WW Litter 53 Days Old Visits Westview

WW Litter at 53 Days Old

We went back to Westview today at 2, again to a packed activity room.  I took my big duck that makes quite a moan when squeezed.  The residents as well as the pups really enjoyed it.  I also took a big hedgehog that, when Hopeful was a pup, made a lot of noise. She loved it so well that eventually the squeaker died, so it’s silent now but still makes a great mouthful for attacking pups. 

And I took my fire engine that moves and has lights and a flashing bar on top, as well as a very loud siren.  This one is always quite interesting as it will reverse when it touches anything and head off in another direction, sometimes as if it’s chasing a pup.  The pups didn’t know quite what to think of it and gave us a lot of laughs before I turned it off and peace descended once more. 

Today the pups were really interested in the balls, chasing them and playing keep away.

When they tired, Yvette, Kris & Tessa carried them around to sit in people’s laps and visit.  They still didn’t want to hold still for very long, but all the residents had a chance to cuddle.

Mr. Purple wore out first, finding a spot under the popcorn machine ad crashing for the remainder of the time.  Miss Pink joined him after a while, but Miss Green kept playing and playing and playing.  Miss Pink rejoined her for a short time before returning to Mr. Purple, but he never stirred.  When Miss Green finally crashed, the residents enjoyed watching her sleep for quite a while before I called it a day.  We quietly picked up all the toys so as not to wake pups until we were ready to grab them and carry them outside before they pottied.

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