Justice 15 Weeks Visits SMAU

Justice at 15 Weeks Old
Revisits the Alzheimer’s Unit

The residents kept asking how Justice was doing and when he would come back, so this week I asked if they’d like Justice to come with Lively since the weather was warm and we could be outside in the courtyard.  They jumped at the chance.

Justice is now busy enough that he’s not going to sit and just visit, so I took a bunch of toys, including the ones I bought for him to play with during morning ball sessions. 

Normally, Lively is on leash during therapy dog visits, but that was impractical here.  She wandered around greeting all the residents, whom she knows well, and Justice got to watch a therapy dog in action.

He soon started following her and greeting people, too, though sometimes he got distracted by a toy.

Then he made the rounds.

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