Bunny Agility Photos

Favorite Agility Photos of Bunny


Bunny’s elbow began bothering her in January of 2010, when she was 8 1/2 years old.  She was diagnosed with UAP (Ununited Aconeal Process) at the age of 17 months, when I did her prelims for OFA.  I took her to CSU and they said don’t do surgery, leave her alone, because she has grown cartilage to seal off the crack.  They said at some point it would bother her but since she was amazingly asymptomatic (most are horribly lame at 4 months), let her live a normal live and she’ll tell you when it begins to bother.  She finally did.  I tried everything (laser, acupuncture, shots, meds) , but the arthritis is too bad and she is lame if she runs wildly.  I refuse to try surgery at her age, and because she will destroy chain link, gates or crates when she doesn’t want to be where she is confined.  Daily Rimadyl and Glycoflex III are keeping her remarkably sound as long as I don’t throw the ball a lot or, of course, let her do agility.  She was initially not pleased with being retired and for a good six months let me know of her displeasure every time I left with the others for training or trials, but now she is pretty content with retirement.

Photos are by DeMaine Image