Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Several Celhaus pups had fun dressing up for Halloween – enough of them that I decided to create a special page so everyone could enjoy their photos.

Nisa from the UU litter

Kaiser from the RR litter
“Here are our Halloween photos as Little Red Riding Hood nd Big Bad Wolf.  This was a 5K we walked with nurse friends and then ran the last mile.  It was lots of fun.  He’s such a good boy.”

Quizz from the QQ litter
“She was thoroughly impressed to be dressed up and photographed.”

Marshal from the UU litter
“Marshal dressed up as a Pirate Prince, while “sister” Lucy was a Dragon Princess.  The last photo shows them relaxing with/tasting the props after the photo shoot.”

Credo from the NN litter
“Credo & Arlo were the cutest bats for Halloween!”

Jax from the TT litter
“Tried on some costumes this morning.”