ZZ Litter Due 6-10-23

ZZ litter, due June 10th
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Ultrasound on 5/12 showed at least 3 pups.
These pups should be black sables, bicolors or solid blacks.
This is a working litter.

bred to

Since Mercy refuses to let strange dogs breed her, even on her own territory, and has not conceived with AI, I bred her to Justice, whom she actually likes and plays with.  He was not quite 2 years old when she cycled in April (he’ll turn 2 on June 4th), so I only have prelim results on his hips and elbows.  Mercy turned 7 years old in December 2022 and that’s often the end of their breeding period, so I can’t wait for her fall heat.  We got all the rest of Justice’s health certifications done.  Those certifications will be listed on the Background Information page.

I got some grown-up photos of Justice on April 22nd.  Links to earlier photos are on his page.  I have lots of photos of Mercy; see her page.

background information