Pika from LL Litter: Previous Photos

Pika (Celhaus Lively Pika)

Pika lives in Anchorage, Alaska.  She is being trained to detect bat and wolverine scat for research.  Her human parents send such breathtaking photos that I just can’t delete the old ones each time they send new ones.
So I decided to create a page for her to feature them for a longer time.  Newer ones are at the top of the page.  Enjoy!

Pika at 4 years

“Pika is doing great. I think we logged a little over 500 miles of hiking and backpacking trips with her this year. She’s the best. This year we made it across Alaska’s Resurrection Pass twice, which is about 40 miles one way. We also crossed over a famous trail called Crow Pass. She’s the greatest trail dog ever!”

Pika at 2 years

Pika at 1 year 9 months

All is well in Alaska. Pika is doing great.  Training continues to go very well. She has incredible drive and has become a wonderful part of the family. We go everywhere with her, she is quite the traveling companion. This past summer we ventured up into Yukon Territory across the Top of World Highway to Dawson City, then north to Tombstone Provincial Park. She’s been on some incredible backpacking trips and canoe trips. She especially enjoys the water when things aren’t frozen up here.

Pika at 18 weeks

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