Quinta Pups

Quinta Puppies

X Litter (sired by Caz, whelped January 29, 2007)
AA Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 11/25/08)
CC Litter (sired by Kway vom Posthorn SchH3 KKL1a, whelped 11/3/09).
My Lively is from the CC litter.  See her pages in the “Our Family” section.
EE Litter (sired by Chaos, whelped 5/21/10)


Josie (Celhaus Easy Does It) at 6 years 7 months.
Josie is a great Search & Rescue dog.   Here she is during avalanche training.



She’s also a great family dog.

“I love this one…. My whole world.”



Dextyr (Celhaus Exceptional Guy) at 6 years 8 months


Bodee (Celhaus Enforcer) at 6 years 8 months


Bodee at 6 years 8 months

Life is tough!


Bodee at 6 years 3 months


Bodee at 6 years 2 months


Bodee at 5 years 7 months
(She just sent this photo from last winter.)


Norman (Celhaus Ever Hopefull) at 5 years

Here is a picture of Norman.  We are in Arizona in our camper.  We brought the cats along – which is actually working out well.  Norman has decided the cat bed is great.  Not sure the cats will ever sleep there again.


Grace (Celhaus Amazing Grace) at 7 years

Grace is the most beautiful dog we’ve ever had.  I am positive God hand-painted each of the hairs of her coat, and I tell her that often.  She’s also the most attentive dog we’ve ever had.  She is always acutely aware of what it is her people want of her, which I attribute to Chaos, based on what you have written about his attention to you during agility.  I have never, ever had  to correct her with anything stronger than a single word…  Seemed like a nice day to leave the dogs out unsupervised for a while to play – warm, a bit wet, but time a good day to be a dog.  Guess where she played?  The only mud hole in the yard.  She’s outside waiting for you to come home and carry her up to the shower…


Doc (Celhaus Xalt Doc Shepherd) at 8 years 5 months

All 3 waiting for their morning treat


Doc on one of his 6 mile walks with myself and Rebecca


Treasure (Celhaus X Marks the Spot)at 8 years 10 months


Annie (Celhaus Calamity Anarchy) at 6 years 3 months


Here are some pictures of Annie I took today so you can see how she’s grown and matured.  Annie is a joy, she loves to hunt mice in the snow, play frisbee and tend to our goats, chickens and rabbits. She got pecked on the nose from one of the hens so she knows they are not friendly lol.  Annie continues to have a high drive and has a very busy morning helping to tend all the animals then having a game.  Annie still loves to cuddle and eat cheese.

at 6 years 1 month




Ellie (Celhaus Elite Essence) at 5 years 3 months



on a camping trip


Sinner (Celhaus Cinder vom Wachter) at 5 years 2 months


Emma (Celhaus Cali Elsa Quiterie) at 4 years 10 months


Charlie (Celhaus Cochise) at 4 years 10 months


Shadow (Celhaus Chase the Wind) at 4 years 2 months, with roommate, Annie


Ellie (Celhaus Elite Essence) at 3 years 4 months