YY Litter 35 Days Meet First Kids

YY Litter, 35 Days Old, Meets their First Children 

I spent the morning cleaning house before Dusty & Katie brought their young children – Gannet & Owen to play with the pups.  I hate editing pictures and seeing dirty floors, so I swept and mopped and put a new (dry) flannel runner from the doggie door through the kitchen to try to cut down on tracked-in water drops mud.  They wanted to see Finley’s parents – Hesed and Cantor – and his full younger sister, Varoom!, so I had them out when the family arrived.   After the greetings, I brought the three dogs into the house and crated them – and in the process of getting to their crates (Cantor’s is in the bedroom while Hesed’s and Varoom!’s are in the living room – we got some great photos of them interacting with the pups and kids by the way), they tracked footprints all over my clean floor.  So, as I edited photos tonight I was groaning…

My dogs in their crates, I invited the family to walk around back to the puppy yard.  I lifted the pups out over the bottom gate onto the ground and invited the kids to help get them to walk around a bit so they’d potty before we went inside to play.  They were entranced.  Little Owen (18 months) bounced up and down and did all kind of little-girl squeaks, while Owen (4 years old next month) wanted to run with the pups.  Eventually all the pups pottied, so we carried them up the steps and put them through the doggie door flap into the house.  I had the family go inside first, walk down the hallway a bit, and call the pups to help get them moving away from the doggie door as I corralled and carried the last two pups up and tipped them in through the doggie door.

Then I quickly went inside and moved everyone into the living room.  I then put down a variety of toys, most of them more gifts from my friend Teddy and which I chose for kid appeal as well as puppy appeal.

The pups encountered their first squeaky toys – a white cow and a blue hippo.  Gannett LOVED those two toys and punched them with vigor to make as much noise as possible.  I had to admonish him not to get rough and scare the pups by shoving the toys in their faces.  He made the coolest connection with Miss White, and she with him.  They kept going to each other and interacting.

They stayed almost 2 hours.  When the puppies wore down, Dusty held them while I trimmed toenails.  Then he, Katie & Gannett helped me carry pups to the doggie door and put them out the flap onto the landing.  I went outside first and began calling the pups down the ramp, and then the family came out.  Gannett had a ball “helping” us get them to the gate and watched closely, almost as if he was counting along with me, as I lifted each pup in.  He was more hindrance than help in rounding up the last two pups, who had gone left under the landing instead of right with me to the puppy yard, but he was sure having fun. 


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