Spirit at Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6-6-21

Spirit at the Dave Kroyer Nosework Seminar 6/6/21

We had specifically asked Dave for the chance to work under the new Elite level rules, in which we are not told how many hides to look for, nor distractions to be aware of.  He set up an elite exterior search and another for superior-masters level.  Handlers decided which they wanted to attempt. Also, on the superior-masters search, they could have him tell them how many hides were there or not.  Spirit is just going into Superior, so I did this search with her, though I didn’t have Dave tell me how many hides and/or distractions there were.. 

Superior-Masters search  There were 3 hides and 3 distractions (a ball and the others food).  9 dogs did this search.  I wanted help form Dave because she gets so excited to search that she bounces around and sings, which makes her pant – and they can’t smell when they’re panting.  She thus wastes time before she is in search mood; once in, she finds the hide quickly, so she qualifies but don’ts place high.  I asked Dave to watch as she searches to see if she’s missing hides because of the panting.  (He said afterwards that she closes her mouth frequently enough to search well and just needs more experience, which relieved me.)  

Vehicle search  All the dogs did the same vehicle search.  Spirit struggled with one hide on a big truck, initially indicating on the other side of the vehicle from where the hide was.  She even crawled under the vehicle as she tried to locate the source.  Dave had me wait her out and pointed out how different that part-indication was from the one she gave once we worked around the front of the truck and to the hide.  She had no trouble with the other two hides.

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