WW Litter 51 Days Old

WW Litter at 51 Days

Peggy came about 2:30 and stayed until 4, so the pups had a LONG time to enjoy being house dogs.  I put the big kiddie pool out this time, with salmon treats and the remaining pieces of Himalayan cheese chews in it, warned Peggy to get out of the way of the thundering herd, and brought them in.  They raced down the kitchen hallway and hardly slowed down at the pool.  They weren’t very graceful, but they got into and out of it.  As they munched, they noticed Peggy.  The girls got right out and headed to visit, but Mr. Purple munched for a bit before he got out.  They divided their time between visiting, treats and the toys I had put out.

They played a lot of tug.  Peggy and I decide that Miss Pink is the troublemaker of the family.  She sure got bored playing with a toy and headed to a sibling to try to take theirs, and not just once either!  They eventually wore out and enjoyed a good nap while Peggy and I visited.  Eventually she tore herself away and I convinced the pups to go outside.

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