XX Litter 49 Days Old at Westview

XX Litter
Visits Westview Healthcare Center
49 Days Old     8/29/22

Mr. X visited Westview Healthcare Center this afternoon.  He was ready to play, which was good because one of the residents’ daughter and grandson (or maybe great-grandson) were there, and the boy was a little wild.  This was the first child he has met, and he did great. 

We didn’t have as big a group of residents as usual, probably because group activities have just resumed after a covid outbreak.  I start doing weekly therapy dog visits in September (have been doing biweekly visits since they reopened from the big covid shutdown.).  Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to take Mr. X again before he leaves.

I took two very noisy toys that light up, move and make all kinds of noise – a train engine and a police car.  The train engine is battery-operated and rolls all over, reversing when it encounters furniture or a wall, all the while whistling, playing a tune and flashing lights.  The police car also has flashing lights.  It plays a variety of police commands as if they were arresting someone.

Beside them, I took regular squeaky toys.  We had to tell the boy several times not to be so rough as he made the toys squeak; I was afraid he was going to destroy them.  Mr. X took all the carryings-on in stride.

When he mellowed out a little, the activity director, Yvette, carried him around to sit in everyone’s laps for photos.  When he started wiggling, we put him down to play some more.

He brought me a tennis ball several times.  He isn’t following them very well yet if you throw them, but if they roll close to him, he’ll pursue them.  This is the first time he actually brought me something he was carrying.

He played for almost an hour, which is super good.  Eventually he collapsed, so I loaded up the toys and took him home. 

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