XX Litter 52 Days Puppy Obstacle Run

XX Litter
Doing Puppy Obstacle Run for the First Time
52 Days Old     9/1/22

Bonnie, my Search & Rescue tester from Bozeman, came tonight.  We took Mr. X out to the Puppy Obstacle Run and used it as part of his “Unstable Footing” test.  He did great!  The only thing that bothered him was the tunnel.  Without littermates, he hasn’t spent much time on the Puppy Obstacle Course in the puppy yard and I’m sure never wandered through the tunnel.  When there is a group of pups, they figure out that tunnel, which is straight and have lots of fun chasing each other through it.  The tunnel in the Run is at the corner of the L-shaped Run and has a curve in it.  That’s always harder on pups because they can’t see the opening.  Mr. X absolutely refused to go into it so Bonnie, bless her soul and athletic body, crawled into the tunnel and convinced him to try it.  We always have the puppies do the Run both ways, the first time going east then north and down the hill; then reversing and going south, up the hill, then west. Mr. X at first thought he couldn’t do the tunnel on his own, looked at Bonnin on the other end (standing up), gave a couple of yelps then turned away from her and through the tunnel.  Boy, did he get praise then!!!

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