XX Litter 19 Days Old

XX Litter at 19 Days

Today, each time I checked on Mr. X, if he was awake, he tried to follow me.  When I knelt down to greet him, he really responded to my touch, leaning into my hand and wagging his tail.  I love this stage when they’re still sweet and soft, with no teeth or desire to use them on my body parts.  This is the stage where I “waste” a lot of time in the whelping room. 

I decided he was ready for me to open the entire room, so tonight I did so. Thankfully, he was asleep in the whelping bed so I didn’t have any “help.”  It took quite a while to open up the room, since it’s larger after I moved a lot of stuff that previously was under the shelves out to the new shed.  That meant that the old divider to keep pups from the doggie door out to Lovely’s potty area no longer fit; it was too short.  I eventually got it lengthened and in place, covered the floor with newspapers and then put flannel down for traction. 

Then I asked Lovely to move to the little fleece piece and moved Mr. X to nurse there while I changed the big fleece pad and newspapers in the whelping bed. 

I then tried to take some photos of Mr. X’s enlarged living area, but he kept searching for me. Yes, me, not Lovely.  In fact, once he had found her in the whelping bed but caught my scent and turned away from her to come to me.  It was really cool watching him use his nose and head to me, but it sure made photography difficult.  Several times I had to pick him up and put him far enough away that the camera could focus.  We had to have a nice love-in, at which he draped himself over my arm which was resting on the floor and talked to me.  Eventually he was satisfied and let me back off and get a few more photos.

As he begins to walk better, I will leave areas without flannel covering in hopes of starting potty training, but for right now he needs that traction. 

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