AAA Litter

AAA Litter
Lovely bred to Justice
Whelped 10/9/23:  2 sable females, 2 black & tan females, 2 sable males & 1 black & tan male
Background Information

Mr. Orange (now “Booker”) went to SW Wyoming for Search & Rescue.  Miss Green (now “Addie”) went to Sundance to be a service dog and therapy dog and to compete in nosework.  Miss Pink (now “Masie”) and Mr. Blue (“Asher”) went to Colorado to be therapy dogs.  Miss Brown (now “Ellie”) went to Pennsylvania to be a therapy dog.  I kept Miss Yellow (now “Dakuya”) for nosework competition, therapy dog work and hopefully breeding.  Mr. Purple, whom I’ve been calling “Packer” leaves February 3rd for southern Colorado to be a cadaver dog.  He joins half-sister Roxanne (TT litter) and half-brother Ducati (YY litter) on the team.

See the Police/Narcotics Temperament Test ratings.   At the end of the page, temperament test ratings of the AAA litter’s parents and many dogs behind them are listed.
See the Search & Rescue Temperament Test Ratings.

I am extremely grateful to Whelpwise (Perinatal Veterinary Specialties,, a canine pregnancy support group, which helped me get all four pups of Hesed’s litter safely on the ground (VV litter).  Without them, I am convinced – and so are my vets – that Hesed would have lost that litter like she did the litter a year before.  They have since helped save pups in the WW, XX & YY litters.  I have learned amazing things about pregnancy and whelping that I didn’t know, even after 44 years of breeding, so I signed up with them for this litter, too, which is my 6th with them.  I asked them if a lot of people used them for trouble-free litters and they said quite a few, that people appreciated knowing what exactly was going on with the litter and having the expertise available to intervene to save a pup or whole litter that was in trouble.  Many people, after their first experience, call on them for every litter afterwards.  I can believe that, as I have been highly impressed with their expertise and availability at all hours, day and night. 

Addy (Celhaus Angel of Faith) at 6 months
the former Miss Green
Addy joins Jamboree from the JJ litter (her aunt).
4/30/24:  “So proud of Addy tonight.  She was my demo dog for a beginning obedience class.  A husband and wife are taking class and sharing their working spot, so he was thrilled to work Addy while is wife handle their dog.  He liked Addy so well that I didn’t know if I was going to get my dog back.”
4/10/24:  “Addy is definitely a keeper.  Tremendous drive and workability.  I can’t believe she is 6 months old already.  I’ve been mainly letting her enjoy being a puppy.  We just started nosework this past week.”
Photo 1:  “Fun weekend practicing nosework with Addy.”
Photos 2-3:  “What do you mean I’m getting too big to be picked up?”
Photo 4:  “There isn’t anything too big to carry. ”
Photo 5:  “Nosework.  Not a very good photo.  I wish her nose was in the scent portal, but my phone is too slow taking pictures.  She is picking up the sit indication nicely, though.”

Asher (Celhaus Always Love & Justice of Eagle Vista) at 6 months
the former Mr. Blue
Name Story:  Asher is Hebrew for “happiness.”
Asher joined Radik from the RR litter.
Photo 1: “Asher’s first solo encounter with an elk.  He did real well…braked at first then just watched and sniffed.  The elk didn’t seem bothered by him!”
Photo 2:  “Hilda is teaching the young’un to watch the territory and bark occasionally – just in case there is something out there.”
Photos 3-4:  “Asher loves this jolly ball (Radik shares it with him.  I love how we can see his open mouth!)”
Photos 5-6:  “Asher still fits, as of this morning, in this culvert that goes under the road. Radik, watching him, had a look on his face that said, ‘Don’t get stuck!’”
Photos 7-8: “Size comparison”

Asher at 26 weeks
Photo 1:  “I was watching Dr. Pol (veterinarian) and Asher was also watching when the puppies appeared.”
Photos 2-5:  “
We were doing our morning walk…they were hunting “something”…not sure
what it was.  Good noses though!

Photo 6:  “Asher surveying his territory tonight.”

Asher at 23 weeks
“Asher is 6 months old!  He’s growing so fast.  His best dog bud is Radik!”

Asher at 22 weeks
“What a tiring day!  Asher and Radik walked around a professional center, saw a passing train, kids playing at school recess, a park, and met some new people and children.  Whew!  Plus his regular exercise times, of course.  He’s a sweet boy!”

Asher at 21 weeks
“The boys, Asher & Radik, say hi from the snowy terrain in the Colorado foothills!”

 Asher at 19 weeks
Photo 1:  “So excited…Asher slept through the night for the first time.  Here he is with Auntie Hilda behind him.”
Photo 2:  “He LOVES the snow.”
Photo 3:  “Asher loves to find sticks on our walks.  He’s so proud!”

Asher at 18 weeks
Photo 1:  “Sharing chews.”
Photo 2:  “Picture taken this morning on our walk.  He LOVES to explore, but always comes back when I call him.”
Photo 3:  “Asher is tired after today’s puppy kindergarten class.  By the way, the instructor and some of the other students in the class think he’s gorgeous!”

Booker (Celhaus Aghen) at 6 months
the former Mr. Orange
Name Story:  Ag’hen means “honored Teacher” and is from Star Trek.
“Uncle” Riker, from the JJ litter., is a Search and Rescue dog and Booker is training to be one.
5/1/24:  “His vet checks have all been stellar. He’s got very solid drives for all the search work we do. I think of all the dogs I’ve trained, he’s got the best drive for trailing. He’s got to trail everyone. Absolutely loves it. And he’s very methodical and diligent in following the scent. Puppies are usually very distracted at a young age, but not him. He does a really good job working through new things to figure out where the trail goes.  He is excelling at cadaver too, again very methodical for a pup his age. It’s going to be really fun to see how he develops.  This weekend we are making a quick trip to Moab. Booker’s first camping trip and experience in the desert. I’m taking the good phone down, should have some more photos of that for you within a week.” 
Photo 1:  “Booker got to go with me on a short trip to the “big city” of Idaho Falls. Lot of new experiences for him, shopping plazas, urban neighborhoods, and lots and lots of traffic. He wasn’t too sure about it, but handled it like a champ.”
Photo 2:  “Booker’s favorite place is Riker’s bed.”
Photos 3-4: “Playing in the sun on a spring day.”
Photo 5:  “Playing hard with the team puppies after a good training. The black lab is a week older than Booker and the yellow lab is about a month older. Just happy chance that 3 group members started puppies at the same time.”
Photo 6:  “Booker’s tracks are always easy to see. He hasn’t grown into his tail yet so his trail is pretty distinctive.” 
Photo 7:  “New toy.  RRAAAHHWWRRR!!”
Photo 8:  “Working a Cadaver problem. Booker’s alert is a sit at source. Here he is being asked to pinpoint the source for my teammate. Each time he is asked, he points to it with his nose and gets a treat reward. In a few more months we will start transitioning him to a tug reward. He’s not ready for that, still likes his treats.” 
Photos 9-10:  “It’s important to work puppies in as many different locations and terrain as possible, especially early on. Gives them practice working through distractions as well as making the game “universal.” Here, Booker is working through an old rubble pile looking for Cadaver. He did really well for his first time in this type of terrain. Very methodical and deliberate as he moved through, but not too distracted from doing his job.”
Photo 11:  “Still very much a puppy.”
Photo 12:  “Starting a trail in Bozeman. First experience working though a pasture with horse poo everywhere…. That was entertaining. He’s very insistent on carefully finding the exact path the person walked. He trails like a bloodhound in that way.” 
Photos 13-14:  “The Wubba is his favorite toy.”
Photo 15-16:  “Riker and Booker out in the snow.” 
Photo 17: “Puppies up to no good…”

Booker at 24 weeks
Photo 1:  “Glamour shot.  A couple of search dogs up to no good.” (Booker is standing)

Photo 2:  “Experiencing the thing called Spring. He just couldn’t get over all the new smells and textures, and things sticking out of the ground. He’s so fascinated with dirt. Took us forever to go a half mile.”

Booker at 22 weeks
Photo 1:  “Rolling up on 6 months and almost as big as the old beastie! (This is when he stops growing, right …)”
Photo 2:  “Booker went again to play with Raptor. Raptor (on left) and Booker of their own choice while we were trying to move the crate.”

Booker at 20 weeks
“Booker went to play with Raptor (ZZ litter).  Raptor is bigger for now, but Booker will undoubtedly catch up.  We couldn’t get them to sit or stand still for a “half-brothers” photo though.”

Booker at 4 months
“He doesn’t quite fit in his favorite hiding place from Riker anymore.  Thinks he does though.”

Booker at 3 months
“For some reason he always had to climb to the very top of the 20ft mountain of snow at the end of the driveway to poo. He climbs everything, no fear.” 


Ellie (Celhaus An Answer to Prayer) at 26 months
the former Miss Brown
“Ellie sure does love her flyer!“

Ellie at 20 weeks
“Here is Ellie’s 5-month photo wearing her Star Puppy School medal. She is now 43.8 pounds.  We started pre-novice class and Ellie did great.”

Ellie at 19 weeks
Photos 2-4:  “Thought you would like this.  Ellie likes to help with the laundry.  She sniffs everything, but she leaves it alone.”

Ellie at 18 weeks
“Ellie graduated from Puppy Kindergarten class on Saturday.  Here is her class photo.  We couldn’t be happier – Ellie is such a sweet, sweet pup.  She is very friendly to everyone and so excited to meet people that I can’t get the squirm out of her enough to sit and greet.  God bless you for all you do for these pups.”

Maisie (Celhaus Aliza Akemi) at 25 weeks
the former Miss Pink
Name Story:
Aliza is Hebrew for “joyful” and Akemi is Japanese for “bright & beautiful.” David is Jewish and I am half Japanese.
“Maisie just turned 6 months and she weighed in at 55 lbs.  I don’t think I mentioned before but she is QUITE the talker! She has something to say about pretty much everything! We are already identifying a lot of her vocalizations to mean very specific things and it cracks us up. The yodeling is especially hilarious. She is very confident and such a happy girl. She takes delight in everything. Her training is going very well – she’s very responsive on leash and stays perfectly at heel on our walks. Weather is warming up and we’re doing more training outside which is great for everyone. More distractions but she’s doing very well to curb her instant excitement at meeting a new or old friend, human or pet. Putting the indoor training into practice.  We’re mixing walks with Koji and also one on one to give her individual attention on training. Since we walk about 5-6 times/day, everyone is getting their steps in!  Maisie knows when it’s not her turn to go for a training walk. When we leave her behind, she’s as quiet as a mouse and sits right at the door until we get back with Koji. She always goes first so when we come home, she knows she has to be patient!  She and Koji (now 1.5 yrs) are the best of friends. He is incredibly tolerant of her and loves to engage her in play. If she looks sad about a toy he has, he will literally give it to her and let her have a turn at it.”

Maisie at 19 weeks
“Attached are some pics of Maisie.  She weighed in at 47 pounds yesterday.  Maisie has been Ms. Social – she finished a round of puppy classes and we’re doing intermediate classes right now. We start advanced at the beginning of April. She has also been going to random doggie daycare dates with her big “brother,” Koji.  She’s also been able to tag along to Koji’s nursing home visits and will be starting to go with him to his Thursday pre-school reading group. She’s quite the well- behaved girl and loves all the compliments she gets every day.  Maisie and Koji are best buddies and I think she’s learning very quickly because we work on lots of training with him and she is so eager to perform and do it before he does.”

Packer (Celhaus Allaying Ablaze) at 25 weeks
the former Mr. Purple
“This is a photo I took when he was being sneaky.  He chewed my son’s Spiderman toy and that was the look he gave me right after I caught him.”

Packer at 21 weeks
Photo 1:  “Hey Cel. Just wanted to give you a little update on Mr. Packer. He is doing great. Fits right in here at home. He has 2 more classes of puppy school then he is all done. Then we will move on to the fun training – we start trail searching on Wednesday this coming week.  I’ll take more photos when we start the trail searching. 
Photo 2:  “Got one of him sitting.  Gosh, he’s dark!”
Photo 3-4:  “Packer loves his ball, so we are using ball time as a reward.  Thank you for all the help you have done.”


Dakuya (Celhaus Always Give Thanks) at 6 months

the former Miss Yellow, whom I kept
See Dakuya’s page
Name Story:  Dakuya (pronounced “DAK yuh”, with the accent on the first syllable), is the Ukrainian word for thanks.  In February our parish began adopting Ukrainian refugees.  Our refugees’ gratitude for being safe, and able to sleep all night without the fear of Russian bombs hitting their homes, has made me more grateful for all the blessings of living in this country.  Their calm focus on rebuilding their lives here, despite having left everything except what they could carry in one suitcase, has sure made me examine the little things that I whine about.  All this inspired me to give a name to my new pup that will remind me to be grateful for all blessings, and to LOOK for them.

We had a great time at morning playtime on April 25th. A nice day, finally, let me go without gloves and a warm hat, so I grabbed my camera and took photos of Dakaya and the three other pups.

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