YY Litter 39 Days Old Visits Alzheimer’s Unit

The YY Litter, 39 Days Old, Visits the Alzheimer’s Unit

I decided the two small pups (Miss White & Mr. Red) were finally large enough to wear real collars, so everyone got new collars this morning. Naturally, clouds moved in so I worried all morning that their clean, new would be dirty by the time we headed to the nursing home, but the rain held off until shortly before time to go so the collars were okay.

Today the pups visited the Alzheimer’s Unit.  Naturally, they stayed outside when it started raining rather than taking shelter in the transition area or puppy house, so I had damp puppies.  I took two big towels – a good thing since it started pouring as we pulled up at the nursing home.  Peggy & Linda came to help and got the pups dried them off as soon as we got inside.  I need helpers to keep puppies corralled in the activity room.  At this age they will follow anyone who moves, and there’s always a lot of movement in the unit – residents wander a lot, plus a lot of staff members peek in to spend a few minutes with the pups. 

The pups had a great time.  Joy, the activity director, entertains all of us as she lets the pups play tug with her hair and play with her keys.  They weren’t too sure about the weird noises she made, though.

They played about 50 minutes before they collapsed.  As they tired, my helpers and the staff members carried them around for residents to hold.  That’s always a huge hit.

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