YY Litter 41 Days Old at Big Horn Rehab

The YY Litter, 41 Days Old, Visit Big Horn Rehab

We had a busy day.  I managed to get a bunch of yesterday’s photos with the kindergarteners on the website before it was time to load pups and take them to Sheridan Manor.  It was only 36 degrees this morning and took a while to start warming up, but wouldn’t you know, just before time to take the pups visiting, the temperature shot up into the 70’s.  The pups said it was nap time and didn’t do a lot of playing at the nursing home.  The activity room was really warm. Joy set up a fan, which helped a little bit.  All the residents got to hold the pups – and then watch them sleep. 

Pam and Claudia helped with today’s visit.  Claudia has Hopeful’s sister, Hildy.  It was really hot in the activity room so the pups didn’t play as much as they have on other visits.  Joy turned on a fan, which helped some.  Joy again let the pups play with her keys, always a fun thing for the residents to watch.  Miss Yellow showed some nice interest in the keys, as did Mr. Blue, Mr. Red and Mr. Purple to a lesser extent.  One of the toys I took is a huge duck that emits a mournful quack when pushed.  The pups weren’t sure what they thought of that.  I got some good photos of Mr. Green & Mr. Red wrestling.

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