Cantor at 4 Years 5 Months

4 years 5 months
September 2020

Hopeful managed to break a toe and had to be kept quiet for 3 weeks (such fun when they’re 16-18 weeks old).  I let her go out when I did Cantor’s morning ball session because she would stay  pretty quiet around him, not bouncing around.  She thought she was getting to play but I didn’t worry about her banging her toe.  Each playtime I took out a different toy for Hopeful, to keep her busy while I threw the ball for Cantor.   Most were toys I take with the litters when we visit the nursing homes, but with the pandemic Hopeful’s litter didn’t get to do visits so all the toys were new to her.  She had so much fun that I started taking photos of her playing with each toy.  In the process, I got some good shots of Cantor.

Three photos towards the end caught him looking for the garter snake that seems to enjoy teasing my dogs.  It lives in the big puppy yard but comes out into the play area when we do ball sessions.  When the dogs notice it, it slides back under the fence to safety.  

I also got some good photos of the two of them together.  They have a cute thing they do when Cantor is catching his breath.  Hopeful will face him, sometimes lying down, sometimes sitting, and they will push her toy or his ball back and forth between them.

I put boards in all the water tanks to keep birds from falling in and drowning.  During the last week of her enforced inactivity, Hopeful decided she needed to take boards out of the various tanks.  One day she managed to climb into the big sheep pool (4′ diameter, about 18″ high) and somehow drag out the plank I had in it.  Cantor thought she was crazy.

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