WW Litter TT 11 Surprise

WW Litter Police/Narcotics Temperament Test Photos

  1. Surprise/Stability This test involves getting the pup to follow you (or a toy) towards a place with a hidden person, from behind which an umbrella is opened suddenly and then lowered to the ground, still open.  The pups are evaluated on how they recover from being startled and if they’ll go investigate.  Ideal reaction is for the pup to startle but hold its ground, then move right up to check out the umbrella.  A super excellent reaction is to go up and bite it and/or walk all over it. The tester encourages the pup to investigate after the umbrella is on the top step, if it doesn’t on its own.  She notes how much encouragement is needed.  Suzan had no helper to operate the umbrella so she had to do it herself.  The first time (Mr. Purple) that didn’t go well and it opened right at him and he, naturally, left.  When she redid it, he did fine.  The girls had a much more normal presentation.

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