying is from Abby racing after her ball):

Abby recently passed all her health screenings (hips, elbows, cardiac, eyes, thyroid, DM, EPI, vonWillebrand’s/hemophilia) and her dad wanted to meet Cantor to see if he wanted to breed her to him. He really liked Cantor so Abby will be bred to him sometime this winter, and hopefully there will be some Cantor pups born in Colorado. Once the breeding is done – and Roger gets me all the info on everything he does with Abby (who is a therapy dog and gives all kinds of demos at schools) – I’ll create a page for the litter on my website.

Abby was quite pleased to get in a nice ball session while I photographed her.

Roger occasionally threw a ball high in the air rather than a long distance.

Once we wore her down, I was able to get some photos of her movement.

And some head shots.