Click for more information and to order TODAY!

Click for more information and to order TODAY!

The NuVet people had tried to recruit me for their breeder program for several years but it wasn’t until I was getting frustrated at my inability to get a soft, shiny coat on Quasi that I decided to try their products. When Quasi arrived in July 2014, he had a dry, harsh outer coat and no undercoat at all. On top of that, he was quite scratchy and shedding all the time. I figured that would soon change after he had been on my premium dogfood for a while, but it didn’t. I tried adding a variety oils to his diet, but with limited success. I finally told the NuVet people I would never recommend any product without trying it first, and that I’d like to try their NuVet Plus on Quasi. They sent a free two-month supply and at the end of the trial period I was seeing enough improvement that I signed up for their breeder program and put all my dogs on it. Quasi’s daughter, Spirit, had also had a somewhat harsh coat but after a month on the NuVet now has the soft, shiny coat I love. I’m hoping her dad’s coat will continue to improve, too.

I like that the NuVet products are not heat processed, allowing the ingredients to be truly effective. Even though I feed the best dog food there is, it’s still a dry food that has been cooked. NuVet Plus will be a good addition. Ingredients include: alfalfa, alpha amylase, amino acids, beta carotene, blue green algae, brewer’s yeast, cat’s claw, chicken liver, copper, evening primrose oil, folic acid, iron, L methionine, magnesium, manganese, oyster shell, papain, pine bark, potassium, selenium, shark cartilage, taurine, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamine B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B12 (cobalamin), vitamin C (Ester C), vitamin E, whey protein and zinc.

NuVet Plus is a good immune supporter and I’ll be recommending that people getting one of my pups use NuVet Plus daily throughout those first four critical months when the pup’s immune system is immature, to help protect it from viruses and also help it get the most protection from vaccinations..

I have for years given a glucosimine supplement to my dogs once they reach 5 months of age, to protect their joints since they are so active and athletic. I have switched to NuVet’s product, NuJointDS (double-strength for big, athletic dogs). I am excited that I am already seeing an improvement in Chaos, who has arthritis in his spine from being an absolute idiot as a young dog, constantly jumping fences because either he was bored or he was trying to get to a female in heat. He is more active and moving more smoothly. The NuJoint DS contains MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin and vitamin C (Ester-C). NuJoint is also cold-pressed.

These products can only be obtained through breeders. If you decide to try them, use my order code, 78344. You can follow the link on my website (, order directly off their website (, or by phone, 1-800- 474-7044