born 6/4/97

N.H.S.B. 2149023          AKC DL893340/03

“a” normal hips       (three littermates are also a-normal:  Cliff, Chico, Ceska)


favorite photos

OFA good hips:  GS-65649G66M-PI; OFA elbows:  GS-EL14599M66-PI

OFA Cardiac:  GS-CA156/67M/P-PI; OFA Thyroid:  GS-TH222/95M-PI

OFA Degenerative Myelopathy:    GS-DM159/142M-PI-CAR

TLI Normal (free of EPI, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency)

von Willebrand’s and hemophilia free

CERF GS-1017/2008–131

Member of “The Thirteen Club” (Longevity Program of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America)

Caz is sire of the L,R & U litters (out of Zinna), the N Litter (out of Jubilee), the O, P & S litters (out of Ashi) and the T litter (out of Bunny’s litter sister, Dani).  His last litter, the X litter, was out of Quinta.  He also sired a litter out of Quinta’s full sister, Rogue, in South Dakota.  Caz is grandfather of the W, BB & DD Litters (all out of Joyful).

I got Caz in December of 2002.  He had been imported by a woman who had had Australian Cattle Dogs, decided to change breeds and make a big splash in the GSD world, and didn’t know what a gem she had in Caz.  She complained that he wasn’t tough enough, not knowing enough about GSD temperament to realize that the really tough, confident dogs are so sure of themselves that they never make a fuss.  They know they can handle anything that comes and don’t need to posture or threaten.  Caz was a delight.  He was a very happy and affectionate dog, wagging his tail constantly and particularly enjoying evening snuggle sessions on the bed, where he cuddled closer and closer until he was practically in my lap.  He was from Holland and has his international titles.  He was 5 1/2 when I got him and  bonded very well to me.  At first he didn’t respect me unless I had a pinch collar on him, but I carefully taught him the joys of positive training and he ended up doing exceptionally well in NADAC agility where the dogs run “naked” (no collar of any kind).  After I taught him that he wouldn’t be forced or corrected to perform, he also did great in his American obedience and tracking training.  He had gorgeous pigment, sound structure and superb temperament and passed these on to his kids.

I retired Caz from agility competition when he began slowing down and not enjoying the trials he had been previously.  We learned later tht he was developing arthritis in his spine.  It eventually became so bad that we euthanized him just before he turned 14.  He finished his NADAC Novice Regular, Novice Jumpers & Novice Chances titles.   He wasn’t crazy about tunnels so I gave up on Tunnelers & Weavers–he would do the courses but just didn’t go fast enough to qualify.   He had his AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred title with three first places and Novice Standard Preferred title, with four first places.

Caz in an unposed shot I snapped while we were training in agility. (July 2004)


Caz just after I got him, December 2003

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