YY Litter 43 Days – Visit from Tracy, Scott & Leslie

YY Litter 43 Days
Visit from Tracy, Scott & Leslie

We had a nosework trial here this weekend.  Scott and Leslie, who have Ursa from the UU litter, were here for it, so I invited them and our judge, Tracy, to come play with puppies afterwards. The pups were thrilled to have company because they have had hardly any attention all weekend.

Since the activity room at Big Horn Rehab & Care had been super warm and the pups didn’t play a lot during our visit Friday, we used the same toys today.  This time Miss Yellow really attacked the big duck.  Then she and Mr. Blue had quite the tug battle over the blue bunny whose ears flop up and down when you squeeze it.  For a while, Miss White made it a three-way tug battle, then Mr. Gold joined in when she left.  He quit, too, and attacked the ice cream squeaky.  Eventually Miss Yellow switched to a tug with Scott, leaving Mr. Blue the victor with the bunny.

I hadn’t had time to take the Puppy Adventure Box apart and return it to storage.  We put it on the floor so Tracy could see the pups interact with it.  Tracy enjoyed seeing the tug drives – and a couple of toys retrieved and offered to each of us.  I took a lot more photos.

The pups played with all of us for nearly an hour before stretching out on the cool floor to nap.  They were not pleased when we eventually carried them outside.

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