2023 Planned Litters

Litters Planned for 2023

2023 marks my 46th year of breeding excellent German Shepherd Dogs. 
I had my first litter in 1977.

My pups are $2500 Application

Please e-mail me ([email protected]) and I’ll see the e-mail and respond immediately.  If I don’t respond, try again.
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Call (307-674-4800, evenings) or text (307-752-5413) me if I don’t, in case the spam filter rejects your message. 

Litter #2:  the ZZ litter, whelped June 16th:
1 sable female, 2 black & tan females, 1 bicolor female, 1 sable male, 2 black & tan males
A black & tan male is available, preferably to a working home.
Mercy bred to Justice
follow the Diary (updated daily until the remaining male pup is sold)
background information
Since she refuses to let strange dogs breed her, even on her own territory, and has not conceived with AI, I’m going to try breeding her to Justice, whom she actually likes and plays with.  He will not be quite 2 years old when she cycles (hopefully in March), so I only have his hip and elbow prelims.  Mercy turned 7 years old in December 2022 and that’s often the end of their breeding period, so I can’t wait for her fall heat.  We got all the rest of Justice’s health certifications done.
Now that the snow is melting, I will try to get some grown-up photos of Justice.  Meanwhile, see earlier photos, links to which are on his page.
These pups should be black sables, bicolors or possibly solid blacks.
This is a working litter.
Mercy on March 12, 2020

See Justice on April 22, 2023

Litter #3:  the AAA litter, whelped October 9, 2023
Lovely bred to Justice
See the AAA litter’s page
This was supposed to be a repeat of the XX litter, but Titus’ owners (Titus is a Cantor/Hesed son from the OO Litter) were in Italy when Lovely was ready to breed.  I bred her instead to Justice.
See background information and pedigree.
Justice is sire of the ZZ litter.

See more photos of Justice
These pups should be black sables, black & tans or blacks.  
These pups will be good working prospects (including service dogs & therapy dogs) or pets for active people. 
See Lovely on March 12, 2020


Litter #1:  the YY litter, whelped April 8
4 males & 4 females
Lovely bred to Cantor

This is a repeat of the RR, TT & WW litters.  All these pups are sold.
Lovely came in heat on 1/23/23, so I’m planning to breed her to Cantor this time and then Titus on her next cycle, when he can come from Utah for the breeding.
Background information
See Lovely and Cantor on March 12, 2020

This is a repeat of the RR, TT & WW litters and contained blacks and black & tans.   These pups will be moderate-to-high drive and good working prospects (including service dogs & therapy dogs) or pets for active people.