ZZ Litter 48 Days Old – Puppy Playtime at the Children’s Library

ZZ Litter 48 Days Old
Does Puppy Playtime at the Children’s Library

One of Mr. Yellow’s ears has folded back down.  They are obviously growing larger and must have become too heavy to hold up, hopefully only temporarily.  I had to laugh – everyone else is getting ears UP and he has to drop one down.

Big adventure this afternoon:  Puppy Playtime at the Children’s Library.  When we arrived, the children’s librarian told me that she hadn’t had much time to advertise our visit. That was obvious, because instead of a packed room with 30 or so kinds, we had maybe a dozen.  We still had lots of fun, and I was much less stressed trying take photos AND watch that no pups got stepped on or picked up by kids, and that the pups got to play with their toys.  All of them played tug, either as a group or individually with people. The pups had to compete with the kids for their balls – today the boys were really interested in chasing those.  The kids LOVE the puppy toys!  Everyone, pups and people, had a great time.  Some families stayed the entire time, while others came and went.  I finally called it a day after about 45 minutes as the pups were absolutely dead between the hot room and the crush of excited humanity. 

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