Bunny Favorite Photos

My Favorite Photos of Bunny

October 2012 Portrait Session (Bunny was 11)

on her 11th birthday, August 1st, 2012




Bunny & Berakah (on left) are best friends and have their morning play sessions together.


They love their pools.  I love the expression on her face, tongue barely sticking out, as if she’s saying, “What???????”


Bunny at 2 days
Bunny was “Miss Yellow” in the H Litter

at 31 days

at 37 days

at 45 days

at 49 days

at 8 weeks

at 74 days (10 wks), fascinated by one of the eleven-day-old “I” Litter pups

at 18 weeks

at 1 year

at 20 months

at 8 years

at 9 years

at 10 years

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