Cantor Photos 2019

Cantor Photos 2019

Cantor at 3 years 7 months – November 

Cantor at 3 years 6 months – October – competing at our fall Nosework trial

Cantor at 3 years 4 months – August – with Kaiser, one of his sons from the RR litter 
He is amazingly gentle with his puppies, something I didn’t expect from my freight-train dog.

Cantor 2 weeks before he turned 3 – March 14 – at agility class
One of the other people with a dog in our class volunteered to take photos of Cantor.  She usually does still photography and the challenge of trying to photograph my black torpedo as he ran in the training arena with its difficult lighting was too much to get many decent photos.

Cantor 1 week before he turned 3 – March 21 – again at agility class.
Denise, a friend of mine who has done a lot of photography, managed to get more photos, though all aren’t great.  I wasn’t going to use these until a professional photographer had no luck at all photographing Cantor at our April agility trial.  After that I decided that maybe these weren’t that bad.  At least they should give an idea of Cantor’s power and speed – some are blurred as Denise tried to capture him working.  Unfortunately, on neither night did the course happen to include weaves (at which he excels) or the dog walk.

We usually run a course twice, then reverse and run it the other way. I have grouped these photos by the obstacles involved, and then by runs.

Cantor at the start of several runs.
The first shot shows our warm up routine.  On the last one, even though he broke his stay and stuck his head through the start hoop so that I had to go back and put him back and restart, I thought it showed his expression and intelligence nicely so I included it.

A frame 1

A frame 2

A frame 3


Jumps 1

Jumps 2

Jumps 3

Jumps 4

Tunnels 1

Tunnels 2

see Cantor in agility class at 18 months

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