ZZ Litter 65 Days Playdate at Denise’s

ZZ Litter, 65 Days Old,  Playing at Denise’s – 
with her one-year-old Sheltie, Emma

At 2 p.m., I took Zest (Miss White) to play with Denise’s dogs.  The four pups are now too big and rough for little twelve-pound Emma, so we had decided to do individual play sessions.  I started with Zest because she’s the smallest and we wanted to be sure the pups hadn’t outgrown Emma.  Zest was slightly overwhelmed at first but soon got over it and even accepted some mild corrections from Hayden, learning quickly not to play roughly with her.  The two older dogs (Hayden, a sheltie, and Gus, a cockapoo) played a little while, but soon tired out, leaving Emma and Zest to play and play and play.  They had lots of fun playing ring-around-the-tree and ring-around-the-flower-bed. 

Zest tired out after 40 minutes.  Denise and I were having so much fun that we decided I’d take her home and grab a second pup since Emma wasn’t yet tired.  I put Zest in the puppy yard and grabbed the first volunteer before the other three managed to climb out over the bottom gate.  That happened to be Miss Gold.  That meant we started the individual play sessions with the smallest ZZ and ended with the largest ZZ.  Miss Gold’s weight was no problem for Emma- and neither pup was as wild by herself as they are in the group – so we will do play dates another time with each of the boys.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to heat up again tomorrow.

Miss Gold also played for about 40 minutes, by which time even Hayden was tiring.  Denise decided it had been a fantastic day!

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