Spirit at Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6-6-21 2

Spirit at the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6/6/21

Spirit is bored with container searches, looks for any other place to search and, when she finds the container, is rough and bounces it around before she settles down to an indication – again wasting time and risking disqualification. I asked Dave for help with containers.

Afternoon Work at the PAWSitive Training Arena

Three Circles Container Search  Since the photographers were positioned on two ends of the arena and thus had totally different views of the dogs as they circled the boxes, I didn’t worry about grouping the two photographer’s photos by area as I did in the previous searches.  The photos Crystal took are first for each dog; Sheila’s are second, only because on both Saturday and Sunday, when I labeled the photos I added an “s” to the title to distinguish Sheila’s photos from the ones taken with my camera.

Spirit, the pest, demonstrated how you DON’T want them to indicate on containers.  She finds container searches boring compared to the other three elements, is never ready to quit when she finds the hide and bats the container around to make it more interesting.  The only good thing I can say about our prolonged and miserable heat wave is that we are working containers in the house since we can’t do anything outside.  Maybe she’ll do better on the containers at our October trial.

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