XX Litter 17 Days Old

XX Litter at 17 Days

Last night and early this morning, I noticed that Mr. X was moving from the floor into the whelping bed and then back.  Finding him with Lovely in different places assured me that he can handle a larger living space.  Today I didn’t have to go anywhere, so it was a great time to change the room setup since I could check frequently that Mr. X was okay.

I put up another 8″ board on the side where Lovely has been entering and leaving, to make sure Mr. X uses the area prepared for him rather than climbs over into Lovely’s section, which has no papers or blankets on the floor. 

Then I put up a 12″ board to define Mr. X’s new floor space. Lovely can easily step over it to get to her water, bed and the doggie door to go outside.  I unscrewed the hinges to the folding side of the whelping bed and took it off, lying it flat on the floor.  That makes two ½-inch “steps,” one from the whelping bed to the board, the second from the board to the floor, which proved with the last litter to be low enough that puppies can negotiate them with no trouble. 

I put newspapers over the board and floor and, over them, a flannel runner for traction.  I also put out a small fleece pad where Lovely will land as she jumps over the 2’ gate that keeps the pups away from the doorway.  Mr. X woke up when I moved him onto the flannel runner in order to change the fleece pad and newspapers in the whelping bed, so I weighed him.  He weighed 2.665# (1210 grams) this morning.

I took a few photos of Mr. X’s new digs and was tickled that, while I had the camera on, he woke up and started searching for Lovely, who was in the whelping bed.  I got photos of the whole search, and Lovely’s response.  Having only one puppy sure allows me to watch interactions between mom and pup. Lovely is very attentive but doesn’t baby him.  He has to find her, learning to use his nose well.  She was talking to him in a very low voice and it sure sounded like encouragement.  He can’t hear, but can he catch voice vibrations through the boards and covering?  I bet he can!

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