Soleil – Mother of JJ Litter

Celhaus Good Day Sunshine BN CD SAR Mantrailing 1, SAR Intermediate Human Remains Detection (Soleil)

whelped 6/7/13

Soleil’s owner, Chris, graciously allowed me the chance to raise a litter from her, the JJ litter in 2016.

Sol has her AKC Beginners Novice and Companion Dog titles. She and her mom then became interested in Search & Rescue. Sol has her Mantrailing 1 and Intermediate Human Remains Detection certifications (through NNCDS, National Network of Canine Detection Service) and is working on advanced trailing and cadaver.

OFA “fair” hips:  GS-92853F25F-VPI 

OFA Elbows:  GS-EL32265F25-VPI 

OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA1387/27F/P-VPI 

OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH713/57F-VPI (2018)

OFA DM (clear)

OFA Eyes:  GS-EYE252/56F-VPI (2018)

von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free
free of EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) at 24 months

Soleil is fifth generation of my female line.  Scroll down to see info on her mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great=grandmother.

see photos of Soleil at 4 years 9 months (March 2018)

Sol is a litter sister to my GloryToo. Here is what her owner writes about her:

“Sol earned her nickname ‘The Tornado’ at the tender age of 4 months. She was out on the back porch, I was inside the garage…I heard the ruckus, but thought I’d let her have some fun. After all, what can a small puppy do, right? She had already started to ‘subdue’ my foot stool, turn it over and drag it around. I wasn’t quite prepared for what I found when I stepped out of the garage into the porch. The porch looked like a tornado came thru, and she was happily lying on the big chair, seemingly pleased with the destruction she had caused. That’s the day she earned her nickname. Notice Cole’s shell shocked look: ‘Mom, it wasn’t me, I swear…’ (he’s way in the back, very black and easy to miss.)

“Sol has managed to change my view of a true working line German Shepherd. Things have not been the same since she joined our family, and changed our life, and I mean that in a positive way. Challenging, no doubt, but positive.

Sol at 13 months

“She loves, loves, loves to work. Begs for it. Learns quickly, and had me stumped more than once. She blew me away when I took her in the ring for her first Novice leg. We had started on Novice training, but we had only done the ‘stand-stay’ casually. When I finished her BN on a Saturday, and was allowed to move her up to Novice, we did a training session for the stand-stay in the garage that night. Next day, near picture perfect heeling off leash, perfect stand-stay. That’s the beauty with her: when it counts, she knows it, and comes through with flying colors.

Soleil at 17 months

“Sol loves the ball, anything that can be thrown actually, she is a maniac retriever and delivers to hand. She figured out very quickly, that delivery to hand, almost always returns another throw. Well worth her while. On the other hand, if we get tired of throwing stuff for her, a ‘no, that’s enough’ is actually enough for her to go off with her toy and lie down, or entertain herself. She does have an off switch.

“Like her parents, Sol goes crazy over water. I tried a kiddy pool on her when she was just three months old, and once she figured it out, there was no stopping her. Her big brother Cole taught her to swim the first time we were at the lake. That fixed her passion for water, no stopping her now! Needless to say, I cannot water my yard when she is out, the poor sprinkler would not see the end of day.
“Her newest MO (when she thinks I don’t give her due attention) is to jump on my lap, crawl around the back of me (we are talking any chair I happen to sit on) lick my face and nuzzle me, and then when she has my attention, to jump off the chair, grab a toy and drop it in my lap. ‘C’mon mom, throw it.’”

Soleil’s Sire: Jagerstadt Chaos von Celhaus
3/23/06 – 2/25/18

See Chaos’ page

NADAC Agility titles: Superior Novice Regular, Superior Novice Weavers , Superior Novice Chances, Superior Novice Tunnelers, Superior Novice TouchNGo, Superior Novice Jumpers, Superior Novice Hoopers, Open Regular, Open Chances, Open Tunnelers, Open TouchNGo, Open Hoopers, Open Jumpers, Open Weavers, Outstanding Elite Chances, Outstanding Elite Regular, Elite Tunnelers

Chaos retired from agility competition and began training for Nosework titles (see for information on this fun new competition venue, derived from narcotics dog training.) Unfortunately, by the time UKC, which took over all nosework titling from United Nosework, began allowing nosework trials again, Chaos was aging to the point he didn’t like traveling and spending hours at a trial, so he never got more than the first two pre-trials. I lost him to cancer barely a month from his 12th birthday.

Chaos was a Therapy Dog, registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs Inc.)

OFA Fair Hips, PennHip 70th Percentile, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, OFA DM (free), CERF, von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free, free of EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

Chaos had a rock-solid temperament and steady nerves. He was very social with all ages of people and was an excellent Therapy Dog. Chaos came from herding lines. Both his parents were working stock dogs on farms in North Carolina. I like to incorporate dogs from herding lines in my breeding programs because of their high bidability. They truly want to work with the handler, and Chaos was no exception. He was extremely fun to train because he checked constantly to be sure he was doing what I want.

For more information on the German Shepherd style of herding see

Chaos sired pups from Zinna, Quinta, Joyful and Lively.

Soleil’s Dam: Celhaus Celebrate Life (Lively)
whelped 11/3/09

See Lively’s page

NADAC Agility titles: Novice Regular, Novice Tunnelers
Unfortunately, the agility trials were moved from a site 1 1/2 hours away to one that is 3 1/2 hours distance. I have to drive back and forth each day since I have other dogs at home I must care for each evening, so she had no chance to compete for more agility titles.

Currently Lively is in training for Nosework titles (see for information on this fun new competition venue, derived from narcotics dog training.  She has her Novice Vehicle title, Novice Interiors title, Advanced Containers title, Superior Exteriors title and one leg towards her Master Exteriors title.  

Lively is a Therapy Dog, registered with Alliance of Therapy Dogs (formerly Therapy Dogs Inc.).

OFA “fair” hips, PennHip 60th percentile, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, OFA DM (carrier), CERF, von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free, free of EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency)

Maternal Grand Sire: Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 (LGA) KKL1 High Protection (97 V) at the 2007 Americans

whelped 9/9/00

“a” normal hips HDZW 66
free of EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) and of the Degenerative Myelopathy gene.

According to his owner (Bill Kulla), “Kway participated in two research studies that are working to identify a genetic marker for EPI and DM, so that one day we may eliminate these devastating diseases from our breed.”

Other quotes from Kway’s website,

Kway (pronounced “Kwhy”) was the expression of his world class bloodlines: son of Asko von der Lutter and grandson of Aly vom Vordersteinwald. Asko was the 1998 Bundessieger and 2000 WUSV World Champion and has proven himself as producer already. At the past three BSPs, Asko had more sons shown than any other dog. Aly was a close second.

Kway himself was a true all-three-phase dog: tracking is deep-nosed and methodical, obedience was fast and animated yet precise, and bitework was extremely strong with full, hard grips. Kway was balanced in the protection work and brought his natural aggression to the work for strong guarding. Through all three phases, Kway was a dog that was in true harmony with his handler, and their strong bond was evident on and off the field.

Always pronounced in courage; in Kway’s breed survey special mention was made of his exceptional temperament.

Kway was linebred 5-5 on Urs aus der Hopfenstraße, and he carried the black recessive.

Bill reported that Kway loved to retrieve and was good with everyone. He also was good with other dogs, including small dogs, and enjoyed nurturing puppies. I really liked him when I took Quinta to be bred to him in 2009. Kway had been retired for two years, but put on a beautiful obedience demonstration for me. He was five days from turning nine years old but sure didn’t look it as he heeled, ran and jumped.

Soleil’s Maternal Grand Dam: Celhaus Quintessence

See Quinta’s page and more photos

NADAC Agility titles: Novice Jumpers Superior, Novice Regular, Novice Tunnelers Outstanding, Novice Chances, 2 legs towards her Open Jumpers title, 2 legs towards her Novice TouchNGo title, 2 legs towards her Novice Weavers title and 1 leg towards her Novice Hoopers title

AKC agility titles: one leg in each of Standard, Jumpers with Weaves & FAST

OFA hips (good); OFA Elbows; OFA Thyroid; OFA Cardiac; CERF; also tested EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free. In December, 2007, Quinta received her Health Award Certificate of Recognition from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

Quinta, commonly known as “Wild Thing”, was the character of the family. She loved to work, begged to train, and got into all kinds of trouble when we didn’t. She was crazy about agility. Her biggest problem was remembering to listen to me and go the direction I indicated, rather than attack every obstacle in sight. When she did remember, she was extremely intense and concentrated, a joy to work, and nearly always took 1st place. She also did extremely well in obedience and tracking but we never tried for titles since trials are few and far between. Quinta was very much like her mother, Jubilee, and grandmother, Glory. She was quite dramatic, very fast and athletic, loved to tease, and had trouble being a “good” girl.

Soleil’s Maternal Great Grandsire: Bianko vom Leerburg (“Comanche”)

OFA GOOD hips, OFA elbows

Janet Wilt’s Comanche was a Search & Rescue dog, certified in Avalanche, Water, Tracking, Wilderness Rescue and Cadaver. He was also certified as a narcotics dog (4 odors), evidence and building search.

See Janet’s Search & Rescue group, Jackson Hole Independent Search Dog Teams,

Soleil’s Maternal Great Granddam: Celhaus Jubilee CGC CD NA NAP TDInc, made it to 14 1/3 years.

See Jubilee’s page and more photos

OFA GOOD hips, OFA elbows, OFA cardiac, OFA thyroid, von Willebrand’s free, CERF

Retired Therapy Dog

She had her Companion Dog title and her AKC Novice Agility titles and only needed one more qualifying score to finish her Novice Jumpers title, but she developed spurs on her back (from being such an athletic, body-slamming, hard-playing dog all her life), so her jumping and competing days were over.

Jubilee was the most athletic GSD I’ve ever known–unless it was her daughter, Quinta or granddaughter, Lively. At 14 she was still healthy, though arthritis from bridging in her back had slowed her down considerably. When she was just a pup she would jump into the back of a 3/4 ton pickup from which I was shoveling wood shavings, trudge to the top of the shavings pile, and get on top of the cab. She would climb, jump, drill through incredible obstacles to retrieve her toys (the favorite of which is the Frisbee). She loved obedience, tracking and agility. Her tracking was very intense and only needed proofing to be ready to try for her Tracking Dog title. When she hurt her back, I retired her.

Soleil’s Maternal Great Great Granddam: Roche Jaune’s Triumph of Celhaus CD CGC TDInc
September 14, 1994 – September 9, 2002

See Glory’s page and more photos

OFA GOOD hips, OFA elbows, OFA cardiac, OFA thyroid, CERF, free of Von Willebrand’s Disease
Although she died before the gene test was developed, from the spinal myelopathy results of her kids and grandkids since the test came out, I’m sure Glory was clear of that mutation.

Glory’s breeder used to do Search and Rescue, and 3 of Glory’s siblings and several aunts, uncles and cousins went for that. I have always thought Search & Rescue was one of the greatest services a dog could perform, so Glory’s SAR background was one of the reasons I bought her. One of Glory’s pups from her first litter went for Search & Rescue and certified field-ready at 6 months, which is extremely early, the average age being 12 – 18 months. She had siblings and relations doing Schutzhund as well. Glory had a fantastic outgoing, bubbly, impish personality and was quite intelligent. She had an over-developed sense of humor and loved to tease the other dogs and people. She had strong play drive, no retrieving drive (preferring to teasingly play keep away) but tons of food drive, and loved obedience as long as there was food. Tracking was very good. Jumping was fantastic. Glory was an excellent Therapy Dog (registered with Therapy Dogs Incorporated) and regularly visited the nursing homes with me. She loved to ride in a wheel chair and was beloved by the residents because she was just plain fun.

She was a sweetheart and was very nice looking, elegant, with flowing movement. She was one classy girl and has passed on her nice structure, athleticism, alertness, superb mothering instinct, merry personality, and high nose drive to her kids and grandkids. And gave, and continues to give, her impish personality to some of her pups even into the sixth generation.

She was a fantastic producer and I planned to breed her one more time. To prepare, I gave her distemper/parvo and rabies boosters before she was due to come in heat. Although that was only about a month before they were due, or some reason that triggered an immune reaction. We tried for months to bring her out of it, but each time we reduced the prednisone dose, she began having dizzy spells. She finally told me it was just too much, so I put her down. I still miss her.