XX Litter 38 Days Old at Alzheimer’s Unit

XX Litter at Alzheimer’s Unit
38 Days Old

Mr. X yelled all the way to the Alzheimer’s Unit.  I like this to be a litter’s first trip because it’s only 2 miles from my house, a nice introduction to the car without stressing them too much.  We gave him a chance to potty in the Unit’s courtyard, and he obliged.  He then didn’t potty at all the 50 minutes we were visiting.  Such a good boy!  I always take paper towels but it’s nice not to need them.

I usually give them a chance to play with toys as they get used to the new place, but one of the residents, who is usually unresponsive, connected with him so Joy scooped up Mr. X and put him in the man’s lap to visit.  Then we let him get used to the room for a bit.  He was a little stressed and wouldn’t play with the toys, though he did look them over.  Joy got out her set of keys that the pups usually love to play with, but he wasn’t interested.  With no littermates to help with the new place, he noticed way too many new things.  Next time he’ll probably do a lot more playing.

We then carried him from one resident to another, letting them hold and pet him.  He was quite good, though he vocalized a little and did some stress yawning.  It was warm in the unit, and of course laps are warm, so that was part of it.  Most of the residents had come to the activity room.  We carried him to see three who were in their rooms.  I think we only missed one person out of the 21 in the unit.

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