Talon’s Service Dog Training Log

Service Dog Training Log for “Talon”
Celhaus Take It to the Limit
the former Mr. Brown from the TT litter.
whelped 10/3/20

My friend, Laurie, is training Talon to be a service dog.  This training log details everything Talon learns on his way to becoming certified as a service dog.  His training is so intense that I have created a page for each month’s entries and evaluations.

See page 1 (December 2020)  2 months old
See page 2 (January 2021) 3 months old
See page 3 (February 2021) 4 months old
See page 4 (March 2021) 5 months old
See page 5 (April 2021) 6 months old
See page 6 (May 2021) 7 months old
See page 7 (June 2021) 8 months old
See page 8 (July 2021) 9 months old
See page 9 (August 2021) 10 months old
See page 10 (September 2021)  1 months old

From now on, new photos  will be displayed at the top:

47 weeks,8/29/21:  Practicing Brace – Support sitting on park bench

Enjoy earlier photos of his training from the beginning:

8 weeks, 12/2/20:  Public Access Visit (Socializing at Laurie’s workplace, the Visitation and Advocacy Center for the 6th Judicial District, Gillette, WY) 

14 weeks, 1/14/21:  Public Access Visit (Running Feed and Supply, Belle Fourche SD)

28 weeks, 4/26/21:  Introduced wearing Mobility Harness for the very first time.  Also:  Practicing touch. Practicing Stays with distractions. Practicing tuck under a table.  Practicing obedience skills.

29 weeks, 4/27/21:  Wearing mobility harness for the first time during a public access visit (Running Feed and Supply, Belle Fourche SD)

40 weeks, 7/11/21:  Karen helping Laurie with Talon’s Mobility Harness Obedience Skills.

43 weeks, 7/26/21:  Talon getting more practice in Mobility Harness Obedience Skills by learning to pull a cart.  He was back-up dog to Quizz (QQ litter) on the 4H float at the County Fair Parade. 
7/31/21:  Quizz ended up pulling the cart, Talon rode on the float, and Jamboree (JJ litter) was handled by a first-year 4H dog project kid.  (Fair rules prohibited dogs on the grounds so the other kids couldn’t use their dogs on the float.)  Their float won Grand Champion float!!!!!!

46 weeks, 8/23/21:
Photo 1:  Practicing stay around a picnic table
Photo 2:  Stadium training
Photo 3:  Working on totally ignoring a Turkey/Bacon/Ranch wrap while maintaining down position.  We are preparing for our first public access visit later this week to Subways in Belle Fourche, SD.  He totally ignored it, showed no interest at all.

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