HH Litter Photos

HH Litter

Chaos bred to Lively,  whelped 6/20/14

Mr. Blue (Kairos) & Mr. Lime (Hamish) went to Colorado for Search & Rescue.  Mr. Yellow  (Coda) went to Portland for Search & Rescue.  Miss Rainbow (Rainn) went to Idaho for Search & Rescue.  Miss Purple (Harlee) went to Casper, WY for agility competition.  Miss Red (Nikki) went to Colorado for rally obedience.  Miss Pink (Hyder) stayed here for a pet.  Miss Orange (Abby) went to Colorado to help her new dad with his construction business, be a therapy dog and possibly raise Search & Rescue puppies.

Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen) at 3 years 1 month

Harlee at 3 years

Harlee (pink collar) at 3 years, with her “brother” Gus (Celhaus LeBeau Gustavason), who is 1 year 3 months

Harlee at 2 years 11 months and Gus, 11 months

Harlee (2 years 10 months) and Gus (1 year).  Note the rainbow they’re walking towards.

Hyder (Celhaus Hyder) at 2 years 7 months

Trail Dog!

Hyder at 2 years 5 months

Snow nose


Long john day


Helping babysit:


belly rubs


Who’s got my ear?


tired of babysitting


Rainn (Celhaus High Desert Rainn) at 2 years 4 months

Rainn was doing great in her Search & Rescue training and was scheduled to try for her Trailing 2 certification in November, but she became mysteriously and seriously ill in October.  The vets are guessing it was a spider bite.  She has had several surgeries and continues to undergo all kinds of treatments.  The vet costs are staggering, with no end in sight, a real burden for a volunteer search and rescue handler.  If you’d like to help, friends put together a fund page where donations can be made:    https://www.gofundme.com/rainns-medical-fund-2vpxdk74.

These photos were taken before the bite.




Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 2 years 3 months
When his “aunt” Annie  (Celhaus Bonnie Ann) badly broke a toe just before mom was being tested in
the Karen Pryor “Professional Dog Trainer Course,” Kairos had to step in.  These are photos of him training.  Her comments are below.



I am studying to become a certified clicker trainer and will have my final tests in two weeks.  I took the course with Annie and now I have to switch dogs in the home stretch.  Kairos is having to fill in and catch up on all that training so I can test with him.  Boy is he working hard.  And he LOVES it!  He takes me to the training room all the time and says “C’mon let’s do something!”  He is very smart and eager to please which, as you well know does not always make it easier 🙂  He’s learning the behaviors well we just don’t have much time to get them solid and reliable.  He is doing a fantastic job and I am very proud of him!

Kairos was amazing, given the short time to prepare.
He handled himself well, in fact one of the assistant instructors didn’t even realize it wasn’t Annie,
until I pointed it out -ha, so he must have looked pretty darn well behaved because they adored Annie and how “perfect” she was.

He did great!  It was a very stimulating location for him (animal shelter).
A lot of sounds and scents for him to take in, not to mention seeing dogs everywhere.

I had to wait a few weeks to get the official result back but then, it finally arrived.
We passed!  I am certified and VERY proud of my two.


Hamish (Celhaus Hurrah’s Halleluja) at 2 years 1 month

Hamish is training for Search & Rescue.  Here he is learning about helicopter transport


and smelling the flowers.


Harlee (Celhaus Harlee) at 2 years 1 month
enjoying her new toy.  “Now just what do I do with this????  There’s no way to pick it up!”


Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 1 year 11 months with aunt Annie (Celhaus Bonnie Ann), 7 years 9 months



Nikki (Celhaus Ho’nehe Nicolita NW1) at 1 year 10 months

Big brag!  Congratulations Nikki & Betty.  Here’s what Betty writes:  In Feb Nikki took her ORT’s for Birch, Anise & Clove, passing all 3 the same day.  On February23, she entered her first trial for NW1  This is thru NACSW.  SHE PASSED!!!!!  I believe 16 or 19 out of the 45 dogs that day received their titles.  I am so proud of my little girl.


I love her attitude!


Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen CGC) at 1 year 9 months
Photos by DeMaine Images

Harlee’s first agility trial was this weekend. I knew she wasn’t quite ready for it but I decided it would be good practice. Gotta start somewhere, right?  So what do I do?  I enter her in everything in novice, not intro. She was totally out of control the first run. She made it through one obstacle and then grabbed a cone, ran in circles, ran to the photographer and then wouldn’t come to me at
the end. Lol!  I imagined it bad but not like that!  Anyway, she then got better and better with each run and ended up getting 4 Qs!  We are still figuring out each other and how to work together.  It’s fun and she really enjoys it.  The August trial should even be more fun.



Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 1 year 9 months at a recent training at a football stadium in Fort Collins.





Find (“lost” person barely visible)






I keep trying to capture him in flight catching a frisbee.  Here is one taken today.  I’ll keep taking more as he is amazing in catching air.  Not as good as Annie yet but the girl is going for the jumps less and less as she is getting older.  She is doing great though – what a sweetheart she is!  (Annie is his aunt, Celhaus Bonnie Ann)


Coda (Celhaus Ho Fiducia In Coda) at 1 year 7 months

at the beach riding a frightening sea creature!


Frozen lake


at 1 year 3 months

Coda on the newest pedestrian bridge they built in Portland: the Tillikum Bridge. It’s so pretty!


at 1 year 2 months

Coda and Priya  (a friend). She loves this puppy!


Coda & I at Ramona Falls in Oregon


at 1 year 1 month

Coda and my favorite ice cream in the whole world


Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 1 year 7 months


at rappelling training (he’s in training for Search & Rescue)




Hamish (Celhaus Hurrah’s Halleluja CGC) at 1 year 7 months
Hamish recently earned his Canine Good citizen title.  Congratulations, Hamish!

Hamish as he finds his subject – he’s in training for Search & Rescue


Hyder (Celhaus Hyder) at 1 year 8 months, exploring Death Valley in Nevada



at 1 year 7 months

Playing housetrailer


Show us your teeth!


at 1 year 6 months

Watching Westminster – the  GSD won the Herding Group…


Queen of the Fort


Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung) at 1 year 5 months with Annie (Celhaus Bonnie Ann), 7 years

Annie and Kairos (84.2l bs and not an ounce of fat) are doing well.  He is such a power house…  WOW!  A most loving, carefree, happy boy full of joy and fun.  Can’t believe our sweet Annie is seven.  Those two are amazing together.  I could not have hoped for a better match.  Yes, I know, I said it before but I am just so happy with the two of them 😉



A bunch of photos of Rainn (Celhaus High Desert Rainn CGC), who is in training for Search & Rescue
Rainn earned her Canine Good Citizen title on 1/3/16.  Congratulations!!

Rainn at 1 year 1 month



She may grow into those ears yet!!!




Rainn, 1 year 1 month, with Comanche (Celhaus Irresistible), 6 months (in the vest)


Rainn at 11 months

Here is a pic of Rainn and me in West Yellowstone running a late evening trail in the rain!
Kinda cool how the flash caught her eyes!!


Rainn at 10 months


Love that curled tongue!!!!


Rainn at 4 months

Look at those ears!!!!!



Hamish (Celhaus Hurrah’s Halleluja), 1 year 5 months, at highline training

A calm Hamish,  note the legs just hanging trustingly.  He is being lowered down in both shots.  Too bad these are the only 2 taken and not any of the “flight”.



Harlee (Celhaus Harlee Von Grimmelhausen CGC) at 1 year 6 months. Congratulations!!!!


Nikki (Celhaus Ho’nehe Nicolita) at 14 months

Nikki is now the puppy/dog I always wanted.  She is so gentle, calm, obedient  etc, etc etc.


Abby (Celhaus Here’s Good Abbygail) at 1 year (unfortunately the photos they sent are very small)

We love our Abby!  What a nice dog, today is her Bday.  Her training is going well, she progressed well enough  and my trainer graduated her to “Therapy Dog in training” two months ago. She’s being exposed to all kinds of environments and handles them well. She’s very calm and sweet. She loves kids of all ages and is very patient with them.