Lively Favorite Photos

Favorite Photos of Lively (Celhaus Celebrate Life)

Lively at 10 years 4 months (March 2020)

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I need to explain the last bunch of her photos.  I”m writing books about my therapy dogs (Berakah, GloryToo and Lovely) who participate in Reading Dog at a local elementary school, where kids who are struggling to learn to read well read to the dogs.  Often they don’t want to read the books the school provides, so I asked them if they would read books I wrote about the therapy dogs and they said YES!  I”m busy writing those – each one is about 1000 words long and has about 35 photos of the dogs.  As I looked at all the photos I’ve taken of GloryToo over the last nearly-seven years, to choose which to use in the books, I saw her, over and over, flopping on the ground with her legs in the air and body curled as she played with a toy.  I had been calling it the irresistible pose, which her great-great-great grandmother, the original “Glory,” was famous for:  she would collapse on the ground and expose her tummy, curl her upper body so you could see her face, and grin.  GloryToo’s version of the irresistible pose is really a play variation, and only GloryToo and her mother, Lively, do it out of all my dogs.  I decided to come up with a cute phrase to call it in the book and make it her unique trademark — something like the “drop and roll” fire prevention catch phrase.  Not “drop-and-wave” but something fun to call her signature move.   After all kinds of brainstorming with several people, we came up with “CARROT” (collapse and roll over toy).  Shortly after that decision, we had an incredibly beautiful snowstorm that inspired me to grab my camera and take photos of all the dogs during their ball times.  Lively spent most of her time CARROTing and I got some great shots.  I’m planning to put some of those photos in the early chapters of GloryToo’s books since in them she is way too young to even think of CARROTing.

Lively at 3 years 10 months (October 2012) in a Portrait Session

Lively at 4 years 6 months.  This was the first nosework trial for both of us, long before we learned to work on specific indications.  It’s funny to look at these photos now, years later, after we have become quite professional at nosework.  We competed in Novice Exteriors on Saturday and Advanced Exteriors on Sunday.  Someone took photos of three of the four classes (there are 2 per day) but I don’t remember which of these were from which day.  This was in May 2014, in Belgrade MT.

In this class, the hide was in the toy grader.

In this class, the hide was in the chair

In this class, the hide was in the window well.

She now has all five pre-tests (PTE), as well as Elite Exteriors, Master Interiors, Master Containers and Superior Vehicles titles – which gives her Novice, Advanced & Superior overall titles.  On May 19, 2018 she received the first-ever gift of the Marta’s Alert to IMHA” – Outstanding Professional Alert Award for her totally focused search and clear, sustained alerts independent of me (my dogs are trained to freeze and stare at the hide until I release them).  We have come a long ways since that first trial – you won’t see me peering over her! 
Lively receiving special nosework award

See Lively competing in our October 2019 nosework trial
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Lively at 4 years 1 month, having a ball in a snowstorm

Lively, again at 3 years 1 month, playing with her daughter, GloryToo, who was 29 weeks old

Lively at 1 year 10 months, at agility training.  Unfortunately, I have no competition photos because no professional photographers happened to go to the trials where she competed.

Lively at 1 year 9 months

Lively at 1 year 1 month

Lively at 8 months, doing agility work at home

Lively at 6 months, with her mother, Quinta

Lively at 12 weeks

My puppies visit nursing homes and a senior daycare facility beginning at 5 weeks of age.

 Lively at 36 days visiting Westview Health Care Center (nursing home)

Lively at 42 days visiting Daybreak (senior daycare facility)