XX Litter 63 Days Old at Westview

XX Litter
2nd Visit to Westview Health Care Center
63 Days Old     9/12/22

Mr. X went again to Westview Healthcare Center this afternoon.

He entertained the residents for almost an hour.  He played tug and Yvette, the activity director, had to be ready to substitute a toy when he grabbed for her arm, which he did frequently.  He also fixated on one man’s shoes and kept going over to chew on him.  Michelle helped me today and she was kept busy heading him off from those shoes, some felt boots and some socks.

When he wore down a little, Yvette and Michelle carried him around to visit each resident until he started squirming, tired of being held.  He then played tug some more before he finally wore down and I took him home.

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