WW Litter 49 Days Old

WW Litter at 49 Days
March 6, 2022 
Lovely bred to Cantor
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I brought the pups in in late morning for a play session.  I put another noise CD in the player and turned it up moderately loud before bringing the pups in.

They came roaring inside to find the collapsible pool with treats and Himalayan cheese chews inside waiting for them.  They could smell the salmon treats and started sniffing on the floor, but the pool was a little high for them to figure out the treats were inside, so I lifted Miss Pink and Mr. Purple into the pool (Miss Green having gone back outside to explore).  At this age, two pups fill up the pool pretty well anyway, and at least they had enough room to smell and then search for goodies.  By the time Miss Green came in and I lifted her into the pool, it was easy for her to realize there were treats under the bodies because of all the sniffing the other two were doing.  Once all knew what they were doing, I left them to their own devices.  After they ate the salmon treats, they climbed out with pieces of cheese chews and played keep away for a bit before going back to look for treats.  When they would run down the hallway, I’d sneak some more treats into the pool.  They had lots of fun going in and out.  After a while, I let Lovely out, too.  The pool is just a little full when she’s in it, but they still tried to get in with her.

Since the pups go back to Westview Thursday and I hate the blue tint in the photos, I tried that automatic white balance instructions today and took photos of the pool adventure.