AAA Litter

AAA Litter
Lovely bred to Justice
Whelped 10/9/23:  2 sable females, 2 black & tan females, 2 sable males & 1 black & tan male
Background Information

Mr. Orange (now “Booker”) went to SW Wyoming for Search & Rescue.  Miss Green (now “Addie”) went to Sundance to be a service dog and therapy dog and to compete in nosework.  Miss Pink (now “Masie”) and Mr. Blue (“Asher”) went to Colorado to be therapy dogs.  Miss Brown (now “Ellie”) went to Pennsylvania to be a therapy dog.  I kept Miss Yellow (now “Dakuya”) for nosework competition, therapy dog work and hopefully breeding.  Mr. Purple, whom I’ve been calling “Packer” leaves February 3rd for southern Colorado to be a cadaver dog.  He joins half-sister Roxanne (TT litter) and half-brother Ducati (YY litter) on the team.

ee the Police/Narcotics Temperament Test ratings.  At the end of the page, temperament test ratings of the AAA litter’s parents and many dogs behind them are listed.
See the Search & Rescue Temperament Test Ratings.
See the AAA litter, 39 days old, visiting Big Horn Rehab during a concert.  
See the AAA litter, 38 days old, visiting the Holy Name School Kindergarteners
See the AAA litter, 37 days old, visiting the Alzheimer’s Unit

I am extremely grateful to Whelpwise (Perinatal Veterinary Specialties,, a canine pregnancy support group, which helped me get all four pups of Hesed’s litter safely on the ground (VV litter).  Without them, I am convinced – and so are my vets – that Hesed would have lost that litter like she did the litter a year before.  They have since helped save pups in the WW, XX & YY litters.  I have learned amazing things about pregnancy and whelping that I didn’t know, even after 44 years of breeding, so I signed up with them for this litter, too, which is my 6th with them.  I asked them if a lot of people used them for trouble-free litters and they said quite a few, that people appreciated knowing what exactly was going on with the litter and having the expertise available to intervene to save a pup or whole litter that was in trouble.  Many people, after their first experience, call on them for every litter afterwards.  I can believe that, as I have been highly impressed with their expertise and availability at all hours, day and night. 

I have been so busy with the three ZZ-litter pups (Zoom who hasn’t sold yet plus Zest & Zeal whom I’m keeping) and the two AAA pups (Dakuya, whom I’m keeping, and Packer, who finally left February 2nd), that I had no time to concentrate on things like editing photos and saving comments from puppy owners.  I finally caught up this page (as of 2/6).  Hurrah!  Photos right now are shown in ascending age so you can enjoy their growth.  Next time I update this page, I will delete the youngest photos and begin adding new ones at the top of their section.  Enjoy the baby photos!!!

Ellie (Celhaus An Answer to Prayer) at 17 weeks
the former Miss Brown
“Here is Ellie’s 4-month-old photo. Weighed her at the vet’s today and she is 35#.”

Ellie at 14 weeks
“Hello Cel, when Ellie has her outside just-be-a-dog time, we have a medium size ball and a hoodie to tug/drag.  Today I added the bottom to a chicken waterer.  It is heavy plastic and I threw it like a disc.  There is no height to the throw.  Ellie loved chasing it in the snow and had trouble picking it up because it is slick and usually one paw was standing on it.  It also has a part in the middle that she couldn’t grab ahold of.  Just thought I would share.”

Ellie at 13 weeks
1/2/24:  I wish I had pictures of her outside in the snow.  I don’t take my phone outside on cold days as the battery drains right away.  Ellie is beautiful and everyone who meets her comments on her coloring.  Last Wednesday we went to an adult daycare and she did very well.  When we were getting ready to leave the adults chanted “Ellie Ellie Ellie.’  She just looked around, not knowing what to do.  We start puppy kindergarten on the 13th and there will be 5 puppies of Ellie’s age in the class.  Here is Ellie’s 3-month photo.  Because her face is so black I haven’t really gotten a good picture.”

Ellie at 10 weeks
“Hello Cel, Just wanted to update you Ellie.  She had her 2nd parvo shot today and she weighs 18 lbs.  Everyone just makes over her.  She is super friendly and is such a good pup.  I think it is an injustice to have her down as just a “pet.”  I know she will excel at therapy training so maybe when that starts you can up-date her bio to “therapy dog.  Thank you and Merry Christmas.”

Ellie at 9 weeks
12/6/23:  New things:  automatic garage door open/close, tire swing, walk through office cubicles with various people at their desks, vacuum cleaner and radio.  Talked to puppy class trainer.  And we had our first house visitors last night.  Today she started trying to find places to hide her bone – under the space below the Hoosier, under the register and trying to go through the gates. She doesn’t do this with anything else.”

Ellie at 7 weeks
“She was mesmerized by the revolving doors at the airport.”

Packer (Celhaus Allaying Ablaze) at 17 weeks
the former Mr. Purple
Just wanted to let you know Packer is fitting in great. This was him this morning.

Packer at 16 weeks
Tuesday was Week 4 of Puppy Kindergarten, when our instructor puts out obstacles for the pups to navigate – strange footings, tubs to put front feet on and side pass around, FitPaws discs to sit on, etc.  My two pups were the stars of both classes since I do so much body awareness work with them as babies.  Since Packer was leaving for his new home on Friday, I asked Sue to take photos of him if she had time in between working with the other pups.

Maisie (Celhaus Aliza Akemi) at 7 weeks
the former Miss Pink
Name Story:
Aliza is Hebrew for “joyful” and Akemi is Japanese for “bright & beautiful.” David is Jewish and I am half Japanese.
“Hi Cel, First night was PERFECT! She slept through (so much excitement, probably!)!  She cried once in the middle of the night but our big dog, Koji, got up from his bed and curled up in front of her crate door and she went back to sleep.  He keeps taking back all his toys she steals from him but other than that, it’s going very well! The cats have even come nose to nose and Maisie has been very curious and gentle so initial intros went smoothly!  Here’s a pic of her with David and there will be more to come!”

Maisie at 8 weeks
“Maisie seems to have settled in perfectly!  She’s very active and happy.  She and Koji are buddies and she’s mainly sleeping through the night. During the day, she’s gone to the front door several times to let us know she has to potty and no accidents in the house.”

Maisie at 11 weeks
“We spent a few days over Christmas in the mountains with the dogs – we stayed at a friend’s condo in Winter Park and they were very kind to let us bring the pups. We all had a wonderful time! I’m attaching a bunch of photos. Maisie was 22.5 pounds on the 27th.”

Booker (Celhaus Aghen) at 8 weeks
the former Mr. Orange
Name Story:  Ag’hen means “honored Teacher” and is from Star Trek.
“Big Brother” is his uncle, Riker, from the JJ litter.
Unfortunately, Booker’s owner seldom texts or emails me photos with explanations.  I occasionally see one she posts on facebook and copy it, but it’s a real pain since I’m no fan of fb, it takes forever to find the puppy entries – and I often see no usable comment about what he’s doing.  So we’re lucky to have any photos of this handsome guy who is training for SAR.
Photo 1:  “Made it home.  Booker did well. Slept most of the way or entertained himself with his new toys.  Loved to bury himself in the snow piles when we stopped.”
Photo 2:  “Nothing better then a worn out puppy! 
Photos 3-8: “Wilderness adventure with Riker.”

Booker at 10 weeks
“Younguns always like to help with the chores, like taking Big Brother for his daily walk…”

Booker at 11 weeks
“Holiday romp in the snow! Happy Holidays, all!”

Booker at 12 weeks
Photo 1:  “Someone got worked! Thanks Janet! I haven’t slept that well in weeks!”
Photo 2:  “Some scary monsters in my brother’s backyard.”

Booker at 13 weeks
“The little guy is all about stealing his big brother’s chew toys.  This is his favorite hiding place after stealing them.”

Booker at 14 weeks
“Powder Day!!!”

Booker at 16 weeks
1/30/24:  “
He is doing really well with SAR. He’s a natural at trailing and his persistence hunting for scent in cadaver is some of the strongest I’ve seen in a pup this young. It’s been a joy to watch him develop.
Photo 1:  “He likes to help a lot with things like packing the truck.”
Photo 2:  “Almost 4 months old, still cute.”
Photo 4:  “Riker showing Booker (the new tenant) the ins and outs of his old kennel.”

Asher (Celhaus Always Love & Justice of Eagle Vista) at 7 weeks
the former Mr. Blue
Name Story:  Asher is Hebrew for “happiness.”
Asher joined Radik from the RR litter.
12/2:  “On the way home he yowled a few times and slept about an hour at a time, then would wake up and we’d stop to potty, then start the process all over.  When he’d start to bark and howl, Rachel would put her hand in the cage and he would immediately quiet and fall back asleep.  So cute!  Radik is currently trying to coax him to play through the puppy panels.”
Photo 1:  All chewing on bully sticks this morning.  He met the cat and was not sure what she was.  Fortunately the cat thinks she is a dog, so all went well!
Asher 2¨ He found the little bed!
Asher 3-4:  Getting some sensations from the hay & meeting the horses.

Asher at 8 weeks
Photo 1:  “He was hunting for bees.  No worries, he didn’t catch any!”
Photo 2:  “Our sweet boy. ”
Photo 3:  Somebody has a full tummy.  We think we’re going to call him “Asher,” which is Biblical and means, “happiness, blessed.”
Photo 4:  “Learning to eat romaine lettuce.  At least for the moment he thought it was better than body parts.”  
Photos 5-6:  “Our visit to Murdock’s this morning for some senior horse food.  He’s so sweet.  Lots of people were fawning over him and he ate it up!”
Photos 7-9:  “Radik and Asher playing.”

 Asher at 9 weeks
Photo 1:  “Half brothers – how cute they are!”
Photo 2:  “A ‘good morning’ to you from Asher!”

Asher at 10 weeks
Photos 1-2:  “I usually don’t give puppies a bath, however, I wanted Asher to have a brand new experience today.  I didn’t get a picture of his reaction to the blow dryer, which was curious but not frightened.  He’s super smart!”
Photo 3:  “Asher & Radik this morning.”
Photo 4:  “Beautiful day today so the dogs were in the yard chewing on bones.  The puppy is now bigger than the miniature Schnauzer.  Oh, and the orange snow fence is just temporary, because Asher kept going over and exploring on his own to the fence on the bottom.  We didn’t want him to get hurt rolling down to the fence, hence the temporary fence – first pup to ever do that!  I call him Mr. Adventurer.  He sure loves to explore!”
Photo 5:  “Happy Christmas Eve from Asher.  Hope it’s relaxing for you!”

Asher at 11 weeks
Photo 1:  “They get along so well!”
Photo 2:  “Finished our walk and training session, now time for a nap!”
Photos 3-5:  “Asher LOVES children.”

Asher at 12 weeks
Photo 1:  “Happy New Year from Radik & Asher!”
Photos 2-3:  “Good morning!  Hilda (she’ll be 11 years old next month) has finally allowed the puppy to lie close to her (as long as he doesn’t bite her.)”
Photo 4:  “Asher seems tuckered out tonight.  He’s getting soooo big!”
Photo 5:  “Asher is growing so fast I can hardly believe it!  Radik loves his little “brother.”

Asher at 13 weeks
Photos 1-2:  “Asher is getting so big and yes, at that stage where he’s out of proportion to the rest of his body (his hind end is larger than his shoulders).  And when he gets to running, especially down the dirt driveway, he has a difficult time stopping!  He is so smart and quite active.  He is sleeping mostly through the night, only needs to go out to potty (and maybe poop) at 3:30 am then goes back to sleep in his crate next to our bed until 6:30-7:00.  He had another play date yesterday with a 130lb Rottweiler, a 4 month old border collie, a 6 month old sheltie, and a 6 pound Maltese terrier, and Radik. Wednesday we have a play date/ training session at a friend’s.  Then puppy kindergarten starts on Sunday, the 21st.  He’s so happy when he “finds” me when I hide from him when his nose takes him off in a direction away from me when he’s off leash and we’re hiking in a safe place.  He loves people and is quite happy to see my almost-90-year-old mom (She gives him treats).  He has learned many words and commands including “leave it” (he’s been fascinated with the toilet paper roll and how if he grabs it, it rolls paper off when he pulls on it – first puppy we’ve ever had do this!)  Received your puppy update, which I always read at least twice or three times. So many valuable tips. Thank you.  Hope you’re well and stay warm with this Arctic weather we’re about to receive.”
Photo 3:  “Good morning!  -13 here.  I bet it’s cold there as well! (It was -30 degrees here, with -40 degrees wind chill factor.)  Radik is holding the bone for Asher – smart as it keeps Asher from biting his legs.”
Photo 4: “Asher and the little old man, Dugan, tonight sharing the bed for the second time ever.”

Asher at 14 weeks
Photo 1 (with Radik):  “Waiting patiently (at least for this moment) for me to fix their supper. I love these quiet moments.”
Photo 2:  “Cuteness picture of the day.”
Photo 3:  Tired puppy, Asher.”

Asher at 15 weeks
Photo 1:  “He ran off with the empty bag (after finishing his lunch…yes, he’s still eating lunch).”
Photo 2 (with Radik):  Good morning!  Yay for bully sticks so I can get my breakfast ready!  Asher is 38.8#!”
Photo 3:  “My son says Asher is the Assistant Branch Manager.”

Addy (Celhaus Angel of Faith) at 12 weeks
the former Miss Green
Addy joins Jamboree from the JJ litter (her aunt).

2/10/24 (no photos):  “Little Addy is growing by leaps and bounds and has stolen both our hearts. and is everything I hoped she would be.  Very much like Jamboree and her brother “Packer,” she picks up and carries around anything and everything that is not glued or nailed down lol. Her favorite game is tug and loves to help Bill take his socks off.   I am just letting her be a puppy and just focusing on lots of retrieving and driving games for now.  She just loves them and playing with Jamboree and Gus (Doberman). Wyatt (heeler)also plays with her but sometimes gets a bit rough and rolls her when she is too active.  Sundays she participates in my 4H Kindergarten class.  At the end of the class, it’s puppy playtime. Class mates include a Rottie, a Border Collie, and GSD – all under 6 months of age – and a Taco Bell Chihuahua. (over 10 lbs).  Not to mention Quizz (QQ litter), and Keona (Sheltie) at the end of the day. Unfortunately, we are canceled tomorrow due to another event (FFA  Bingo) and other Superbowl activities.  I’m focusing mostly on drive and retrieving games and her just enjoying being a puppy. Karen Ulmer handles her for me during our 4-H puppy kindergarten class. Addy is very social, loves to play with all the puppies, Keona, and Quiz, and rides the long dust mop during clean-up.  Yesterday she brought me a slicker brush (not by the handle either), the snow shovel, and my jacket she managed to pull off the coat rack.  What a riot. Every day its always something new.”
Addy at 12 weeks
12/21 (10 wks):  “Guess who retrieved her tennis ball and brought it back 6 times today!  She packs around anything that she can possibly put in her mouth – broom, dustpan, Chuck-It handle, boots, manure fork.  Yep!  The little black shark with 4 paws.”
12/3:  “So mad I didn’t have my phone on me when out doing chores.  Snow is forecast today I so wanted to get poop duty done.  Addie and I headed down to do the kennel yard and I was dragging my manure fork. Suddenly it became much lighter. I looked down and Miss Addie had picked up the other end and helped carry all the way down to the kennels.  I definitely will have my camera next time.  She was so proud of herself, and my pant leg was thankful that she found something else to grab on, too.”
Photos 4-5:  “The person with whom we placed Veda as a service dog graciously gave Bill her old wheelchair, and I’m excited to our introduce-mobility tasks.  For now it’s just fun to lie in.”

Addy at 7 weeks
““Addie is glued to and attacking to my pant leg.  Did I mention a bite suit may be in order?  She is something else – a fun puppy.  Can sing a good tune, too.  She doesn’t venture too far.  Here she is loving her new search-for-treats game.””

Dakuya (Celhaus Always Give Thanks) at 12 weeks
the former Miss Yellow, whom I kept
See Dakuya’s page
Name Story:  Dakuya (pronounced “DAK yuh”, with the accent on the first syllable), is the Ukrainian word for thanks.  In February our parish began adopting Ukrainian refugees.  Our refugees’ gratitude for being safe, and able to sleep all night without the fear of Russian bombs hitting their homes, has made me more grateful for all the blessings of living in this country.  Their calm focus on rebuilding their lives here, despite having left everything except what they could carry in one suitcase, has sure made me examine the little things that I whine about.  All this inspired me to give a name to my new pup that will remind me to be grateful for all blessings, and to LOOK for them.

1/7/2024:  Here she is at a recent playdate at my friend, Denise’s home.  She has played several times with Denise’s 2 Shelties and her Cockapoo, but the Corgi pup was new.   

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