Justice at 12 Weeks at Westview

Justice Visits Westview Healthcare Center
12 Weeks Old

Justice had a great time visiting Westview.  I took different toys than those I took when we went to the Alzheimer’s Unit.  Residents packed the activity room to enjoy his antics.  He is quite the social butterfly; he went around and greeted everyone before turning to the toys.  Several residents had a great time offering him toys and were pleased when he would play tug or retrieve.  He lasted just under an hour.  About halfway through I took him out to potty and some residents left, while others came in.  We had a great time.

He particularly enjoyed toys that squeak satisfactorily – such as the a long caterpillar in these photos.

Several people have voiced concern about how skinny he is in his earlier pictures.  He did come from his breeder way too skinny for me, but he’s eating well since he got over the stress of leaving his littermates (competition for food is a great motivator to eat), and by September 8th (3.5 weeks since I got him) had doubled his weight.  Getting weight on him has bene confounded by the fact that he’s at the age where they grow super fast.  In those huge growth periods, the body is very inefficient at extracting nutrients from food because it’s taking them as fast as it can to build bone and ligaments and tendons.  Once the growth spurt ends and he goes into a resting stage, he should put on some weight and cover those ribs.  He’s getting three big meals a day (I make sure to give him a little more than he’ll eat so I know he’s getting enough), plus three (very sort) training sessions with, of course, treats for reward. 

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