YY Litter 27 Days Outdoor Visit by Claudia

YY Litter at 27 Days
Outdoor Visit from Claudia

Claudia came in the late afternoon and we took the pups into the puppy yard, to help them recognize it as their new home.  They again weren’t very impressed.  We carried them by pairs and set them just inside the gate.  By the time I got there with the last one and my camera, most of the pups were visiting with Claudia – except Miss White.  I could hear yelling but it took me a while to find her.  She had marched away from the group and Claudia and ended up in the north “lounge area” which stays shady and cool.  I had to move stuff and crawl in to get her as she was facing the wall and yelling so loudly she didn’t hear me calling her.

Once she was with Claudia and the others, I sat a distance away and began taking photos.  Mr. Gold was the first to break away and go off a short distance to explore, soon returning to Claudia.  Then Mr. Purple tracked me down – by scent and voice as I talked to Claudia, climbing into my lap to cuddle.  Eventually I got up and put him back with the group so I could get a few photos of him.  He definitely is hard to catch for photographs!

Claudia stayed for about an hour so I got a lot of photos – including some really cute ones!  We laughed about the last ones.  Claudia had 3 pups on her lap and four beside her in a line, butts towards the camera.  The three on her lap seemed to synchronize their head turns.  I took a whole series of that.

When Claudia got up, we had a line of comatose puppies.  They sure are at a super-cute stage!