XX Litter 45 Days Old

XX Litter
2nd Visit from Michelle
45 Days Old     8/25/22

We were tentatively scheduled to take Mr. X to the other nursing home (Westview Healthcare Center) today if they had been cleared for group activities after a small covid outbreak.  They ended up giving booster shots today, so we rescheduled his visit for Monday.  Michelle was supposed to help me at Westview today, so she came here instead to play with him.

Today he played hard with the toys, most of which had squeakers.  I had Michelle work on discouraging his biting her arm, fingers or hair – substituting a toy.  He kept her busy with that.

He used his body on most of the toys, subduing them, especially the monster. He also loved the chipmunk, which had been Justice’s favorite toy when he was a baby and as a result of his attention, now has no legs.

I also put out the bumble ball.  It is a bright yellow, battery-operated ball with multi-colored knobs, and it vibrates, bounces, shakes and rolls erratically.  Mr. X followed it around, trying to grab a knob – though that’s hard to do since it bounces around with quite a bit of force. 

He was so intent on playing with the toys – and Michelle – that he ignored me. I was even able to answer Michelle’s questions and comments; before, at visits, if I spoke, he would start searching for me.          

Those two make quite the pair.  I got some great photos of the expressions on both their faces as they interacted.

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