Photoshoot – Lovely

Photoshoot with FFF Photography

Thanks to all who voted.  Everyone seemed to really have fun with this project.  I will incorporate many of your comments in the statement that goes on each card. The photos are now arranged in voting order, from most to least popular.  Unless otherwise noted, the first photo is the one which will be used as a trading card.  

What a fun day we had! I did a photo shoot with GloryToo and Lovely at FFF Fotography from 11 am till 3:34 p.m.  The photos are to use to make 18 more trading cards for each girl.  The studio is in the basement down a steep set of stairs which I negotiated down and back up with each dog for each backdrop.  While the photographer, Shirley, too photos, I moved around out of sight getting the dogs to look in different directions and also at the props.  By the time we finished, I was dead and my feet and back were killing me.

Shirley had 19 different backdrops.  We did photos of both dogs against each backdrop, using different props for each. 

They gave many themes:  3 different Christmas backdrops, Halloween, St. Patrick’s day, Valentine’s day, 4th of July, movie star, musician, 1930’s gambling scene, construction theme (with tools for props), on the beach, in the desert, 3 winter scenes, tropical island, cowboy theme, moonlight scene, formal garden scene. The dogs sat or lay on wagons, sleds, trunks, wore hats and scarves.

GloryToo & Lovely were also exhausted by the end.  They wondered what in the world we were doing but soon got the hang of it and for the most part posed beautifully.  I used some “Lucky Duck” and freeze-dried rabbit bite training treats that a friend sent me, and they loved them.  In fact, I thought Lovely was going to inhale my entire hand! 

Lovely the Movie Star

Lovely in Winter #1

Lovely in Winter #2

Lovely in Winter #3

Lovely at Christmas #1
I had to break a tie in this one.

Lovely at Christmas #2

Lovely at Christmas #3

Lovely in the Wild West

Lovely at the Beach

Lovely in Olden Times
I did some research and narrowed down the time of this backdrop to the 1920’s.  I changed this category’s name to make it better for the kids.  I’m using the second photo to be the 18th card in this series.  The note on the first card will ask them to ask their oldest relative about the Roaring Twenties – or google them.  The note on the 2nd card will ask if they like the black & white or color version better.

Lovely in the Garden

Lovely the Musician

Lovely in Construction

Lovely on Valentine’s Day

Lovely on St. Patrick’s Day

Lovely on the 4th of July

Lovely at Halloween

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