GloryToo’s Book 2 Is Available

GloryToo’s Second Book Is Now Available
The second book in the GloryToo series is finished and available for purchase.

We were working on Book 2 when covid hit.  Covid really complicated the lives of small businesses.  Epiphany Printing here in Sheridan, which was putting my books together, had to let employees go in order to survive.  Their creative staff, first Wendy and then Teresa, were overwhelmed with projects and could only work occasionally on GloryToo’s Book 2, which is why it took 2 years to finish.  

Covid also caused terrible increases in production, paper and printing costs.  In order to cover part of what Epiphany is charging me, I must raise the cost of GloryToo’s Book to $24.99.

I was shocked when I took books to the Post Office to learn what shipping costs would be.

Shipping Costs:
1 book, 1st class:  $2.50
2 books, 1st class:  $3.25
3 books:  $8.70 (the weight takes us over the 1st class limit)
4-5 books:  $8.95 (puts us into the Post Office’s Priority Mail flat-rate envelope)

Book Cost:  $24.99 + shipping

If you want a copy, please email me,, then prepay by sending a check to:

Cel Hope
4817 Big Horn Ave
SHERIDAN, WY  82801-9314

GloryToo’s First Book Is Still Available

Book Cost:  $19.99 + shipping
(4 left from the original printing; any more printed will be $24.99)

Shipping Costs:
1 book, 1st class:  $2.50
2 books, 1st class:  $3.25
3 books:  $8.70 (the weight takes us over the 1st class limit)
4-5 books:  $8.95 (puts us into the Post Office’s Priority Mail flat-rate envelope)  

Comments on the first book:

“Hi Cel, I finally got to see your book!  It waited for me at our 6-year-old grandson’s house. Attached is a picture of him reading to Kairos (Celhaus Hoffnung).  What a beautiful labor of love.  Congratulations!” (Sabine, who is wondering the US in a motor home since retirement)

That is the cutest book!  Well done!  The kids are going to enjoy it for many years to come!”
(Annie, principal of Tongue River Elementary, where we do Reading Dogs.)

“This morning I had my breakfast reading your first book. Great job and I am sure the children will love it. As a parent of a child who has Dyslexia, I know all too well how hard it is for a child to learn to read and take language apart! When my son was in elementary school he would struggle daily in school. Each day he would come out of school sad and withdrawn when I would pick him up. Waiting in the car was our German Shepherd and when she saw her boy and he saw his dog the world showed rays of joy and love.   I want to give our local neighborhood school your book for their students. We do not have a therapy dog reading program yet but that is my goal as you know!! First, I need a dog that you feel will be a good candidate. I saw that this last litter had three dogs go for therapy work I hope they all will bring rays of joy and love to others.  Are there enough books for me to order another one so I can have one? Let me know?”
(Suzie, Colorado)

“I just finished reading it. Cel, besides being a wonderful story that is so very well written, it is magical. I love it. You did such a great job. I’m thinking you should be very proud of the end product. I know how much hard work went into it. Congratulations!!!!!!”
(Ellen, Montana – one of my proofreaders)

“I just got the books in the mail!  They turned out SO well! I loved all of the pictures and the layout is so creative with so many thoughtful details. I absolutely adore the orange paw print with a carrot!! This is so sweet and I know kids will love this, can’t wait to share it with my kids one day!”  (Christine, Maryland)

“Received GloryToo’s book and love, love it!  Having been a teacher, I’m so happy that you’ve married reading with, and about, the dog.  It so personalizes the moment and creates a special interest and curiosity for reading/learning even more. Thank you!”  (Terri, Colorado)

The GloryToo Book Series

In the spring of 2019, we began the Reading Dog program in a local elementary school that contains Kindergarten through 5th grade.  The principal and teachers identified children who were struggling to read and scheduled them each to read to our therapy dogs for ten minutes.  This is a nationally-acclaimed program that has helped many kids get over feelings of failure and self-inadequacy that kept them from wanting to read. 

The elementary school kids sometimes choose just to cuddle with my dogs rather than read, because they don’t like the selection of available books, so I asked them if they would read books that I wrote about my therapy dogs.  They enthusiastically said yes, so I started writing books for each of my dogs who went there (Berakah, GloryToo and Lovely).  Epiphany Communications here in Sheridan said they would put the books together.  We’re making them around 1,000 words long with about 35 photos in each “chapter,” the perfect length for a ten-minute reading session. 

I started with GloryToo’s series first because I have the diary from her litter.  I took the daily diary entries and simplified them so the young kids can read them – and of course I have lots of photos from birth until they left at 7 weeks. I then made up text to explain all the later photos I have of GloryToo, including photos of the kids reading the first draft (or chapter) of her book to the dogs.  Her series ended up having a total of 15 books.

You can see the photos of the kids at Tongue River Elementary reading the first draft of the first book of GloryToo’s story if you’re interested: 
            Reading to Berakah:

Reading to Lovely:

more information about the Reading Dog program