XX Litter 53 Days Old SAR Test – Courage

XX Litter
53 Days Old
Search and Rescue Test
Rating:  10

Courage is normally evaluated using something that vibrates, makes noise and moves erratically.  Today we used a battery-operated robot that moved, makes noise and flashes all kinds of brilliant lights.  Will they stand their ground?  Will they go investigate it?  Excellent reaction is to go to it and check it out.  Extremely excellent reaction is to actually attack it while it moves.  Good reaction is to investigate it after the tester turns it off.  The tester encourages the pup to investigate after it is turned off, if the pup wouldn’t while it was making noise.  She notes how much encouragement is needed.

This test was also done the day before in the police/narcotics test, using a different object.  See those photos.
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