I began saving these in the fall of 2002, after the loss of two dogs and an entire litter had me wondering if I could continue on. Occasionally I remember to add the comments I receive to this page.  I send a Christmas card every year to every owner, checking on their pup and making sure it’s okay, and I’m always available for questions or help with problems.  Every so often I remember to add comments to this webpage. These testimonials come from Christmas cards, emails and comments on my Facebook page “Celebrate German Shepherds,



Update on the Cantor pups from her bitch, Ghidorah (born March 2019): I have nothing but gushing feedback on all of them. I like them too. Very nice-looking puppies. Good bone and nice head shapes. Great temperament for work or just hanging out. All reports at 9 months speak of perfect family temperaments. No negatives there. All are also physically healthy. None have had any formal health tests though. The main comment is their sweet nature. I have been meaning to reach out about potentially repeating this breeding. I have a few people who have expressed interest in those specific puppies. Clarissa (February 2020)


I am filled with sorrow to tell you that yesterday it became necessary to euthanize my dear Kaycie. Cel, she has been my constant companion for 10 years, and I can’t imagine what life will be like without her. I thought we had more time to grow older together. She was known to be so sweet in my building, and always wanted to greet everyone we saw, including the many homeless people we see in this neighborhood. The kids are saddened as well. I have been so grateful for the shepherds you so carefully bred that have enriched my life so. Linda (January 2020, DD litter of 2009 – Joyful bred to Chaos)


Facebook conversation, Jan 2020: I went to the vet yesterday. While looking at Comanche’s eyes she said: “Where did you get this guy….he’s so friendly…” She made me give her Cel’s name and number….She really likes Comanche’s temperament…..I think a vet’s endorsement is super….. Janet (ii litter of 2015 – Lively bred to Quasi)

I also get the same comments about Leidy. Cel is awesome. Tammy (OO litter of 2018- Hesed bred to Cantor)

We now have 3 Celhaus dogs on GBK9SAR team. I recommend her anytime someone says they are looking for a GSD from a reputable breeder. I don’t know anyone who does more health testing than Cel. Sonya from Search & Rescue group in Utah (pups on her team are from JJ litter (2015, Soleil bred to Quasi), OO litter (2018, Hesed bred to Cantor) and QQ litter (2019, Mercy bred to Cantor).


Happy January!! We finally have snow again and Rudi loves it. So much fun to eat. It also makes the game of where are the sticks harder but he still finds them. Pretty sure we could hire him out to a landscaping company. He’s still the hit of the neighborhood. Loves meeting January 2020: new people. He’s been over to the training barn (where my horse is) a couple of times now and I keep getting requests to bring him back. He’s just such a happy, personable pup! He is nothing if not persistent and resilient when he wants to play. We keep trying to think of new jobs for him. We’ll be starting another obedience class in February to fine tune what he already knows. Our other challenge is finding tough toys for him- he’s one of the hardest chewers we’ve had. Even the toughest Kong toys barely hold up. Although he makes us think all the time, we love this guy. Couldn’t imagine life without him now!! Hope this finds you well. I do want to find out more about the next litter you mentioned. Because one of these amazing dogs is not enough!!” (January 2020, RR litter of 2019 – Lovely bred to Cantor)


Every time I look at your website, I am so impressed by all the beautiful dogs and how their families love them. Kudos to you for all the great breeding AND all you do to give each puppy such a great start in life! We finally have snow again and Rudi loves it. So much fun to eat. It also makes the game of where are the sticks harder but he still finds them. Pretty sure we could hire him out to a landscaping company. He’s still the hit of the neighborhood. Loves meeting new people. He’s been over to the training barn (where my horse is) a couple of times now and I keep getting requests to bring him back. He’s just such a happy, personable pup! He is nothing if not persistent and resilient when he wants to play. We keep trying to think of new jobs for him. We’ll be starting another obedience class in February to fine tune what he already knows. Our other challenge is finding tough toys for him- he’s one of the hardest chewers we’ve had. Even the toughest Kong toys barely hold up. Although he makes us think all the time, we love this guy. Couldn’t imagine life without him now!! I do want to find out more about the next litter you mentioned. Because one of these amazing dogs is not enough!! Kathleen (January 2020, RR litter of 2019 – Lovely bred to Cantor)



Samson is doing GREAT.  Still continuing in training but he is far and above any GSD we have ever had.  He has a high “play drive” and requires 30 minute ball times twice a day which we are happy to provide.  Tom  (December 2019, PP litter of 2018 – Spirit bred to Cantor)


Around a year ago we had the fortune to add Pazuzu to our lives and have treasured many moments with him since. Thank you for providing us with this incredible, silly, loving boy. He has brightened our lives immeasurably. Emma & Daniel (December 2019, PP litter of 2018 – Spirit bred to Cantor)

Kaycie remains healthy and my best companion. She is well loved in our building and brings a smile to some of the homeless folk we meet in the city. Linda (December 2019, DD litter of 2009 – Joyful bred to Chaos)

Norman is getting old (9.5). He is dragging his toes. Not much that can be done. I try to exercise him often – stretches – balancing on a foam pad – stuff like that. he still wants to go in the car and take walks. He is still going to nosework classes but we aren’t going to show him anymore because of the toes dragging. He doesn’t limp. He never seems to be in pain. He uses a ramp to get in the car. I have to help him with the stairs into and up from the basement. I hate to have him fall and he is afraid of falling. Just a normal old man. He still runs the fence line when the neighbor’s dogs are out. He chases the ball mostly to show off to the other dogs. I’m finding that I enjoy Norman even more now that he is older. He is my best friend. I swear he understands everything I say. Thursday the doorbell rang. I told Norman that I bet it was his cookies (Best Bully stuff). He ran t the door. When I opened the door, Norm saw that it was our neighbor; he turned around and went to his bed. Heavy sigh! We have ordered cookies since he was a puppy and he can recognize the boxes (by smell). The FEDEX truck came up our drive once when Norm was loose in the front yard. He ran t the truck and was getting in when I told him to wait. The poor driver was scared. I told him Norm was OK but I don’t think he believed me. he handed a small box to Norm and Norm carried it into the hose. It was a present to Norm from my son. First and only time Norm carried something we asked him to carry. He carries his ball when he is outside even when he doesn’t want to play ball. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year and lots of healthy, happy puppies. Jan (December 2019, EE litter of 2010 – Quinta bred to Chaos)

Kaiser has been the perfect dog for us and we can’t wait to have many great adventures with him in 2020. Katina & John (December 2019, RR litter of 2019 – Lovely bred to Cantor)

I apologize for being what I am sure is one of the worst of your families in the correspondence department. And now when I do, it is with old and sad news of Anik’s passing. We put him down last year on the 10th of May at the age of 12 years and 7 months. Stiffness and pain were just starting to make an appearance. As he changed, of course so did our daily walks until they consisted of a gentle and slow one-mile jaunt. I recognized this as another one of his many gifts to me in that it forced me to slow down and discover anew the healing power of gentle, slow movements which somehow are just as effective in tempering my mind’s frantic and often negative patterns as is a fast pace and lengthy trek – and much easier to fit in during busy days. Anik helped me to grow as a person for almost 13 years. I was, as is our whole family, so very lucky to know him. I am grateful also for the way in which you brought him forth, with great love and integrity. Thank you, Cel. With love, Keri (December 2019, U litter of 2005 – Zinna bred to Caz)


“What a truly great and loving pup! Schmoozing is his favorite pastime and we have to constantly remind him of his pedigree! We are wishing you the very best of all this holiday season and thank God we were led to your door!” In their Christmas card, Samson’s owners (John & Julie) included this poem they had written. (December 2019, PP litter of 2018)

Cel and her Kids

There is a lady named Cel
To her Shepherds she’s a big deal
But even greater to all
Whether the big or the small
Special pleasure she gives
When visiting with her kids
The different locations
Schools, infirmed and the aging
Happy thoughts throughout
With Shepherds have no doubt
Whose unending devotion
Keeping life in full motion
Enlightening all the hearts
Is the big gift Cel imparts!


We are so very sorry to hear of Quasi’s passing. My heart is heavy, knowing how much you will miss him. Please know that Pax has inherited Quasi’s “happy, outgoing, social” temperament that you described. Our vet here in Maumee is young but good. She and her staff are very impressed by sweet Pax’s temperament and his striking beauty. Neutering comes next, after we are done with the house closing and with running down to the old house on frequent weekend trips. I had been anxious about waiting so long to neuter him, thinking it would be difficult to deal with an intact, adult male GSD, but he has been a total sweetheart. He knows when to protect, and when to be sweet, and he listens SO WELL. (December 2019, PP litter of 2018 – Spirit bred to Cantor)


Merry Christmas, Cel!!! Lexi is as always the best friend and companion we had ever hoped for. She is quirky, lively, loving, so originally different and gives lots of kisses! We love her, she makes us smile every day. She is training well (in Search & Rescue). Henry and she have a bedtime routine that is precious.” (December 2019, MM litter of 2017 – Spirit bred to Toby)


Abby is so important to my health and well-being and is such a fixture in this community (therapy dog for children). Perhaps in a couple of years I will get another pup from you and I can help in your quest to advancing the quality of this magnificent breed of dogs. Roger (December 2019, HH litter of 2014 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Amazing Cel! Your dogs are the best & shows what carefully planned breeding & the knowledge to do it properly can result with healthy, even-tempered dogs. It is easy to see that breeding, loving, educating your dogs is your life’s passion. Shelly (December 2019, commenting on Jamboree, from the JJ litter of 2015 (Soleil bred to Quasi), preparing to be the first court advocate dog in Wyoming. She’ll go to court and comfort the kids in abuse cases when they testify)


Ruby is wonderful – very busy still; LOVES agility; loves people; enjoys her sister, Stella; and is a sweet girl. Lisa (December 2019, MM litter of 2017 – Spirit bred to Toby)


I always enjoy reading your Christmas letter and the thought and love you put into it! Thank you! I am so in awe of what you have done with your German Shepherds and the wonderful therapy work you continue to do. You have inspired me to not only be a better person but to continue on my journey to finding that new therapy pup in the new year. Suzie (December 2019, on waiting list)


Good morning Ma’am! Just wanted to send you a Gryphon update! We are living happily in Omaha and he is the favorite dog at his doggy daycare! He gets to work as the intake dog to meet all the potentials due to his temperament and everyone there said he is the most well-tempered GSD they’ve been around! Just had a vet check-up and they said he is at a near perfect weight of 80 pounds and looks healthy in all regards! Timothy (November 2019, GG litter of 2013 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Ruger is doing amazing! We love him so much. He really is a goofball!!! He makes us laugh. We have been working with him and doing training lessons with him and he is doing so good. The trainer even told me that “we got a good one!” We already knew that. (October 2019, RR litter of 2019 – Lovely bred to Cantor)


You will be hard pressed to find a better breeder than Cel. She is truly passionate about advancing the German Shepherd Dog breed into dogs that are both working dogs but also wonderful companions. We are so happy with our pup from her! Kayleen (October 2019, QQ litter of 2019 – Mercy bred to Cantor)


I had a pup from Cel several years ago who was my SAR dog. super tracking dog. I will be going another to do nosework and some agility. Cel breeds the best German Shepherds and is so caring about her dogs. Kathy (September 2019, W litter of 2006 – Joyful bred to Mem’ry)

Wonderful, highly ethical, caring breeder. Teri (August 2019, RR litter of 2019 – Joyful bred to Cantor)


Celhaus German Shepherds are absolutely the best. Smart well-mannered dogs that are very beautiful. Loyal and truly amazing dogs. Perfect for any family or person looking for a once in a lifetime experience owning one of these incredible dogs. Look at the breeding lines and the beauty of these incredible dogs. To own one is an amazing, wonderful experience. Gay (January 2019, X litter of 2007 – Quinta bred to Caz)



Dear Cel, It has taken me almost two months to become able to send this email. In mid-summer, our fabulous Xtra! developed some very suspicious-looking lumps on his inner thighs. Testing results at first were inconclusive, and a few weeks later indicated they were mast cell tumors. We were heartbroken and devastated and felt all the awful levels of angst and sadness a true dog lover feels when this aggressive cancer begins to snatch one’s Love away.

More tumors appeared, more and more rapidly, until we were feeling new ones almost daily. Our wonderful vets agreed with our wishes to keep him absolutely comfortable and to give him the very best summer.

One evening, before he felt too uncomfortable, Daniel and I took him to a local gathering place so he could spend a lovely, summer evening on his blanket, between our lawn chairs, while we three ate a light supper, listened to a local band, and visited with all the folks who approached to remark about what a stunning boy we had, to tell us how well-mannered he was, and to ask myriad questions. Xtra! enjoyed every minute of it.

At home, we spoiled him rotten with everything we could think of. He was not feeling well enough to leap in and out of his pool, a 50-gallon rubber horse trough, with the gusto he had always had before he became ill. But he appreciated it still, and climbed in to lie down in the exquisite cool water from time to time.

The vets prescribed multiple medications, intended to keep him as comfortable as possible. Xtra! adored peanut butter, so his pills were wrapped in peanut buttered bread. He never missed a dose.

Xtra! had always been my bedfellow, Mondays through Thursdays, as Daniel works in another city a few hours away and is home only on weekends. Eventually Xtra! found climbing onto our bed too painful. Daniel built him a ramp but Xtra! did not like it. He preferred sleeping on his quilt, next to my side of the bed, and did so for many weeks. Toward the end of his days, he gave that up, deciding it was completely worth whatever pain or discomfort he felt when jumping up. He would turn up in my bed randomly, thump his tail lightly when I thanked him for the extreme effort, and lie there for awhile to keep me company. I figured that eventually I would sleep on the floor next to him… But the end came up surprisingly quickly.

Now we miss all the behaviors that exhibited his big, BIG personality. He loved snapping at insects that ventured too close to his jaws, especially bees. Although we tried, there was no stopping him from hunting bees, and more than once his muzzle swelled with his battle wounds, but he still looked quite pleased with himself: He KILLED those bees, so he WON…. He loved snatching a shoe or a toy, or any item left too near the back door, as he raced out into the yard. Years ago I lost count of the number of times I trekked out in whatever weather to retrieve whatever he had stolen. It gave him great pleasure to steal and run, but he only did this when going out the back door…. He was never more ferocious than when attacking a spraying garden hose. He would chomp and chomp and chomp the flowing water, conquering it mercilessly…. He also loved his Jolly balls, his favorite of which, the blue one, he had practically destroyed. Every time we let him out the back door, he raced straight to his favorite Jolly ball, picked it up, and carried it off with him, usually holding it in his mouth while he pottied. Other times he would lie in the grass, resting his chin on it for long stretches of time. Xtra! loved his Kong ball, and would retrieve until he dropped, if we let him (we didn’t). He had injured his right shoulder as a pup, and too much running would set him to limping, so we were careful to stop the game before he became too tired. But if he’d had his way, he would have played ball to the point of collapsing.

Xtra! was also quite tender. He was happiest sitting on my lap, “letting” me scratch him. I almost always had a small, strange bruise or two on one or both of my thighs, from his huge, hard paws or his huge elbows. He was my closest companion. He went up our stairs next to me, nearly every time I ever went up the steps. It was second nature to rest my left hand on his head, or his shoulders, whenever I headed upstairs. I will never forget the feeling of his head under my left hand.

There was a year when our younger daughter, Sydney, took a class at the local community college, before she began driving. I drove Sydney to her class, dropped her off, drove around searching for a parking space on the street, then waited in the car for the hour she was in class. The college was not in the safest part of downtown Dayton, so Xtra! was my companion on all those trips. I read in the driver’s seat while we waited, and he observed the world intently from the back seat. Usually we shared a donut. During those waits he remained calm and confident and quiet. I was very safe. That was several years ago, but I will never forget the profound sense of his protection.

Grace, his beautiful half-sister, was present with us at his passing. We made it a celebration, as much as we could. We shared hamburgers, and ice cream, which was Xtra!’s favorite food. For years Xtra! had always licked my ice cream cup, once the ice cream was gone and only some melted sweetness remained…. On his Last Day with us he ate a couple of hamburgers and then received an entire large “Frosty,” which is a chocolate soft-serve ice cream, of his own. He was never happier.

He passed almost instantly when Dr. Binzer gave the injection. His body was ready to let him go. Our family gathered around him, to stroke him a few last times and to say the “goodbye” things we say at the passing of a great friend and beloved family member. We were all sitting on the floor around him. His body was lying at my right side as everyone said their goodbyes to him. But I suddenly felt his presence undeniably at my left side, under my left hand. He remained there for a long moment, and then was gone.

Long ago you had a picture of him on your website, when he was about a year old. You had decided his hips did not meet your standards for your breeding program, and you had him neutered. I wrote you and remarked that there was certainly something special about that one… And blessedly, after many conversations, you sent him to us. He was supposed to have become my husband’s dog, since Daniel had recently lost his One and Only, Levi… Not long after, Grace was born, and I was sure she was the One I had waited 5 years for, since my Alex had passed… Somehow it went the other way. Grace is Daniel’s Special One, and Xtra! chose me.

We sincerely thank you, Cel, for these amazing gifts that are your kids. Sarah (September 2018, X litter of 2007 – Quinta bred to Caz)


Good afternoon Cel: I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and your recent email reminds me that now is as good a time as ever. He is the best dog I have ever had, and at 62 I have had a lot of dogs. I named him Otto, and he is about as sweet and pleasant as a dog can be. He comes to work at the office with me every day, and he is a joy to everyone in the office. I suspect that many times your dogs go off with folks and you never hear from them. That of course is nearly true with me. But I just wanted to share my appreciation of the good work that you do with your dogs. They are one of a kind. Otto has brought me and mine a lot of joy. Keep up the good work! Thank you. Paul.” (December 2018, LL litter of 2016 – GloryToo bred to Quasi)


Noir is perfect. She likes to swim in the pool – but she LOVES the hot tub. She’s a California dog! She totally chills in the hot tub. No jets on of course. She gets in and literally lays back and her rear feet float up! She’s hilarious. She’s so smart and learning things so fast. I think the funniest is that I bought her a treat ball (you have to roll it around to get the treats out) and she won’t eat her dog food out of the bowl anymore – she wants it in the ball! She pushes it all around the house, avoiding all the pitfalls (like stairs even though she knows she gets more food out pushing it down the stairs she likes rolling it more than the reward!) I taught her the nudge command and then taught her to nudge the ball. She’s amazing! She learns everything so fast and you see her thinking through it. I love her. She’s everything I hoped for. Thank you. I’m blown away at your love and integrity and skill regarding these beautiful beings with whom we share the earth. The world needs more people like you. BB (March 2018, NN litter of 2017 – GloryToo bred to Cantor)


Cel’s GSD are one of a kind. Our dog is so smart, caring, loving, and just an all around great family friend. We are so thankful for Ava. Sarah (February 2018, KK litter of 2016 – Lively bred to Quasi)



Ava is incredibly smart and good. She is the easiest dog we have ever had. Ava did so well after training that we registered her as a service dog for our adopted son with diplegia cerebral palsy. Ava is getting my son’s crutch as he needs it and putting her head and nudging him when he needs a companion and gets nervous. Very simple stuff but useful!! We adopted him when he was 8 and he could barely walk. So now with therapy and after two surgeries he is able to walk with one crutch to help him balance. This is pretty much his baseline. He is 14 now and just needs to stay active to keep it up. He doesn’t have close friends really so Ava is great at being that consistent friend. He loves animals and volunteers at an animal adoption shelter every week. He uses clicker training and treats to keep the dogs quiet during adoption. Ava is very loving and affectionate and intuitive. She is also great for protection in case someone would ever try to mess with him or us! Sarah (May 2017, KK litter of 2016 – Lively bred to Quasi)


Cel is an amazing breeder. Her dogs are incredibly well bred and of great health. I have been blessed to have one of her dogs for the last 11 years. Cel is knowledgeable, professional and her dogs are her priority. I fell in love with male she had called Caz the first day I walked into gates. I knew then I had to have one of her pups. Nicky (May 2017, W litter of 2006 – Joyful bred to Mem’ry)



Well bred, hand raised…pure quality. For family and working lines. Best dogs in the world! Kelly (December 2016, H litter of 2001 (Ashi bred to Droll), P litter of 2004 (Ashi bred to Caz) & MM litter of 2017 (Spirit bred to Toby).


Katie is doing well. She has done a ton of new things in the short time we had had her.  She has gone camping, hikes, gone swimming in a lake, started puppy class, socialized with TON of kids and gone into numerous stores. She is so smart, and number one in her puppy class. She is so quick to learn that she gets bored if not challenged. She is such a lover and never leaves my side. When I clean she goes room to room with me.  I’m sure she gets super annoyed moving, especially when it’s supposed to be her nap time. She is beautiful, and I can’t imagine not having her as part of our family.  Thank you so much!  She is an excellent dog! Janelle (June 2016, KK litter of 2016 – Lively bred to Quasi)


Ava is so amazing. She is completely potty trained, loving to the kids and friends, really, really eager to please and brilliant!! Thank you, Cel, for all your hard. We see it!  I have had many dogs growing up, but none like Ava! We do everything together. She is my biggest helper. Shopping and everything! No one ever asks me anything or kicks me out. She is that good.  Sarah (June 2016, KK litter of 2016 – Lively bred to Quasi)


I have decided to skip puppy kindergarten with this one. He gets out a lot & is exposed to many dogs of all sizes & ages. Last week at nose work the group included 3 Rottweilers, a Rottie mix, a Standard Poodle, a Rough Collie, 2 Shelties, a Pappilon, & a young GSD about a month older than he is. And of course, he’s always with our big boys. He is confident & outgoing with all of them. His obedience training is coming beautifully. He’s going to be awesome in the ring. I’m excited about that.

 He is a natural at nose work & absolutely loves it. Our instructor is amazed & delighted at how fast he’s progressing. He is still doing “paired” searches where there is a treat on top of the scent tin but then, so are several of the other dogs who have been taking classes much longer than he has. Last week he graduated to car searches where the scents are on & under cars. It was a “just to see what happens” thing, but he did better than some of the more experienced dogs. He was eager, fast, methodical, focused, & accurate. Donna stopped the others a couple of times just to watch him work.

I thought I’d let you know you have bred a genius! Charis had his 4th nosework lesson Monday & he continues to amaze our instructor.  I don’t know how much you know about competition nosework, so I will explain – as much for myself as anything, as I am just learning too. He has to find “hides”, ie little perforated tins or straws with Q-tips in them permeated with individual scents…birch, anise, & clove. Beginning level is birch, with a treat on top of a tin. They advance to unpaired scent (no treat), then introduce other scents gradually – that is, in theory. We are blessed with a wonderful instructor who allows the dog to advance at his own speed. She told me most classes keep a dog at the very lowest level – easy hides with tins in boxes on the ground with birch only & a treat paired for at least 6 weeks before introducing unpaired hides in the 2nd 6 week session. He would have been bored stiff.

 To make a long story a little shorter, Charis found 6 hides with all 3 scents, in both tins & straws, no treats, at several levels (on the ground, elevated, under things) during our lesson Monday! It was a “let’s see what happens” situation & he did it effortlessly. He was better than some of the advanced dogs, who missed a couple. He LOVES this game! He jumped to anise as well as birch during a car search a couple of lessons ago, somehow just knowing what kind of a scent to search for. I wonder if he recognized our scent on the hides from placing them. Anyway, he made that transition effortlessly; & clove was equally easy. This is advanced stuff & he can’t even begin to compete until he’s 6 months old! If his brothers do as well in SAR, they are going to be famous.  Oh, & our lesson was at a park by the Poudre River with kids on scooters, a light breeze, & the scent of the running water to confuse things.  Like I said, a genius!  Very proud dog mom Cathy & brilliant puppy Charis (April 2016, JJ litter of 2015 – Soleil bred to Quasi)


Hi Cel!  Love to read the diary of any litter, I am reminded of so many things and to incorporate new things too! And have I remembered to say THANK YOU for the potty training you did early on?  He has been a dream to live with.  Ok on more than just that, but it REALLY helped a lot!!!! I can just picture all the pups putting you through your paces in prep for the next litter!  Went past the post office and picked  up mail today, neat to see Hamish’s reacting when I pull your letter out of the envelope, maybe I am imagining it but he seems to recognize the scent of HOME:)  He seems to be continuing to get better , we are adding in longer leash walks, allowing him time in the big room at work w/o other dogs ( but with kibble scattered before he gets in there so he is motivated to methodically move about the room instead of wild and crazy) and walks with gradual inclines.  Using more mind games and obedience games too.  He loves that his bed  in the living room is by the computer so he can comments on what is going on:)     More soon.  Love Ronnie and the Hamish (January 2016, HH litter of 2014- Lively bred to Chaos)


I just wanted to let you know how we are doing.  Gunnar has gotten his CGC cert. and has been helping my daughter who has epilepsy due to a brain injury. He helps keep her stress level down which in turn minimizes her chance of seizure.  Gunnar rides with her and helps her navigate the bus system. Her also goes to appointments with her.  Gunnar is an invaluable member of our family.  He and I walk and run everyday. He loves to chuck it and enjoys a little nose work. 🙂 He is pretty good at it too!! He loves the grand children.  You would be proud of him he plays with them gently and listens to their commands.  ( sit, wait, etc.).   Sometimes the little ( 20 months) one gets knock over by his big tail  but never intentionally. 🙂 I love him!!!  Deb***  (January 2016, GG litter of 2013 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Our sweet girl left us December 17th at 9:30 p.m. As you know, she was almost 13 and a half years old and the last of the “K” litter.  She never let any of her disabilities slow her down. As a matter of fact she was playing ball and gobbling up her food the day before she left. Late that evening it seemed she had a stroke of some type. She wasn’t able to hold herself up. We moved her to the “dog room” where we placed her on her bed and made up a bed for her “mommy”. She passed very quietly and peacefully later on with her mommy holding her paw and stroking her head. She was able to reach up and give her mommy a kiss before she left. A good bye kiss.  Thank you for allowing us to bring up Britta. She was such a sweet and silly girl. Not a mean or grumpy bone in her body. Just a sweetie. We couldn’t have asked for more. We miss her so.  With Love and with sadness- Laurie (January 2016, K Litter of 2002 – Ashi bred to Bavo)


I wanted to send a few photos of our crazy Bandit. I can’t believe he will be 11 soon!   He continues to amaze me….he’s been a whirlwind since we got him but really seems to just be doing so well…  Every day is a blessing…   He has his days when I can tell the cold weather just bothers him but we walk daily and he acts like a puppy sometimes with my other 2 dogs…   I am so grateful that you gave me my first 2 GSD boys!  Maverick (Celhaus Kindred Spirit) was of course my true love doggy! 3 years ago tomorrow that I had to let my precious boy go and it feels like it was just yesterday…he was my heart! (January 2016, S Litter of 2005 – Ashi bred to Caz)


It’s with extreme sadness and grief that I tell you Eli has gone home to be with the Lord. For a couple of weeks, he’d been having hip and/or spinal pain bad enough to disable him for a day or two. We had it somewhat controlled with Rimadyl, but this morning, he couldn’t get up at all. Steve and I carried him out to the truck on a sled made up like a stretcher and transported him to (the vet). We put him to sleep about 9 this morning. He was special in ways I know we’ll never see again in a dog. Phenomenal. We considered him–all our animals–gifts from God, and we’ll miss him forever. Thank you for sending him to us. Just wanted you to know. (January 2016, L litter of 2003 – Zinna bred to Caz)



Annie and Kairos (84.2lbs and not an ounce of fat) are doing well.  He is such a power house…  WOW!  A most loving, carefree, happy boy full of joy and fun.  Can’t believe our sweet Annie is seven.  Those two are amazing together.  I could not have hoped for a better match.  Yes, I know, I said it before but I am just so happy with the two of them 😉 Sabine (December 2015, BB litter of 2008 – Joyful bred to Chaos & HH litter of 2014 – Lively bred to Chaos)


I wanted to thank you for the wonderful card and inspiring letter that you sent to me..  I lost my mother this year and this is my first Christmas without her in 68 years so am missing her a lot but am glad the pain and suffering she had is over for her..  I will have a lot to measure up to, to be as wonderful and kind as my mother was. Treasure is really good, very very spoiled and my companion .. she is so much comfort for me, just her and I hanging out.. and we have a bond I have never shared with all my other dogs… I know now that no one will ever replace this  wonderful  dog and it is because of your wonderful and kind generosity  that I have her..  and I thank you from the bottom of my heart..  Merry Christmas dear Cel… and Happy New Year.  Gay (December 2015, X Litter of 2007 – Quinta bred to Caz)


We are sooo thankful to YOU for such great dogs.  As you well know and hear from all of your GSD family, your dogs are outstanding.  Cody just keeps on amazing us with his personality, learning and understanding of situations.  I have to remind him (and ME) he is a dog…but what a fun creature.  THANK YOU over and over again. So thankful you are able to continue your Celhaus line for more to enjoy.

Lots of folks asked when we were getting another dog.  Hm….right now we’re enjoying Cody. Maybe down the road we’ll let you know.  Just don’t think I’d want any other breeder now that we’ve had you. It is amazing whenever we are out with him how may people come up to him and say the same thing…what a beautiful dog, what a great looking animal, he is sooo cute…still a pup, huh?

Cody has a delightful personality. We had a nursing home visit yesterday and the residents just looked at him and started laughing, which of course he loves and gets him all happy to meet them.  He doesn’t do anything but show up and he does bring smiles.  Thank you..so glad you put us on your list and gave us Mr. Green!!!  It’s a match.  He loves to have his teeth brushed.  Gary comes with brush and tube of toothpaste in hand.  Cody immediately hits the ground, rolls on to his side and sings, talks, makes lots of noise. Quiets down as Gary’s brushes, then Cody flips onto the other side.  It’s fun to watch.

In Sept we went to Vancouver WA to see one of our sons and wife (and boarded Cody). The kennel lady previously had GSD, now has Corgis, which around here folks say is very common. Don’t think we’ll ever make that switch.  Anyway, she said that Cody was one of her BEST GSD dogs she’s had and he can come back anytime!!! We thought she needs to meet his family and G’ma Cel!!!

Cody…where to begin.  He had 2 trials when we returned in Sept/Oct. He qualified 1 out of 4 classes.  He is so distracted and wants to go see anyone and everyone.  Healing is not his fore suit. On the stand for exam, he did very well,  until the judge backed away from him. He broke and followed her with tail wagging and ears back.. like come on get back here, let’s play!!! He knows there is NO BITING the judge, but we never told him, no playing either!!

So, he continued his classes and a special training class some of the ladies have, kinda above and beyond the regular classes.  They do run throughs and proofing, lots and lots 1:1 time for about 2 hrs.  He loves it and they love Cody. So, back to AKC he goes in Nov…and qualified both times, and now has his 2nd title, Novice A. The judges are VERY gracious and forgiving with he and Gary. There are not any trials during the winter, locally, so he’ll continue with classes and training.  Everyone is soooo patient with not only Cody, but Gary as well since he has never shown a dog before. I sit on the side lines and video the team. Under my breath I say, sit Cody (at the halt), keep up with Gary, swing your back side in closer. (December 2015, GG litter of 2013 – Lively bred to Chaos)


I wanted to thank you for the handouts that you sent periodically during Harlee’s first year. It helped tremendously to get through all of her different phases. She is such a strong intense independent dog I really needed the insight. Her light bulb is coming on more and more each day. She still has some crazy, out of body experience when greeting in the house. She just goes bonkers then in an instant, she snaps out of it, weirdest thing I’ve seen. I keep on her, but time and maturity seems to be the only way she gets better.  Thanks again for all of your insight!   (Julie, August 2015, HH Litter of 2014 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Grace is doing very, very well.  It was kind of hard in the winter about getting out and training with her and with me being in the hospital.   She gets cabin fever and she misses me really bad. I know she’s bored when she forgets her manners.    But boy what a pal to recuperate with.  I have totally recommitted to her training and socialization again and she is doing so awesome.  I took her out this morning and we hiked Devils Backbone.  She carries all of our water and supplies.  I can’t believe she’s 2 already.  She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  And people compliment her over and over and over.  I think it goes to her head.  I have had a few people get serious and ask where we got her etc.  Not sure if they ever contacted you but that’s how I heard of you down her in Ft. Collins – by word of mouth.  You’re famous!!  When our family talks about the day we went to get a puppy and Gracie was not in the girls’ top 2 choices.  For about 5 minutes they were disappointed and then in love. But for some reason we weren’t directly drawn to Miss Yellow.  We all say thank God we got our Gracie.!  We all love her sooooo much she is a best friend to all of us.  So I tell my girls I think it’s one of those times when God has something else in mind.  Thank you for bringing beautiful, happy, healthy, ENERGETIC and SMART puppies into the world.  She has helped us all heal from putting our beloved Annie down.  Karlyn (July 2015, GG litter of 2013 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Our beloved Monty passed away suddenly this morning.  We are so heartbroken and empty now. I have not been without a pointy ear love bug since 1997…  He was the closest I have been with any dog. His personality was so unique.  Best monster I’ve ever had. He was a true gift to me from God, I had such insecurities from past dogs that Monty stomped out and made me feel whole again. Thanks for your gift to us. He will be missed.  We will never forget him. We have been talking about him and laughing at how quirky he was. Like a lightning bolt. He went out just like his personality… fast.  I knew he would. Nothing ever stopped him then he would look at you like…hehehe… all devious…then on to the next fun event. Thanks Cel, for all your love and support!  Kelly (July 2015, P litter of 2004 – Ashi bred to Caz)


I also wanted to write as I think of you often and how lucky I feel to have another special girl from your breeding!!!  She is just soooooo much fun with a lot of drive and willingness to do things.  She teaches me a lot about life and especially joy and silliness every day.  My days are sooooo full of fun activities with her!!!  Now just need to figure out how to quite my job so I can spend more time with her, or wait I still need to work to pay for all of our fun:).   I hope all is well for you and your gang!!!  Take care and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and respect your breeding practices!!!   Love Kim & Fabulous Fenway  (July 2015, FF litter of 2012 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Thanks again for all your hard work with breeding the likes of Cody.  We still get a lot of complements from GSD people and more at the club and the trials…   I really should have said we receive many compliments for YOU!  One couple who raised/trained/rescued GSD for many years said we were “lucky.”  We prefer that we’re “blessed.”  Of course the “3-Generation-OTCH” member of our club probably feels he’s too friendly….but we like him that way.  He’s a lovable pup still.  (Gary & Jan, June 2015, HH litter of 2014 – Lively bred to Chaos)


Treasure , my love is doing really good.. I think her favorite place is on her soft pad beside my bed.. she likes it there and it’s quiet for her.. until I come home.. then she’s pretty noisy for awhile.. but likes to go out and run in her pen  and tell everyone this is her territory..   She guards and protects my mother every day.. what a extraordinary dog she is.  She is so special, Cel  (Gay, April 2015, X Litter of 2007 – Quinta bred to Caz)


Being a first-time dog owner (at least, one all by myself!) and a first-time SAR student, I feel like I probably won’t fully appreciate how great Coda is until he’s a little bit older. He’s so much different than all the other dogs we see around, and you can tell that he’s going to be not just a very beautiful dog, but there is an intensity paired up with drive and happiness that is a joy to watch (when I get my act together! I feel like I’m the student more than he is!).
In our nosework classes there is now another GSD, a month older than Coda, and they couldn’t be any more apart from each other. Coda has more energy that you can think of; he loooves people so much that is hard for him to contain himself when he sees someone new (which Debbi, my SAR trainer, appreciates very much!). He’s very confident, goofy, even cuddly at times. BUT you can tell that he’s always thinking about something, whether it is his next play session or a noise he heard outside. He can’t wait to train with the bigger dogs at SAR outings, and he never gives up. He’s definitely persistent in everything!
And I can’t wait for more adventures with him… (February 2015, HH Litter of 2014 – Lively bred to Chaos)



Thank you so much for the Christmas letter . We always enjoy them and didn’t know if we’d be included again with our loss of Bode.  We still miss Bode a lot as does Pepper, our border collie.  We did not know how much Pepper relied on Bode until we lost him.  She is very deaf and we had no idea because he cued her on everything she needed to know.  She has become like glue to me, and both Pepper and myself spent months crying and going on therapeutic walks. Linnea, Lynn & Jeff (December 2014, M Litter of 2003 – Jubilee bred to Comanche. Bode lived to be 11 years 10 months)


Earlier, Undated

Mr. Cody has passed his initial training visits for Therapy Dog Inc. and we’re just awaiting his/our registration.  They have about 30 “visiting teams” and in November had 147 hours visiting in 39 facilities.  The local PBS station did a documentary on their work, especially with the knifing at an area high school last year.  We’ll send you a copy of the CD.  We’ve had him in obedience classes since June, and just started him in agility classes last week.  There’s a huge amount of experience and wide background in the club, a blessing to enjoy.  Cody has “wowed” everyone with his “happiness” and his  intelligence.  They say we should be able to get a CD title with no problem.  I think he’ll enjoy the agility a bit more.  But he really is a very intelligent and personable pup…thanks again for picking him for us.  He’s just what we’ve always hoped for.  As one of the instructors here said:  “Everyone deserves at least one good dog!”  Jan and I have been helping with trials at the facility (stewards, etc.), and will do so again mid-February.  It really is fun!  Jan & Gary (GG litter of 2013)


Fenway is doing awesome we had a great agility season and keep very busy training and having fun with both agility and Schutzhund games.  I am hoping to trial and put an IPO 1 on her this Spring, hopefully in May.  I just absolutely love working agility with Sunny and hope to do some private lessons with her this Spring.   We are having a blast.   Kim (FF litter of 2012)


I just want you to know how much I love Gunnar. he is such a good boy, he is  very intelligent, fast learner.  I have to think up new ways to keep him from getting bored.  We run every day and go on lots of car rides. He likes to hike with me as well. Gunnar is very gentle, my granddaughters love to order him around,  he is protective of them. keeping an eye on them and trying to herd if need be.   haha!   Thank you, Deb  (GG litter of 2013)


In a few years I will need another,  just like the Josie dog. How much longer are you going to keep breeding? Tough question I realize.  We just got back from Canada and CARDA course. Josie is as good or better than RCMP dog’s we saw and they have their own breeding program. Josie is high drive, stable and great social skills, non aggressive and highly confident. Her size and temperament are my dream dog. I got everything and more than I was hoping for….. Please can you help me find another? It’s too soon now, please keep these qualities in mind for me.  Thanks for our star.  Best regards,  Chris (January 2015, EE litter of 2010)


Harlee is learning tons. I have started clicker training with her and she loves it! She has been going to the agility trainings at the Arena and it has been great for her to be around all the dogs and people. She Is quite a character. She keeps my mom really busy while she is at her house during the day. The first pic is her new couch bed. She loves going to it when I say “go to your place” heck it is so comfy, I want to climb on! She can’t stay off of my mini tramp when I get it out, so not much exercise gets done.  Everywhere I take her everyone tells me how beautiful she is. It makes me beam with pride and joy to have her!   (January 2015, Harlee is from the HH litter of 2014)


Treasure is just fine and spoiled rotten …  love her to pieces. She is so pretty and loves her coat being brushed…constantly by my side… She also can snore once in awhile but so do I… ha ha..  All in all we sure are in sync with each other.  It does change your life when you are loved by a German Shepherd.  You are an angel… loving a dog so much and giving her to me because you thought she would have a better life… that is love in its purest form, Cel… and I love you for being so kind and thoughtful and for giving me so much joy with this special dog… Gay   (January 2015, Treasure is from the X litter of 2007)


Cholla is doing really well!  I took her to work with me on Friday, and she was such a happy dog!  I love to pull her aside and have just me and Choy time.  Thank you so so so much for sharing her with me Cel!  She is my true heart dog, and always will be.  I still see many years of life in her yet.   Ashley (January 2015, Cholla is from the W litter of 2006)


Kairos is amazing!  Just what I hoped for and then some.  His has a beautiful temperament.  So far I am able to confront him with anything and he handles it with confidence and doesn’t feel the need to proof anything to anyone.  He handles other dogs of all ages and gender easily.  I hope that will continue as he matures but I think it’s his core being, or so I hope.  Even though he’s of a quiet nature he’s got a great sense of humor.  He sure makes me laugh a lot every day  😉

He is dynamite in SAR training.  Like, in the rest of his life he applies himself with calmness but still has great drive.  He’s got a very fine nose and really enjoys trailing. He’s working short trails with turns at this time.  He is very different from Annie in his reward system.  He doesn’t want the explosive reward but prefers to sit with his person while they quietly talk to him and feed him treats as he is still processing what he just did.  Only then is he ready for play.  He’s growing like a weed (61.4 lbs last week).  Yep, wow!  I think we’re going to have a mighty big Shepherd.  Annie was seven months old when she was his current weight.  It’s quite funny to see people’s reactions when they have not seen him for even just a week.  The kindergarten instructor once commented that she would not have recognized him if I hadn’t been on the other end of the leash.

There is a lot more to brag about and I could go on and on.  In summary I’ll just say that I am totally in love with him and couldn’t have asked for a better dog to fit in our family and do the things we do together.  Thank you again for another amazing friend to enrich our lives!  Sabine  (December 2014, Kairos is from the HH litter of 2014; Annie is from the BB litter of 2008.  Both are Search & Rescue dogs)


I get tons of comments that Josie is “perfect size”. I always refer to your breeding program. I think my boss at the ski hill is sending us to Canada for a week long CARDA cert. He says that I am a good first dog handler, but I have a great dog!  My dog is so great!  I’ll  need another. Can you keep them coming in the wonderful  55-60 lb.range??? Chris (November 2014; Josie is from the EE litter of 2010.  She’s a Search & Rescue dog)


As you probably already know, we had to put Isaac down last night. It was a hard decision for my mom to make, but a necessary one to keep him from suffering. He was a beloved friend to all five of us kids and my parents. He was a faithful companion and protector. His last day on Earth was a good one. He got to bask in the sun with his best friend Rico (a Great Dane down the street), received love from his family and licked on some vanilla ice cream. He was happy with his family surrounding him. He was petted and talked sweetly to through the whole process up until the end. My heart is heavy today thinking of him and what a sweet, good boy he was. Thank you Cel for providing us with such an amazing family member, friend and protector.  Rebecca (November 2014, Isaac was from the I litter of 2001)


It breaks my heart to tell you that Remy died last night in my arms.  It came on suddenly.  Tuesday I took him to the Tending Fun Course at the GSDCA Nationals.  Could tell he wasn’t quite right.   On Wed. I called vet and said I wanted to drop him off for lab work, xrays, urinalysis, and would pick him back up.   He was there only 2 hours.  Ate supper fine.  Last night he was panting so I watched him whenever he moved.  Saw him stumble so got out of bed to be with him and he passed.  Vets said they believe it was hemangiosarcoma.  He was such a wonderful boy, truly a heart dog.  Although I have loved all of the dogs I’ve had, there have only been a few that I would call my heart dogs and he was at the top.   I miss him so much, miss his following me, talking to me when I’d come home.  We had so many fun times together.  He will be cremated and brought home with me.  In the future, I’ll ask to be put on your puppy list again.  I had hoped I’d be able to get a puppy while Remy was still with me so he could have come back to see you when we picked up the puppy.  Debra (October 2014, Remy was from the R litter of 2004)


Hi, Grandma – here is the best birthday present I could think of for you.  My pretty picture taken just a few days ago.  Since I do not like getting my picture taken AT ALL, my mom really was pleased at how I posed.  I’m doing great!  I still love to run around the big yard with my Jolly Ball playing keep away.  Mom says I get a certain look on my face and prance around looking quite pleased with myself – and I am!!!  I love you, Gramma Cel!  Have a happy, healthy, joy filled birthday and the rest of your forever days!  Love – Britta  (April 2014, Britta is from the K litter of 2002)


We had to let Bode go today.  It was so hard because he was still walking 1-2 miles with me, was continent, interacted with me, and generally ate well (I had gone to feeding him boiled chicken supplemented by rice, sweet potato, eggs, etc.).  Unfortunately the past few nights he was not able to lie down and he would stand or sit and then be so tired he would fall down, wake-up and do it all again.  The vet examined him and felt he was working too hard for too little of air both in and out.  The tumor had entirely filled his left lung and was filling his right lung.  The tumor had shoved his heart over and squeezed down the trachea.  Jeff and I both had a tough time with it all but now Bode is resting in peace.

We will miss his very vocal ways, the frisbee tacos, the back seat driver concern when the roads were slick, the careful lying down “praying” over his food and then very slowly savoring each bite, the eagerness he showed to be vacuumed when the vacuum hose came out,  the subtle ways he threw his hips up on the couch when the rest of the family was piled on the couch watching a movie, the excitement over presents under the Christmas tree and the ability to know which was his, the hide and seek games in the woods to find Linnea, the 4H show where he broke his down stay because there was a cow that mooed  behind him, and on and on.  We loved his gentle and funny personality.  We will miss him.  Thank you for being such a conscientious breeder and allowing us to enjoy one of the fruits of your labors for 10years and 9 months.  His canine companion Pepper has been crying and looking for him all day.  Just does not feel right without him.  Lynn   (February 2014; Bode was from the M litter of 2003)


Hi Cel!   The updated website is always such a joy to view!!!  It looks like Mav has some siblings still going strong!  I know you can relate as Maverick was my “true love” being my first GSD.  I miss him so deeply and can never thank you enough for doing what you do as he was such a blessing in my life for so many reasons.  I know I have the best guardian angel but I can not believe he has been gone for over a year.  Crazy Bandit has settled down a bit and is a sweet senior pup.  He will not snuggle for more than a minute but he will at least fill the empty spot where Mav always was on my bed!  Looking forward to celebrating Bandit’s 9th birthday soon!  Much love, Michelle  (January 2014, Maverick was from the K litter of 2002; Bandit is from the S litter of 2005)


Cel, Reno competed this weekend for (1/19/14) his FH title at Schutzhund Village in Palmyra, VA (where I train), in a trial held by the Rivanna Schutzhund and Police Club. This was the first attempt at an FH for either of us, I’d only decided to try for it little more than two months ago. Reno did extremely well in difficult dry and windy weather. As we approached the track I found 20 deer grazing around it. While they scattered, they certainly signs behind. When Reno got to that portion he first lost the track in the all the fresh signs but stayed diligent, casting here and there, and finally refound and completed it. Reno’s focus and workman-like determination across grass and through the woods earned him a score of 94. I’ll get you a photo if I can find one, it’s a bit tough for tracking.  John   (January 2014, R litter of 2004)


Hi, Cel!  So sorry for the long silence!  I’m attaching a few pictures of Zoey from this past year.  She’s doing well!  We can’t believe she’s 6 years old!  She’s as active as she was as a pup!  we all take turns with the dogs exercising them every day and she shows no signs of slowing down!  We are up to 3 cats now (rescued a feral after she was hit by a car) and Zoey thinks they all belong to her.  they sleep with her at night and snuggle with her during the day.

We didn’t register Zoey (officially as a therapy dog) – we worked with a local group in the beginning but they wanted to “farm” Jack and Zoey out on a regular visit schedule to random locations and we decided that would be too much at the time (Jack was only 11 years old!). Instead, we worked with one hospice group and they were kind enough to assign Jack & Zoey to a nearby nursing home. He mainly had Alzheimer patients but they visited with anyone they passed in the halls and rooms that expressed interest in Zoey.  She and Jack are taking a break from visiting nursing homes right now.  Jack lost his last patient in early December and he’s had several losses in 2013 so he is taking a month or two off before picking up new patients to visit with Zoey.  He usually sees terminal Alzheimer’s patients so that’s a tough job!  He and Zoey always attend services when his patients have passed away and the famili9es are always so grateful for the time they have spent with their loved ones.

Jack is 16 now!  He got his driver’s license in October, so, for a few months, he was driving himself and Zoey to the nursing home on their twice a week visits.  he was pretty proud to drive himself and Zoey there.   (January 2014, Z litter of 2007)


Good Morning Cel,
I have attached some pictures of Havoc and myself working with our training group up in Jackson from this past summer and fall.  Sorry so sparse with pictures and info.  Been working a couple different jobs to get some money saved up for more dog training classes.  Havoc is doing great and we are looking forward to starting training with the 4H group soon.  The folks up in Jackson were VERY impressed with him, especially his wonderful temperment.  They think he is quite intelligent and nicknamed him Einstein.  Of course we already knew that 🙂  Hoping to start him doing some scent work this spring as he shows a lot of interest in that area.  Thank you again for breeding such a wonderful animal.  He is a joy to have as part of the family and always gets lots of positve attention when ever we are out and about.  Have a great day Cel and thank you again for everything.   (January 2014, FF litter of 2012)


Our boy is too smart for his own good.  He not only let himself out of a kennel with a clip, he let out three of his friends.  So far he is doing very well with training.   (January 2014, FF litter of 2012, Ty went for a service  dog and is at the training center receiving his formal training)


Hi Cel,

Sorry I haven’t gotten this to you before. Sam is the love of my life. Seth passed away 3 years ago this coming April.  Sam is wonderful company, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.  Everyone who sees him remarks on how beautiful he is.  He is very protective with Seth gone, and I have to be careful with him when someone he doesn’t know comes to the house. He is quite the guard dog.  My sister and her daughter lives with me and so it keeps me from getting too lonely. Sam loves them too, and so it works out great.   (January 2014, W litter of 2006)


I am absolutely stunned that God could have brought me TWO dogs in my life that have grabbed me as deeply as Shayla (my first dog) and now Qavah.  Qavah is TOTALLY different than the first and yet her heart is as willing and strong. One of the greatest pieces of advice in all your detailed instructions was:  Be fair, straight up and never pull tricks.  That has served me over and over with her.  She is brilliant at reading my voice, eyes, hands and body language.  I have never tricked her.  When playing I do not grab things from her and thus, the ‘bringing’ the ball is progressing because I won’t do anything sneeky and she knows it.  One of her favorite games is ‘find it’.  I give her a little help sometimes when she can’t quite pin down the location…but she is INCREDIBLY GOOD at it.  I will throw a ball when she is not looking into bushes or downed trees (after our windstorm this fall), take maybe 20 paces away from the area and then say ‘find the ball’….and most of the time, she is nailing it in shorter and shorter time.  I’ll hide balls the night before in the house so she can play find it after the morning potty break.  I work with her daily.  We are joined at the hip.  Because of mountain lions so close to our house, she and I have been leashed together since the beginning for all the potty breaks except high noon. (yes, that includes the 5:00 am sub zero potty stops!)  She is always on leash with me except play time in an open field nearby which is where I can test out her ‘off leash’ recall level.  We train daily on small or big things, are working on ‘easy’ leash walking which some days just takes my breath away as she walks by my side, checking in with me, not sniffing and not pulling (don’t get me wrong, those days are the ones that keep me going thru the OTHER days!)….there is so much more.  She may not be a snuggler like other dogs, but she is a heart dog and there are other ways of ‘snuggling’ that have as much affection and tenderness….Thanks for all your hard breeding work Cel.  Truly, God gave me the BEST dog I could have ever dreamed of.  I’m writing and telling you because you worked so hard to produce the best. (January 2014, GG litter of 2013)


Thank you so much for your Christmas Letter, I really appreciate all that you do and keeping in contact.  It is hard to believe that Kaiser will be seven as he is still wild and crazy as ever.  It is amazing and a tribute to you for all the comments on what a great dog he is. (January 2014, X litter of 2007)


Hi Cel,
Hope all is well.  Here are a couple of photos of Duke.  He is still active in Search and Rescue.  I retired him in trailing because it was bothering his shoulder pulling into to harness.  He is still certified in Area and Water.  Doing well and still doing a lot of hiking with us.   (January 2014, Q litter of 2004)


Kaycie is thriving – we’ve done a bit of herding/tending.  I enjoy the updates on your dogs and litters.  Your efforts and these magnificent dogs have brought such joy and companionship to my life. (December 2013, DD litter of 2009)


Dear Cel,
Remy completed his novice Barnhunt title yesterday.  He now has a RATN that will be recognized by the AKC.  We tried for an open leg (find 2 rats in a tunnel with a turn and a climb, done in 2 min 30 sec).  He found the rats but his signals weren’t strong so I didn’t call them.  One of them I was pretty sure of but…  The judge said he had been trying to herd me to the rats.  A new behavior for him.  Thank you so much for entrusting him to me.  He is the light of my life.   I went a little crazy with his Christmas pictures this year….he’s such a beautiful boy!   I’m applying to AKC to add his Barnhunt title to his accomplishments, but don’t know how long it will take to get published in the GSD magazine.  Love getting your Christmas cards.  Enjoy your retirement!  I’m seriously considering a puppy from one of your late summer litters, but will have to wait and see how my mother is doing, etc.  Thank goodness it is still a ways off. (December 2013, R litter of 2004)


Thanks for sending Ty into my life.   I liked the quotes (in my Christmas letter about dogs coming into our hearts.  They give us
so much, and they ask for so little.  The day care has been doing agility with Ty and he loves it.   Ty will be going for his formal service dog training in January, for one month.  I will miss him terribly.  He is doing quite well and loves to learn and work.  When he was boarded this last time he made a pyramid in his kennel.  he knocked over his water bowl, put his food bowl and top and his kong on top of that.  He must have been bored.  (December 2013, FF litter of 2012, Ty went for a service  dog)


Celhaus Hurrah’s Ringo Love, RE, CGC, TDInc ( and don’t forget the 1/3CD)  passed at home in my arms around 3 pm today.  His temp had come down a bit but I knew it wasn’t going to be getting better this time and the vet was on the way.  But Ringo did things his way, he drank a bit, wanted to be held more, I told him it was ok to go that he’d be fine and that I too would be fine, that he had been a special angel in my life, that it was ok to go chase the ball now and he started shutting down.  Within a couple minutes he had gone. Twelve years, 5 months and 23 days.  and thousands of hiking miles and thousands more just walking around the block miles.  I don’t think there was a trail within 100 miles of here that allowed dogs that we hadn’t walked at least once, many several times. Thank you for all the support over the years, for the love of my life, and your support today.   (December 2013, H litter of 2001)

I know I need time to grieve as well as to reflect on what/where I am to go from here.  Some folks have said I should get another dog right away but that just does not feel right.  And I have checked out the kennels/breeders that the GSD’s that come to daycare have come from.  None come close to approaching the care and thoroughness and love that you have for your dogs.  I know enough from working at the Canine Learning Center that there are so many dogs and so many GSDs that even with the best home environment are just put together wrong either  structurally or temperament wise or both.  RIngo was special and I am really realizing how much energy I put into our partnership.  I’m picky.  And I owe it to myself and to my critters and my future dog to take my time.   (January 2014, H litter of 2001)


Hello Cel,
I am forwarding a couple of recent pictures of Doc. He is a great dog with a superb temperament. On our walks, he is constantly favorably commented on.  My parents are also enjoying Greta immensely,  as well as my brother enjoying Shatzie. Will get and forward some pics of them to you.  (December 2013, all 3 dogs are from the X Litter of 2007)


Kaylee died tonight.   I love her so much, and I know I often tell her how many times she has saved me just by being in my life.  I miss my girl.  Thank you for reminding me again to focus on all the amazing blessings of having Kaylee.  I pray that everything I learn makes me a better person, to be more of aware of those closest to me, and spend more time loving and playing than with  unimportant things.   (December 2013, K litter of 2002)


Ty is doing great in his training.  He knows how to turn on the touch lights, and is working on under the table for restaurants.  He is a wonderful dog for me.  He wakes me when I have a nightmare and knows when I am going to check out.  He has been going to day care and playing a lot.   (September 2013, FF litter of 2012, Ty went for a service  dog)


Hi Cel,
I just wanted to update you on Fritz and his vet appointment.  He now weighs 21 pounds and is quite the handsome devil.  This vet was very impressed with the health screenings you did on Lively and Chaos and even made copies to keep in Fritz’s file.   (May 2012, FF litter of 2012)


Hi Cel,
Just thought I’d give you an update on Greta.  We started puppy class ( Pet Smart) however I was not really happy with the class so we have changed.  We are now at a school that is better suited for Greta. They certify therapy dogs, do agility competition and obedience. Greta is very smart and I know she will be able to move into any of the above. The owner met Greta and said most Shepherds she sees are skittish and she was impressed how well socialized Greta is. We owe that to you as she had a good start in life. Greta will meet the other puppies in class next week.   (May 2012, FF litter of 2012)


Havoc is doing wonderful.  We are so loving him and having him around.  He is so incredibly smart and easy to train.  I’ve had a lot of dogs over the many years of my life that I have loved with all my heart but Havoc is by far the smartest and most mentally balanced dog I have ever owned.  He is definitely bonded to the family but he loves to meet new people and is confident about meeting new dogs.  On our walks nothing seems to spook him. He stays close in areas where we can walk safely off leash and always comes when called.  And he is such a happy guy.  We have been so happy with him Cel.  Everyone always compliments on how beautiful he is.  Thanks Cel for such an awesome addition to our family.  (May 2012, FF litter of 2012)


Dear Cel,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you about my sweet Jake. Last night Jake quietly and peacefully passed away. He has been suffering from kidney failure for a few months, but it seems that his poor body just couldn’t keep up with his spirit. We had him in the hospital for a few days when they diagnosed the kidney problem and we were lucky enough for him to recover enough to come home for a few weeks and give our family a little more time with him. It seems the medications, prescription foods and enormous amounts of water we were able to give him were not enough to sustain him any longer. The vet had told us that the treatment was not a cure so we were preparing for his death, but it has none the less been very hard on all of us.

All three of my kids elected to spend a little time with him after he had passed and I am so proud of them and grateful to him for giving them so much love that they have been able to grieve in such an open and healthy manner. I had spoken to a friend of mine who is a psychologist about Jake’s imminent passing not long ago and she had stressed how important this was going to be for the children. This was their first experience with death and dying and God blessed us with the best of all possible experiences at this awful time.

Our family would like to thank you for being the amazing woman you are and for allowing us to add Jake as a foundational member of our family. Please rest assured that he lived a wonderful life. He was everything to our family. He was a best friend always there with unconditional love, he was a protector always with the kids playing during the day and sleeping in each of their rooms bedside at night. He was funny, goofy, intelligent beyond any dog I have ever met and had a genuinely good soul.

We are consoled at this moment only in our belief that Jake is happy in heaven, running and playing again, chasing squirrels and eating well. My children have told me that he is with us right now in all that we do, he is comforting us, loving us and still keeping us safe.

The only member of the family I worry about during this horrible time is Harper. She was Jake’s little sister, his best buddy and lifelong pal. She has never known a day without him barring the four he spent in the hospital recently.

I know that all of your dogs live in special places in your heart, and I am so sorry to have to deliver this sorrowful news to you. We have always been grateful to you for giving us Jake, and we will have you in our prayers now that we know you will be mourning with us.

Eternally Grateful,  J   (May 2012, Jake was from the K litter of 2002; Harper is from the Z litter of 2007)

Hi Cel, Everything is going so well and we just love Havoc.  He is so smart and so devoted already.  We are going in this week for our check up.  We took him on the first Monday from picking him up and the vet was very impressed with him.  We also have a puppy class lined up starting in June.  The gal who is teaching it was (in town) last Wednesday and worked with us some and she was also very impressed with Havoc, how quickly he learns and his marvelous eye contact.  She also told us of a couple dog clubs that we can get involved with that do both obedience and agility and meet weekly on a regular basis, so as he gets older we will be checking those out as well.  We walk him daily and have people stop and compliment us on him and have had him on some doggie play dates as well.  All three dogs are getting along so well and I think he enjoys having some siblings.  He also goes out with me to help feed horses so he is learning barnyard etiquette as well.  I met a gal at the gas station in town who fell in love him and has wanted to get a shepherd pup for awhile now so I gave her your web page address to check out and of course Havoc sold himself on how well bred your dogs are.  (May 2012, FF litter of 2012)

Recently, my daughter used Gracie in a speech she had to give at school.  The speech was on Marker training.  I got permission from the school to bring her in a couple days before the speech and walk her around the halls so she would be familiar with the place come speech day.  I think some of the kids thought she was a drug dog as they sometimes run them through to check for drugs in lockers, etc.  She did great and so I brought her the day of the speech and had to wait out in the hall until my daughter needed her in the classroom.  Gracie greeted any kid she saw like her best friend, especially if they talked to her in that high pitched voice people use when they love dogs!  She turns to mush!  I just have to laugh at her.  She did good during the speech and Sabrina had Gracie doing some of the 20 something commands that she knows with marker training.  (May 2012, BB litter of 2008)      It is heart warming to see how much time and love you put into your puppies and dogs…M   (April 2012, has pups from K & DD litters)


I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate the socialization effort that you put into your pups, it’s priceless @ that stage in their life.  Remind me to tell you about the only time Josie ever came unglued.  It was on a guy wearing a real skinned fox hat….wow….   Thanx so much, Cel, my girl is the best dog in the world….   I know you know the feeling….   (April 2012, Josie, SAR dog from EE litter, 2010)

Hi Cel, I just wanted to e-mail and tell you what a beautiful thing you do by taking the pups to the nursing home.  Sometimes those people have no one who comes to visit, and have lonely times.  It was so heartfelt to see them laughing and enjoying the puppies so much.. thanks to your kind and good heart… Thank you, Cel, for helping make their lives better.  (April 2012, has pup from X litter of 2007)

Tazz and I tried Rally for the first time at the WSOTC show and earned two legs in Novice B Rally. I have never done Rally before and was never too interested. We didn’t have much practice, but had a great time and hope to earn the last leg at our Specialty in May.  Also entered Graduate Open and we’ll see how that goes.  Just dying to get a UD title and we will do it.  I am learning, he knows the work.  I want you to know we just love living with Tazz.  He is a great companion and so willing to work and train.  Mary is teaching an obedience class and I think everyone envies me for having such a smart, clever dog.  He learns so quickly and has such a funny, fun personality.  Take care and I will let you know how we do at the Specialty.   (April 2012, T litter of 2005)

Hi Cel.  I know, I know that you are waiting for me to send you a long newsy note about Wylie.  And, I keep telling myself that I’ve got to send you a bunch of pictures.  But, in the meantime, I thought that you would like this blog (and pictures) starring Wylie.  Please pass the thinking dog blog website on to your friends. Many of the blogs discuss our Wylie boy.  http://www.thinkingdogblog.com/2012/04/11/clothes-make-the-dog/  (April 2012, W litter of 2006)

We had an “early” birthday party for Bandit as our crazy boy is turning 7 tomorrow (Wednesday!).  I wanted to write a note to you and tell you how blessed we are with both of these dogs and I am so very grateful that our paths crossed and you allowed these boys to bless our life.  Bandit lives fully up to his name and he continuously pulls crazy stunts that just make you laugh and love him even more.  Thank you for giving us our boys!! (March 2012, Bandit is from S Litter from 2005.  They also have nine-year-old Maverick, from the K Litter of 2002)


Chase is an absolute sweetheart.  He is devoted to me and I to him.  He is so gentle and well behaved that he is welcome in most places, including the grocery here where he chases the manager.  Everyone that he comes in contact with comment on how well behaved he is and how beautiful he is.  I just hope that he has a long life span because he is so special and a gift everyday.  (March 2012, Chase is from the R Litter of 2004)


Our Maximus (K Litter of 2002, died in 2011) continues to live in our hearts and is missed by all who knew him, we see him in Baron (BB Litter of 2008) and the Baby Baron has matured into Alpha of our pack, including the cats. Tom and I are so grateful that you continue the hard work of breeding  GSDs for those of us who love them so much. Of course we want another Celhaus male puppy when ever he is ready to come home.  (January 2012)


Hi Cel!! I’m so sorry it’s been so long since I’ve emailed you last.  I just have to say, I’m in LOVE with my Cholla.  She is, hands down, the best dog I will ever own in my lifetime.  She has such as special connection with me that nobody else will ever understand.  which morning this week, but I woke up around 2am, just angry beyond belief.  I wasn’t moving, I wasn’t talking or yelling, just laying still with my mind racing.  I was trying to think of all of my therapy skills to try to calm me down, but my mind couldn’t focus on anything other than (what was bothering).  Cholla, bless her heart, picked up on the stress (I have no idea how), pushed me toward the center of the bed, and laid her whole entire body next to my left side and laid her head on my shoulder.  She never snuggles me in bed for more than a minute (she may lie at the foot of the bed, but she likes to lie on the floor), so for her to do this without me asking her was completely out of character.  She knew what she needed to do to calm me down, and it worked instantly.  But Cholla is starting to slow down, the cold gets to her quicker than it has before. (That was readily apparent when we went back to Nebraska for Christmas – she was much slower moving around in the cold).  I dread the day that I’ll lose her, and hope that day is far, far away (or never comes!)  She, to me, is like your “Noche” to you.  There will never be another! Tug and the tennis ball are still her life, and she is still the top (and according to our poorly written SOPs), is the only certified K9 on our SAR team I love her with all my heart. Thank you for sharing her with me.  I can’t thank you enough for her.  She is my everything.  (January 2012, W litter of 2006)


He is such a good boy and I hope to get his UD this year.  What a comfort he was when my husband went through two back surgeries last year.  Coming home from the hospital in the dark was not a problem with Tazz with me.  I never worry about being alone, because he only barks when it is important.  My Mom passed away Dec. 11th and without Tazz to pet and walk and take to class I would be very sad.  He makes it all better and forces me to keep going at top speed.  Keep up the good work with your dogs.  They are fabulous and one in a million.  (January 2012, Tazz is from the T Litter of 2005)


He means so much to me I can’t even begin to describe it.  So solid, so stable, so in-tune with me.  He is love.  Thanks again for letting me have him.  (Christmas 2011, Nandi is from the R Litter of 2004)


You gave us THE MOST WONDERFUL gift in Summitt!!! Can’t thank you enough!!! Please keep us posted on any updates and I’ll get some pictures out to you!  Much love and thanks.  (November 2011, Summitt is from the K Litter of 2002)


I am still feeling a hole in my heart from Smokey and know that I probably always will. The only consolation is that we buried him down at our pond where he so much loved spending his time. We planted a beautiful red rose bush over him and my neighbors then planted a pink rose beside the red and they have grown into really beautiful plants. So it is very peaceful down there. I really think he was the best dog you could ever hope to have the pleasure to have as a family member.  (Christmas 2011, Smokey was from the A Litter of 1997)

About two weeks ago my husband and I were at Pet Smart in Waterloo Iowa. There was a beautiful young Shepherd in a training class. We talked with the owner and were told she came from Celhaus. The female dog was smart, friendly, small, with a short coat and everything we are looking for.  We lost our German Shepherd, Helga, in August to Van Willebrand’s disease. We made many trips up to Minneapolis to give her the best care possible, but she just didn’t make it. Losing Helga was extremely traumatic for my husband as he is retired and she was his constant companion. And, of course we both miss her very, very much. Anyway, we are now looking for another Shepherd but are being very selective as we know what the disease can do. (November 2011. The dog that so impressed them was Lakota, from the DD Litter of 2009)

I just heard about the loss of your dog, Joyful and I wanted to let you know how sorry I am.  I think that some dogs are just so special and I know that you will miss her so much. I wanted to write a note to you and thank you for putting joy back in my life with Treasure… I know about that sad empty feeling that overcomes you and then you filled my life with such love when you gave me Treasure… She is the light of my life and so full of antics and most of all she gives me so much love.  I think now we are attached at the hip and I would be lost without her devoted love… She is so smart and has learned so much about country life.  When out of the goodness of your big heart you give to me a dog to love… then  I think just good things are going to come to you Cel… you are a very loving and wonderful lady ..  and I think that our special dogs will be waiting for us someday in heaven.  I know that Joyful had a wonderful life with you as do all your German Shepherds and you give so much.  Even my neighbors comment on how devoted this wonderful dog is to me. I have to give you all the credit for training her and it was far better than anything I could have done.. I just talk to her quietly and she seems to understand…  I hope somehow this will help ease your aching heart just a little to know all the good you have done and do…  Thank you for giving me a chance to love such a great dog, Treasure. (July 2011, Treasure is from the X Litter of 2007)

Oh Cel, I don’t even know what to say, but I am so sorry.  May time heal and only good memories remain.  I feel so fortunate with Sadie as you describe your Joyful as they have many of the same traits and thus too I was hoping for one of her offspring.  I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. (July 2011, Sadie is from the F Litter of 2000)


Hi,Cel, My heart goes out to you and all your beloved “kids.” I do not have words to say but I hope you find comfort in knowing that our thoughts & prayers are with you. And although you already know how amazing your work is….but it truly is an absolute honor and joy to have 2 of your dogs in our life, Maverick & Bandit… Your email although very sad…is a gentle reminder to cherish every moment with our beloved pets. Please know that we are thinking of you all, my boys send huge wet kisses and I send many hugs. (July 2011, Maverick is from the K Litter of 2002 and Maverick is from the S Litter of 2005)


Oh Cel, That is sooooo sad, I don’t know what to say except that I am sorry for you losing Joyful!  She WAS a wonderful dog and you have done so much with her.  Her accomplishments speak for themselves and you have put so much time into her training and her livelihood.  She had such wonderful puppies so in many ways her legacy will continue on.  Cel, I am so sorry for you and for all the other dogs – I’m sure they are missing her too.  Love you and my prayers are with you.  (July 2011, from a training friend)


It is so hard when it is so sudden…my heart is breaking for you…I know the feeling, when the one that gives you such great joy is suddenly gone.  I still cry for Eiko and almost every day something reminds us of how much we loved him and miss him.  The fact that Jubilee is still around gives me hope that Cozy will be with us for a long time.  I did not realize that Berakah had been spayed.  That is too bad, but I one of the things I love about you, is that you do what is best for the breed…and would never knowingly breed a dog that would pass on defects.  I sat in on a Behavior Evaluation yesterday with a GSD that was reactive to other dogs and extremely fearful of new situations.  She had a beautiful face, but the rest of her was awful and her back was so hunched that it looked painful.  The owner wants to breed her…sigh… Our director says she will talk her out of it… so I hope they never try to breed that poor dog.  Anyway, I am thankful for what you do for the breed.  I’m sending hugs and prayers.  Hang in there..hug your other puppies often. (July 2011, Eiko was from the I Litter of 2001 & Cozy is from the V Litter of 2006)

Cel, So Sorry to hear of this terrible loss. Most people cannot imagine how close a handler and their K9 become. There is a trust and love that is unquestioned by both. That look they give you when working says it all, and also the look they give you when you screw up LOL. I took a long look at our dogs this morning, I can see age and hard work is showing Sage is 9, Timber 8. The thought of them going brought tears to my eyes. I can feel your pain. We had hoped that Joyful would be the mother of our next pups. Our condolences.  (July 2011, from Search & Rescue friends.  Timber is one of the M Litter of 2003 and was a great SAR dog.  He died of cancer in December 2011)


Hi Cel, I am so very sorry to hear this news, and I so feel your sadness. What a wonderful dog Joyful was, I cannot help but think about the great puppies she has produced for the SAR handlers and everyday companion dog owners. I had so hoped to ask you this year to see if I could get a puppy from her, since Thunder has been such a dream dog and I feel I just might do one more search dog. I wish I could put it into words how I feel about your dogs and how you breed them, but I do not have that gift of writing like you do. But I can tell you I have shown how wonderful your dogs are through Thunder who still amazes me and others who watch her working or watch her just hanging out being my buddy what a wonderful dog she is. She has a gift to search like I have never seen before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and from all the families that your dogs have helped through the years to find there missing relatives. I believe God gives us all a destiny in life and I know yours has much pain with such a short life span of dogs. But without all your hard work, sweat, love and tears we could not do our job so well. Thinking my next dogs name will be Déjà-vu, since I want to do it all over again! (July 2011, Thunder is from the BB Litter of 2008 is is a Serach & Rescue Dog)


Cel, I attended a disaster/cadaver training over the weekend and met a 2yr old Caz/Ashi daughter named Thunder (Cel’s note, Thunder is from the O Litter.)  What a beautiful dog!  Not only gorgeous, but did extremely well at the training.  Not only was I impressed, but the woman who put on the seminar… was also impressed.

Although she wasn’t familiar with your dogs, she said that if my pup is similar to (her), I shouldn’t have any problem training it for SAR, or anything else.  (Thunder’s owner) was also wonderful and spoke very highly of you.  She told me that when the time comes (hopefully not for years!) that she needs another GSD, she wouldn’t go anywhere but to you.  I must admit, although everything I had read and researched on said that this was a good pick, not having seen Caz or Rogue still made it feel like a bit of a gamble.  It was nice to see one of your dogs live and in action.  Any doubts are gone. What a great advertisement for you!  Being able to see one of your pups and hear such wonderful things about you and the dogs you have raised has me so excited that I can hardly wait for the litter to be born!  (eventual owner of a Celhaus “grandkid”, September 2006)

Everybody is so impressed with these two dogs.  They both are so naturally driven it is amazing.   When people ask me about their history and if they are related, I say “Oh, yeh…. They sure are!!! I waited two years for Monty.  We wanted a second puppy from Ashi so bad, and he was worth waiting for.” (two-pup owner, H litter of 2001 & P litter of 2004, December 2006)

I just received your e-mail with the sad news about Ashi’s passing. I just wanted to send you my condolences.  I have such a love for the GSD.  As I wrote to you a few months back, I lost my GSD Timber to Degenerative Myleopathy May 18th of this year.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and miss her.  I noticed that you lost Ashi on October 16th.  That was Timber’s birthday.  I wanted to tell you something.  On Oct. 16th, as I was going to work, I saw in the sky, the most beautiful rainbow.  I pulled over and took a few pictures of it.  I’m not sure if you are familiar with Petloss.com and the story about Rainbow Bridge, but seeing that rainbow, I felt like Timber was sending me a sign.  I refer to it as her rainbow. It’s not too often you see a rainbow that time of the year, around here (Cody, Wyoming).  After reading your e-mail, I had to wonder if maybe that rainbow could also have been for your Ashi.  I would like to think so. Once again, please know how sorry I am for your loss.  Susan

I just finished reading your tribute to Ashi.  I now have images of a “memory” of Ringo’s mom that I didn’t have before. Thank you.  You know, I first found your website just a few days after my Two Ponies had passed and learned so much and felt some of the pain eased.  When the time was right to get another dog I found your pages again and was blessed that you had a pup available and that you (and Glory, Droll and Ashi) trusted me to take care of him.  I can’t imagine life without my singing boy.  He has challenged me to be a much more active owner (even gotten me into the show ring and into a dog club!) and loves dinging me with the biggest stick (read LOG) that he can carry on hikes.  Thank you for including me into your family. (owner of one of the H litter, November 2006)

Cel, we are so, so sorry about your loss (of Ashi).  Only time will relieve your grief and we share it because of her gift to our family in Maximus—we love him so very much, he’s the perfect puppy for us. We are happy she passed “in stride” as that’s appropriate and a gentle way to go—no need for tough decisions on your part. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. (owner of one of the K litter, November 2006)


Oh Cel, I am SO sorry – the only thing that you might be able to take some comfort in is that it was so fast and she didn’t deteriorate month after month as you had to watch and know that you couldn’t do anything to help her.  As you said she died doing what she loved and that is a blessing – although I know it doesn’t stop the pain you are feeling.  No matter how long they live, there is no way that we ever want for  them to go yet we keep choosing to do it over and over again.    Hug the puppies, be glad that you have her descendants – she isn’t gone. (November 2006. Another GSD breeder/owner)

I am heartbroken to hear about Ashi.  Please know that our thoughts are with you.  I will give Maverick and Bandit extra hugs today and give them one from you.

We are absolutely honored to have both of them and I have never been able to tell people enough about how fabulous they are and we always tell people about their mommy Ashi. Our dearest friends just don’t stay with us long enough but teach and give us so much.   (owner of two Ashi sons, K litter of 2002 & S litter of 2005, November 2006)


Sorry about the sad news (about Ashi). If she had to go – what a way to do it!!!!!!!! No suffering, etc. She produced the best dog we ever had and she will be missed! (owner of one of the H litter, November 2006)


Cel, just got a chance to cruise to your webpage, and found the very sad news.  Cel, I’m so sorry that you lost Ashi so early! …  You and your girls (and boys) always were and always will be an inspiration to me.  It’s because of you that my house is now graced with furballs and nose prints. (November 2006.  She has GSD’s gotten from someone else, not me)


I’m so sorry to hear about Ashi, she was really a great dog.  Ashi can be proud of her grandson…  I’m sure she is very happy up there looking down at all her kids and grandkids.  (owner of one of the W litter of 2006, November 2006)


Cel, you are a wonderful person.  In spite of your heartbreak and I am sure some anger which would be totally normal, your entire behavior throughout this whole mess has been so fair and caring.  What you wrote both on the Website and in the e-mail  just shows how much class you have – truly.  It was informative, loving towards Mem’ry and ethical towards the people who have or will buy the puppies.  I truly salute you :-).  (comment on my handling of Mem’ry coming down with EPI and having to be placed as a pet rather than used as a stud dog, May 2006)


Just had to say thank-you again for the opportunity to raise Tallie.  She has been and is a joy.  It was one year ago today we picked her up!  She is in Beginners II  and we just started Therapy Dog Class.  Her next class will be for her CGC.  (February 2005; Tallie was a rescue I handled, a neglected 4 month old pup)


Dear Cel, I have written several times asking for advice on Gunnar.  I hope you remember.  So many of the things that you have recommended have worked, and with amazing results!  I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much your advice has helped!  I had a problem with Gunnar running off while we were outside here at my shop in Casper.  You suggested a long inexpensive piece of rope that I could use to “bring him up short” if he would ever attempt running off.  It’s worked like a charm.  I am happy to say that I have been able to shorten it as you suggested, and he hasn’t even attempted at running off in well over a month.  Just prior to the holidays I had emailed you about a problem with separation anxiety.  Gunnar is with me 24/7 and was having a really hard time with being home alone.  I started out by leaving him alone for short periods of time, 5 – 10 minutes.  Slowly, I began increasing the time alone.  At first, he would get into things like the dish towel near the kitchen sink, or items left on the counter, etc.  He is now able to be alone for up to 5 hours at a time, without getting into ANYTHING.  Of course I don’t leave him home alone for that length of time every day, but I know if I had to I could.  He is 8 1/2 months old now, and I’m sure that plays a big part in the changes, but I also think that your advice has made a big difference!  (February 2005, Gunnar is a GSD gotten from someone else, not me)


Everything I see on your website and in the e-mails we’ve exchanged have convinced me 100% that you are the breeder that I will go to when we are ready for our own GSD.  I wish we could have one now, but my husband and I both work full-time and we wouldn’t want to have our dog be home alone for such long hours during the day, it wouldn’t be fair.  Still, I think about getting one all the time!  Hopefully I’ll be able to stay home with my kids here in a couple of years and as soon as that happens, I’ll be sending in my deposit!  Please, until then,  keep me on your list for updates and litter information as it brightens my work-day immensely.

Thanks again – you’re an absolute credit to the breed. (November 2003)


I haven’t known anyone in all my years that came close to doing the terrific job with pups that you do. . . (Nov 2003)


Congratulations on your litters.  Every time you e-mail I get this strong urge to be “owned by a German Shepherd” again.  (Our Celhaus pup) is such a joy to us.  I thank you everyday for giving her to us.  She is a character…..very impish.  Still steals my kitchen towel daily.  Once she is sure you have seen her, the “game” begins.  I am sorry I haven’t said thank you often enough!!! (pup owner, November 2003)


Although you don’t know me, I’ve finally been compelled to send you an email. For a long time I had planned to email you just to say thank you, it’s high time I finally do it. I’ve been a constant visitor since last year, when I started looking for my first dog. I’m glad to see that you found the boost and strength to continue your breeding after the loss of three of your dogs. I know I cried when I read about it, I can’t even imagine how you must’ve felt. Thank you for teaching me so much about GSD’s, thank you for giving me the courage to go out and find “my girl” and adopt her on her last weekend at the shelter. (she was 4 yrs. old then) We had our issues, but with training, food, and TLC, she’s become my (almost :>) “perfect” dog. We just started our next obedience class, and with a bit of luck we hope to pass the CGC test at the end of it.   Thank you for a wonderful webpage!! I’ll look forward to new reports, and will cruise by on a regular basis. (October 2003)


I ran off a copy of your response (to an all-breed rescue person concerning GSD reactions to the betrayal of being abandoned) to put away with all the other information I collect for future reference–it is nice to review when I have a problem.  I kept it because it articulates so well what I sensed but could not quite put together when I was researching GSD rescue.  I had just enough experience to know that these dogs would have deep emotional problems coming into foster care, but I was far too inexperienced to label it and know how to deal with it.  That is why I did not go into rescue with my favorite breed without any backup.  I did not know you and there were no experienced rescuers anywhere in the area.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I have learned from you over the past year (since she got one of my pups).  My instincts are fairly decent, but I just don’t have the experience to identify as accurately as I would like the problems that come up with this breed.  Because of you, I have reached a level of enjoyment with my pup that I did not know was possible.  She is truly becoming my partner and I delight in her every day (well not EVERY day).  Your guidance and encouragement have given me the confidence to tackle new things that I was not sure we could do.  However, I still may return her until she is completely through this juvenile thing…….

I hope for that as long as I am able (100, maybe?) to have a shepherd as my companion, that you are still producing the incredible dogs that you have for so long…..  (pup owner, September 2003)


I must not tell you enough ! You are the best……:)  I have never had this level of support or caring and I bet every darn one of your puppy buyers feels JUST the same. 🙂  (pup owner, August 2003)


 Hello again. Just returned back home from a short trip last evening and checked out your site again.  Your new pups are beautiful healthy looking individuals.  Their dam is very beautiful and appears in splendid condition.  A credit to you! Based on everything I have read on your pages, it is very obvious to me that you are a responsible breeder – any and all dogs living with you are indeed fortunate to have such a caring and dedicated human for a companion and care giver. I will be visiting your site again soon & often.  Thanks for the privilege. (fellow GSD fancier)


Today we celebrated her first birthday, or at least sang Happy Birthday to her, and promised a bigger party when things aren’t quite so hectic.  She received a nice big bone and new chew toy, and I’ve worried more about her birthday than I do for some acquaintances. haha. 🙂 My family and I just can’t get over what a beautiful, energetic, curious dog she is.  (I’m sure you hear this description of all your dogs!) I figured today would be a good day to thank you again for all the time and effort you’ve put into breeding such super dogs.  You are in our thoughts and prayers frequently. (pup owner, March 2003)


She is the funniest puppy I have ever had. Constantly curious and aware. Both Doug and I notice she sits in the backyard and tracks planes flying overhead…she misses nothing.  She also learns very very quickly…and retains things amazingly well. I just love  her personality…she has a great sense of humor…and just when is is being a total dervish and you are ready to throttle her she will turn into the sweetest little cuddlebug on the earth….she sleeps at the foot of the bed and when she is super sleepy and tired she creeps up to my side and likes to suck on my fingers until she falls asleep. How can ANYONE resist that? (H litter of 2001, June 2002)


I must say, all the docs who have examined her have one thing to say: besides her deafness, she is one of the healthiest and sound GSD’s they have ever met. That’s saying a lot. (owner of a pup from K litter of 2002 whose inner ear was attacked by a virus, causing deafness when she was 5 months old)


I just wanted to send an email since it was a year ago today that we brought her home.  This year has gone by so quickly, but it’s really been enriched by having her around.  Thanks again for being such a great friend and breeder; just knowing you are an email or phone call away is a great reassurance.  (pup owner, June 2003)


Thanks much for “heads up” regarding latest pictures of your 4 beautiful pups.  Their eyes and coat glisten! Each & everyone of them presents a picture of health, a tribute to your intense efforts assisting them in  their development both mentally and physically.  All the interaction with the Nursing Home residents and other visitors provides such great benefits for both the humans & the young developing canine packages of energy.  (fellow GSD fancier)


I have become attached to each of them via the net and it has been wonderful watching them come along via your outstanding updates – written & photo. If I were in your shoes, it would be very difficult indeed for me to send any or all of them away to their new homes.  Even when going to the best of homes, the separation brings forth multiple emotions. Looking forward to next weekend and your upcoming narrative explaining the litter’s progress. It has been very nice watching the litter grow and reading your excellent descriptive comments, Cel.  Again, best wishes. . . (fellow GSD fancier)


He has been such a joy to have around, I can’t imagine my household without him. Sometimes I think he’s a little too smart for his own good, but it has made his training a breeze. I couldn’t have asked for a better temperament. He also has his father’s good looks! … Thank you so much again for being such a great breeder. It is because of you that I have such a terrific friend and companion today. (pup owner, Christmas 2002)


I will be lost without Smokey in my life and I hope he is here for many many more years. Smokey is doing well perfectly healthy and spoiled rotten. He was real fun round Xmas because he has a favorite squeak toy that he just loves and so I got him two new ones and he of course found them before Xmas even though they were on a shelf in the closet. We still go everywhere together and if there is somewhere he cant go I don’t go. My health has pretty much ended all my SAR work so now we do a lot of fishing and that type stuff. He still prances around and I think is a very happy dog and a very loving dog. He is king of the house and he knows it and lets everyone know. He still will play as long as you will play with him never getting tired or giving up. He is the smartest dog I have ever been around and still am amazed with how much he comprehends. (A litter of 1997, Christmas 2002)


The last time the boy went with me for some work and fun in Boulder he did great as usual, and was a magnificent ambassador for the GSD breed…his looks and love and happiness in people and places…He moves like a dream and his tail is a flag that says: “I’m soooooo smart and my head is screwed on straight isn’t life GREAT!??!”.  He is maturing more in his head, too.  He’s nosing more…and concentrating harder.  I’ve let him just be…I didn’t push for what I felt he was too full of puppy joy to try.  Funny how they age. :^)  He’s wonderful Cel, and his protection instinct is coming in more.  He barks more forcefully and stands and then listens for whatever is out there and thinks.  I can tell he is growing more in his head.  He’s much less the teenager doofus now.  But I still call him Roger Ram-Jett sometimes and Jim is still trying to get him to say “Rryy Rowve Rooooo”…he’s almost got it, ha ha.  I’m so proud of him Cel.  And **you** should be proud of the pups you produce. You do great work and have given so many people so much joy and love.  The pups that come from your home are living examples of quality over quantity.  They exude it, they breath it, and you should take comfort in that. Everyone who sees Druug has the same reaction: what an amazingly beautiful and wonderful dog, he looks and acts like no other dog I’ve ever seen.  That’s not a fluke, Cel.  That’s your love and care before they are born, and the work after to get them on the right road (and my work too, a little, ha ha). Be assured that many people love you for this. (D litter of 2000, Christmas 2002)


Abbey & Bob are inseparable. What a joy this beautiful girl is to us. She has such a wonderful “wacky” personality! Makes us laugh a lot! Thank you, thank you, thank you. (F litter of 2000, Christmas 2002)


She is really one in a million… how so much personality got packed into that little body I will never know. Doug and I spent quite a lot of time laughing uproariously. Actually she is much much fun to have around. It’s impossible to be sad while living with this manic elf. I have not had a bath alone since we brought her home….she lurks by the side of the tub and pops her dratted ball in when I am not paying attention…then after what she considers a suitable waiting period… she launches herself in there after it….and is ever so pleased when she finds it amid all the bubbles. Showering is the same… she still slips in the end of the tub and sits there waiting for me to shoot some water on her to catch…I am fine with that… and even getting less self conscious about her stare….:)  She makes me laugh every day. (H litter of 2001,  Dec 2002)


Asa has been a very faithful and perceptive companion this year (during the illness and death of my mother). He has sensed when I have needed extra kisses or a few more minutes of cuddling. And his joy for a game of retrieve has brought many smiles and laughs during difficult days. (H litter of 2001, Christmas 2002)



I also just wanted to mention that I am forever grateful to you for taking the time, effort, and tears to raise such beautiful, vivacious, smart, and curious dogs.  Cody has filled my life with more happiness and love than I ever imagined she would, and really is a saving grace when life isn’t going so well.  I’m sure that a lot of the owners of your other many puppies feel the same way, and it’s certainly not easy to find puppies as well bred as the ones your dogs have produced.  Thank you so much. 🙂   (F litter of 2000, Feb. 2003)



I have never, ever, met a person more committed to loving and giving the very best of care to her dogs than you.  You have a track record of love and health in your dogs that few people on the planet can claim, period.  If ***I*** had to come back as a dog I’d move heaven and earth to be one of yours and I’m not joking.      (pup owner, on the loss of Jubilee’s litter, Oct 2002 )



If it wasn’t for you and your crew my mom would be without Diva.  She is not only her protector but her love.  My sister and her family have moved in with my mom for the time being and my sister just said to me last week what a wonderful dog Diva is.  Of course I have always known that because I am her “aunt Mary”.  You have the friendliest, sweetest, best German Shepherds around and that is because of you.  The time and love you spend on your dogs shows.  People all over are in debt to you and your dogs.  I am one of those people.  Thank you for making sure people like my mom have the opportunity of knowing the love of her dog.  If there is anything I can do just let me know.        (daughter of a D litter pup owner, on loss of Bless)



Sadie is the perfect (of course I am biased) dog for me being a first time handler.  She is such a quick learner and is so far ahead of me it is crazy.  My little girl is so patient, forgiving and understanding it is great.  Sadie’s strength is her OB and tracking.  I think her tracking will be her strong suit if I only can figure out how to teacher her to track.  And if we can become team trackers.                                                  (F litter of 2000, Feb 2003)



I would be heartsick should you decide to stop breeding. The obvious true love that you have for your dogs combined with the expertise which comes only from doing is so RARE in the GSD breeding world that the loss would be incalculable. In my opinion, the breed is in trouble, serious trouble, and breeders such as yourself must continue if there is to be any hope of rescue. Irresponsible and uninformed breeding of GSD’s is not a problem, it is an epidemic! The more I study and read and check out shows and trials, the more frightened I become.  Can you think of another breed of dog whose demise would have more relevant impact on the human race than the German Shepherd Dog? Please don’t give up. I think I told you before that I have carefully checked out dozens, no, tens of dozens of breeders in these past 5 years since Larry died …. you are one of the BEST. (a friend, on the loss of Jubilee’s litter)



Yes it makes perfect sense the way you wrote it…and it gives me great comfort to have you tell me you have seen it in some of the other pups…there is always that niggling thought of “EGADS I wrecked my puppy” know what I mean???  Can I tell you how wonderful it is to have a breeder be able to share this info with me? I was always pretty much on my own before to figure things out… and even though I have had a few GSD’s they are ALL a different kettle of fish! At any rate I do adore her…and we will work this out….or…….I am sending her home to grandma for a little *talk* . LOL      (pup owner, November 2002)



Dear Cel, I spoke to Mom the other night. She told me that Bless and Glory had passed away. I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. You knew them better than anyone but to an outsider they, like the other Shepherds you have, were so beautiful and talented. I believe that you have a gift of knowing how to bring out the inner beauty and abilities of any animal that is fortunate enough to find its way into your heart and your home. They come to you with their own talents and beauty, and with your guidance you help them to be all that they can be.

My belief that we are responsible for the health and happiness of the animals we have comes from watching you. I’ve watched you give endless time and effort. I’ve watched you pour your heart into your dogs. The result is seeing some of the most splendid Shepherds ever. I want to thank you for letting me come to your house when I was a child. I was taught by observing you that there are definite ways to treat any animal. I take issue with how I see other people treat their pets. They let them roam, running the risk of getting hit and left to suffer. They risk their pets contracting diseases or getting shot. Or even allowing the continuance of more strays by not doing the right thing (neutering) and giving the animals only a life of misery.

I also learned how smart animals are. How much they really love to learn. I see how happy and content my own animals are from following simple steps. I don’t know what you do in the way of knowledge and training, but I do know what’s right. These steps increase the health and happiness of our four legged friends. I’ve seen it in my own home and it comes from being around your influence.

I know by what I’ve seen that your Shepherds are beloved and the good, fulfilling lives they have being your family. People and our animals are with us for only a short time and we always want more time and memories. But that they come to us at all, as remarkable as they are, whatever time we get is truly a gift. When I come home I always want your home to be a definite stop; it’s always on my wish list of places to visit because I enjoy our visit and I love seeing your dogs. They shine from the inside out. I think that furry and four legged creatures have a great friend and benefactor in you. Once again please accept my family’s condolences. I will remember Bless and Glory as amazing. Love, A       (from a now-grown daughter of long-time family friend, living in Tennessee, March 2003)



We continue to grieve with you over the losses of Glory and Droll and Bless. We too hope they are playing together. Andi and Druid continue to be very healthy… We hope to provide a hope for at least one or two (or three) more, so we will be in touch. (owners of two of my pups–A litter of 1997 & D litter of 2000, March 2003)



Just thinking of you and wanted to send some pictures of your beautiful, precious grandson! He’s our special boy – very alert and full of expression. (pup owners, March 2003)