XX Litter 6 Days Old

XX Litter at 6 Days

After I got some individual photos of Mr. X, I allowed Lovely to join us.  Today I noticed, when she entered the whelping bed, she was no longer lying right by him.  Instead, she would lie on the other edge and ignore him.  It didn’t take him long to figure out he had to find her – and he seemed to like the game.  He can’t yet get up on his legs and walk, but he quickly noticed her joining him on the afghan and “oozed” quickly to her, over her foot and grabbed a teat.  I got a few photos of him exploring the afghan – that nose is already working seriously!  He moved with such purpose and sped that I had to put him back about 6 times in order to give the camera a chance to focus.  I got some photos of him nursing (notice how his legs and tail move as he nurses), and some sweet interactions between mother and son. 

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