XX Litter 47 Days Old

XX Litter
Visit to Denise’s House
47 Days Old     8/27/22

I loaded Mr. X in the car and headed to my friend Denise’s house so she could play with him AND he could meet his first non-GSDs.  She has Hayden, a sheltie, and Gus, a cockapoo.  Hayden is fantastic with baby puppies, so I usually take my litters there.  Gus hasn’t participated before, but this time we decided to see how he’d do with babies. He was a little pushy at first so Denise put him in the house and gave Mr. X a chance to play with just one dog.  He watched for a bit but soon enjoyed playing with Hayden, and even took time to smell the flowers.

When he was comfortable and confident, we let Gus out as well.  Gus wanted to play a little roughly but settled down.  He kept flopping his very fuzzy tail in Mr. X’s face, and Mr. X would do his best to grab and tug.  I tried without success to catch that in photos, but we sure got some good chuckles.  Mr. X isn’t used to clowns, so I caught several quizzical expressions on his face as he interacted with Gus.  Used to Type-A German Shepherds, he didn’t know just how to take him.

We had to laugh at Mr. X’s ears – they stand up when he runs.  They’re up more from the base today than yesterday but still have a while to go before they’re totally up.  His eyes are maturing and turning brown.

Mr. X played for about an hour, then said it was getting hot and didn’t we know it was nap time?  I took him home and he stretched out in the cool puppy room with a big sigh.  He had earned a nap.  After a while, I put Lovely in with him for most of the afternoon.

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