Pascha 10 Weeks Old on Playdate

Pascha, 10 Weeks Old, on Playdate

My friend, Denise, has a ten-month-old Sheltie, Emma, who LOVES to play more than her eleven-year-old Sheltie and older Cockapoo want to.  I took the whole litter at 49 days of age for a playdate when they were 49 days old (I’m still editing those 800 photos).  I took Pascha and Mr. Green (62 days old) back for a playdate the evening before he went to his new home (see those photos).  

Today I took Pascha for another playdate.  She and Emma played so hard that they often had to lie in the cool grass and catch their breath.  We had another deluge all night long and part of that morning, so you may notice a few flecks of mud on Pascha’s coat.

Pascha is growing so rapidly that I warned Denise we need to watch that she doesn’t hurt Emma, who is only 12#.  Pasch is already heavier than that, and I worried that she would manage to grab hold of some of that flowing hair on the much-faster Emma.  She did catch a couple of tufts of hair, but Emma learned quickly how to turn on the after burners when Pascha got too close.

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